About Me

Hello There, I’m Pamela!

Some of you may know me by my blog or vlog channel name Every Corner Of World, and I’m a part-time YouTuber and Content Creator and a full-time Marketing professional. I basically get to travel the world and work with amazing brands also earn my money from my job and freelance work!


I have managed to acquire a number of readers, viewers, and followers. My work is dedicated to documenting my daily lifestyle in Every Corner Of World. This mostly includes my latest travel tales, showcased through food, places, people, culture, histories, and fashions. 

If you know me, then you might know I have done my MBA from Symbiosis and Executive MBA from IIM Lucknow and a full-time corporate employee.  In 2017, I finally decided to take the plunge and give my blog a real shot and bought my domain and hosting. After that, in 2019 I first started my YouTube channel and I’m so glad I did! Today, I’ve built a community of over 50.000 amazing people and get to work with some awesome brands like Changi Airport, Thomas Cook, Singapore Airlines, Air India, Assam Tourism Board, to name a few and travel to places like Sydney, Jim Corbette and Assam for work!

And now I am trying to assist you to get the cultural vibes of the places I travel to and experience virtually.

The blog is for all the newbie travellers, luxurious ones, backpackers, confused ones as well as seasoned ones as I love to travel in any manner either it would be the luxurious way or as a backpacker. I have jotted down all my personal experiences, mistakes not to be made again, tips and guides for everyone. I would love to take my audience on the virtual journey and connect with them. I want to educate and share my knowledge to start your dream life from now!