Travel Packing Tips: My Travel Kit

By Pamela Mukherjee

I always carry a bag consisting of all my camera gear, laptop, chargers, tripod, etc. I make sure to separate the batteries & charge them.

Camera Bag

I always carry a small safety and hygiene kit consisting of medicines, tissues, pepper spray, toiletries, sanitizer & masks. 

Safety and Hygiene Kit

Being a solo traveller, I always carry one or two books and audiobooks to read whenever I get time. 

Reading Material

I love to write and I always jot down stories when I travel. My journal is full of sketches, pointers, stories about the places I travel.


Whenever I travel, I always carry small changes, credit cards, ID cards to keep them safe and handy.


A pair of headphones is a much-needed item on my packing list. 


As I believe in responsible travel, I always carry a reusable water bottle to hydrate myself and avoid plastics usage. 

Water Bottle

I prefer to carry a little makeup which includes sunscreen lotion, lip balm, deodorant, and moisturizer.

Light Makeup

Dry fruits, munching, biscuits, and chocolate you can always get in my backpack. These are something you need to carry always.

Dry Snacks

I prefer to carry a light flea jacket while traveling to new places.

Light Flea Jacket

I prefer to carry Power Bank as most of my travels are in remote areas and rarely get charging points or electricity. 

Power Bank

I usually carry a waste bag with me so that put all those wastage bring back with me to keep the environment clean. 

Waste Bag

It’s important to pack well but not overpack. Learn more about the Travel Packing kit ...