10 Travel Podcasts I’m Loving These Days

Pamela Mukherjee

1. She Explores

She Explores is made for badass, strong and bold women travellers who do not afraid to travel solo and are always up for great adventures.

2. Women Who Travel

I love the concept where I easily focus on solo travel tips, educating different cultures and many other travel stories of women.

3. Wild Ideas Worth Living

Listen and follow your dreams with positive vibes.

4. Travel Talk Weekly

TV Host Rob & Kerri take you virtually to travel destinations around the World. They educate about different places with important tips.

5. The Offbeat Life

How to live fearlessly and work remotely with every detail- this podcast is all about offbeat lives. 

6.The Musafir Stories

This podcast documents Indian travel stories and offbeat places of India.

7.The First 40 Miles

A podcast compiled with every detail of hiking, trekking and backpacking. 

8. Roll With Me

One of the different taste podcast where we get to know different people who are living alternative lifestyles like van life, camper life etc.

9. Passport & Pizza

As the name says this podcast is all about food and travel. Each podcast Sara & Laura bring chatty series of cooking and travel updates.

10. Out There

One of the amazing podcasts which brings an alternative prospect of outdoor ventures.