Complete Trekking Guide For Beginners

By Pamela Mukherjee

Choose the easy and short Trek and not be alone Choose a trek where the ascent is gradual increases a bit and the walking hour is not much longer. 

Hike with a friend or in a group with more experience. Not only it will be safer and more fun, but you can also share others’ information and skills.

Choose the Season Check forecasts and prepare accordingly as per your plan. On the track, keep an eye on the weather condition.

Move your Body As soon as you finalize your trek, start walking and start some light exercises. The fit you are, the more you will enjoy your trek.

Buy a pair of well-fitting trekking shoes that provide ankle support. Walk your new shoes in at least four weeks before the trek to prevent blisters.

Pack your Backpack light with pairs of layered clothes, socks, water bottle, trekking poles, raincoat, gloves, medicines, toiletries and inners.

Take foods especially energy bars, Maggie, glucose biscuits, juice, chocolates which can give you instant energy at mountains.

You will not get many cash counters in remote areas. So better fill your pocket with cash.

Don’t compete with others who achieve the trek within a shorter time span. Complete the task at your own pace and speed with comfort.

Take baby steps instead of long and big steps which help you to breathe normally and control your heartbeats. Take a 10-minute break at every hour. 

Trek-like a responsible trekker and respect Mother Nature. Come back with memories and cherish your first trekking experience.