10 Festive Fashion Resolutions To Stick By This Year

Each year we resolve to do a million things like get familiar with another dialect or attempt to appear as though Bridgette Bardot but let’s resolve to get our fashion sense in the right shape this year. Out with the old and predictable and in with a couple of in vogue chances – what say??


So, let’s try these 10 festive fashion resolutions to stick by this year.

  1. Resolve to try a new different shade of colour and don’t stick with your favourite one. You need to break out the fashion mould and try different shades. The rainbow is at your doorstep, pick the colour that you fancy and always think as bold and incorporate it into your closet.
  2. Understand the difference between jeggings, leggings and jeans. Oh, there are more like capris, shorts and slacks too. Try to understand that it is ok that all are under pant family but you need to know what, when, where to wear the right one. Leggings are perfect for ethnic or layering good with shirt dresses. Do not confuse them as frequent bottom wear to be worn the way jeans or types of denim are.
  3. Resolve to inject things from the past into the present – what I mean here is get a decade and perused on the fashion of that era. Work an adornment or a part of that time with the latest thing however with alert. Pick one that suits your personality. Rocker styles from the 70s, pencil skirts and sparkly waves from the 40s or any other cultural period that you see squeezing into your persona would be the best approach. Remember a fine line between Halloween and high fashion.
  4. Resolve to use belts and it can be any shape and size. A belt gives you the shape no other body shaper can do. There are three kinds of belts you should have, one perfectly fits your waist, the second one worn around your hips and the last one just for showcase. 
  5. Get a white shirt and black pants. They are not boring or out of fashion but they are a crucial wardrobe requirement. The shirt can be either long length or short, loose or perfect fit but it should be white which you can pair with any jewellery, any outfit. The black pant also can be suede, silk, cotton or leather, bootleg or skinny fit but keep that one. 
  6. Change your style. Play with mix and match. You can combine with ethnic and modern or south and west and also add lotta colours to make it perfect.
  7. Buy the things you love and look good on you. Fashion is blended with comfort and style not following trends blindly. If you wanna follow a trend that doesn’t suit your personality, then add elements from your wardrobe. Play with the comfort and style both ways.
  8. If you have already plenty of clothes, donate some and make an empty space for your new fashion. Donate doesn’t harm but keeping the school time era’s dresses or too loose or tight dress does not make any sense and you will always end up with no better OOTD. 
  9. Resolve to demolish the thought that gym wear is trendy and you can wear it anywhere to look sexy. Please make an effort to dress properly for movie night or dinner night post-gym session. Anything with more than 50% spandex should not wear out of the gym.
  10. Take a resolution to move away from expected to unexpected in this festive season. Try new denim shorts, or a new fashionable leather skirt, or a new hairdo with a new colour. Try, practice and resolve.


Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
—Coco Chanel


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39 thoughts on “10 Festive Fashion Resolutions To Stick By This Year

  1. Nice post with useful tips 🙂
    Trying new colors and shades helps to know which one suits us better . Again some mixing and matching does wonder .

  2. Interesting pointers you’ve given here, especially about understanding the difference between leggings, jeggings, and jeans and not substituting one for the other. Also about not wearing gym wear everywhere.

    I like the tip about wearing belts to shape the body and having three different ones.

    I struggle with styling myself to suit my body shape and tend to go for a conservative and safe style. But I’ll adopt some of your tips to give myself a fashion refresh.

  3. Three words: “Nahi ho paega”
    It’s been 18 months since I last wore a pant or jean. And now, it’s too late. I am used to this. Adapted to this. But anyway, a very nice and lively kind of post.

  4. Nice to see these resolutions. Especially liked the ones that talk about dressing appropriately for the occasion, which is so necessary. Also liked the one about moving from the expected to the unexpected. Sandy N Vyjay

  5. I love all your top festive fashion resolutions to stick by this year. That said, since I mostly stay indoors after the pandemic, I’m not sure how much can I benefit from these tips. By the way, were you there at Ziuba on Friday? I thought of saying hi but you were busy with the girls 🙂

  6. I am laughing as I read your comment on legging and I can relate to so much. There is nothing worse than having to look at leggings that are ill-fitting worn with crop tops or short t-shirts 🙂
    In the past year I have pretty much lived in gym wear. But yes, I always make sure to dress up for outing immaterial of how comfortable gym wear is. Only exception is if I am visiting close friends late night directly from my walks for some gupshup session.

  7. Good tips to follow if you want to be on the top of the fashion game. I admit to making the mistakes you’ve mentioned;)
    Your reminder will help me improve my fashion sense.

  8. These are great tips. We don’t go out as often now. But when we do I always make it a point to be well turned out. Donating clothes is a great tip. If you haven’t worn something for a while, it is best to donate it.

  9. Those are great tips. I am not a stickler for fashion although I do work with a fashion magazine 🙂 . But I do believe in being well turned out. I hate to see people shopping around in practically their nightwear.

  10. I have to agree with you on not sticking to one favourite colour. I always end up buying the same colours and it is time I try out something new. I am also trying to invest in quality clothes instead of buying cheap low quality clothing. Lovely post as usual Pamela 🙂

  11. These are some really great fashion tips that you shared. I have finally bought a white shirt after a long time and now that you say, a black pant should also be there in my wardrobe. Looking forward to a colourful festive season.

  12. Reading this article creates a sense of freshness and newness and inspires to change the fashion game that one has been pulling off for a long time now. You’re doing an amazing job. Thank you for sharing these insights.

  13. Fashion is of course a very personal thing but you have shared good tips that are universally applicable.

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