100 Life-Changing Habits To Improve Your Life

Your’s Habits Make You who you are!

Habits describe a person, who he or she is in real life. If you are into chasing dreams and setting goals then habits are the most important things you have to incorporate in your life. Today I am going to share 100 life-changing habits to improve your life.

If you are exactly like me, who is always looking for ways to be a better version then I must say personal development and self-care is definitely a part of your daily lifestyle too. You obviously don’t have to do all 100 habits every single day, but every single habit will motivate and encourage you to make some positive changes incorporate in your life.

The question arises, why should we work on self-improvement or follow habits?

For me, I follow passionate people who are self-disciplined and self-motivator. The way they reach the top level which is really inspiring and whatever they achieved in their lives all because of habits and personal development.

  • Habits define who we are
  • Habits help us to stay focused and goal-oriented
  • Habits help us to avoid negative thoughts and stress
  • It sharpens our skills, expertise and improves new skills.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been. -T.D. Jakes

This list of self-motivating habits will give you ideas on how you can change your health, finances, mental health, and overall well-being!


  1. Make a To-Do list while prioritizing your work, health, family preferences there
  2. Start your day with a smile, worry less without checking the phone.
  3.  Write 5 things you are grateful for every day.
  4. Focus only one work at a time.
  5. Learn to practice digital detox
  6. Assign each task a time limit, and do your best to stick with it. 
  7. Find a podcast that interests or educates you, and try to listen daily during free time
  8. If you find that negative people are giving you stress on a regular basis, take steps back to remove their presence in your life.
  9. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier every night, and wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning. See if you notice a lift in productivity.
  10. Invest sometimes a day in your personal hygiene. 
  11. Identify your fav outfits where you know you look good and wear them whenever you go out. It will give you confidence and lift your mood up always.
  12. Reduce sugar intake.
  13. Make your bed the first priority, trust me it is a healer.
  14. Take a break every two hours. Stand up, stretch, have a glass of water, walk for 5 to 10 minutes.
  15. Schedule your most important work for your most productive time slot of the day.
  16. When you feel super stressed, stop what you’re doing and read a book for 10 minutes or listen to your favourite podcast for 10 minutes.
  17. Every day, compliment someone on their hair, outfit, grin, whatever it might be. It causes YOU to feel great, as well. You might be the only one to commend them that day, and it could conceivably begin a chain response.
  18. Support your friends by appreciating them, it cost you nothing but it helps a society to grow.
  19. Support local shop keepers, local vendors which increase the economical condition.
  20. Reduce usage of Carbon (plastic)
  21. Be responsible for small changes, switch of the light or fan if no one in the room, close the tap proper to save a drop of water, don’t spit on the road, don’t throw the waste packages because someone else doing the same. 
  22. Rekindle your relationship with an old hobby you wanted to pursue or you used to love but have been neglecting. Schedule some time for it to enjoy it.
  23. Don’t break your relation so easily. Give it a thought before taking any action.
  24. Once in a week do something which you don’t want to. The more you organize with difficult work, the more you will step ahead of success.
  25.  Show gratitude.
  26. Write 5 things which you hate about yourself, then cross those words and tear the paper.
  27. Read more 
  28. Be open to all opportunities to grow in every single way.
  29. Forgive the past, let go of the future and live in the moment.
  30.  Do what YOU love, not what everyone else is telling you to do.
  31. Create your own happiness. Don’t depend on others to make it for you.
  32. Tell the people you love, every single day.
  33. Love your self irrespective of your colour, physic, race, look. Acceptance is the keyword
  34. Believe It to See It
  35. See Problems as a Wonderful Gift and keep looking for solutions.
  36. Remember we all are in the middle of our journey.
  37. Don’t judge others and play the blame game.
  38. Be in it to win it.
  39. Always look on the bright side of the life
  40. Accept challenges and work on them.
  41. Build your own luck
  42. Laziness doesn’t exist.
  43. Your vibes attract the same mentality tribe.
  44. Spend some alone time every day.
  45. Have a skincare routine
  46. Keep your surrounding clean
  47. Hydrate yourself
  48. Write a journal
  49. Eat healthily and mindfully
  50. Learn from your failure
  51. Learn to say No
  52. Stop binge-snacking
  53. Live in the moment
  54. Call people by their name
  55. When you go out to a movie or restaurant do not check your phone instead of real communication.
  56.  Don’t pretend to help, everyone notices everything.
  57. Spend time in nature.
  58. Laugh more
  59. Make a vision board and practise visualization daily
  60. Believe in yourself, you are great just the way you are
  61. Let go of what can’t be changed
  62. Admit yourself in every way
  63. Forgive easily. What’s passed, is now gone
  64. Put your needs first
  65. Deprioritize opportunities that don’t fit with your goals.
  66. Surround yourself with positive-minded people
  67. Meditate 
  68. Do participate when your society needs you
  69. Protect strangers when they need you.
  70. Ask mindful question
  71. Do not laugh at one’s colour, language, race, body physic.
  72. Travel to adopt new things and culture, not for social media
  73. Save more.
  74. Enjoy some lazy / nothing to do the moment
  75. Start a small movement, move your body.
  76. Do some charity
  77. Love animals
  78. Be punctual
  79. If you make a commitment, fulfil that.
  80. Set high self standard
  81. Pause but don’t give up
  82. Communicate
  83. Value solitude
  84. Keep balance in life
  85. Don’t look for a shortcut, work hard
  86. Maximize your strength
  87. Don’t wait for the right time, this is the time
  88. Never complain
  89. Don’t change the core value for others
  90. Sleep properly.
  91. Be consistence 
  92. Know the value of a time
  93. Know what to do and do it early
  94. Not everyone is for everything, know your strength and implement that
  95. Be compassionate and kind, World needs you.
  96. Teach others, help others but don’t expect anything.
  97. Love your life, you have only one to enjoy
  98. Give others the same chance on their mistakes which you would give yourself.
  99. Enjoy small happiness
  100. Give yourself some grace. Setbacks are an essential part of the process. The key is to forgive yourself, press the proverbial reset button and keep moving forward.
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The 3 Essential Rules for A Successful Life

Rule #1 – Know what to do & do it quickly.

Rule #2 – Know what NOT to do & don’t do it.

Rule #3 – Implement. Implement. Implement.

Of all the self-help habits I could share, implementing these 3 rules is perhaps the most important.




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19 thoughts on “100 Life-Changing Habits To Improve Your Life

  1. Wow, such an amazing article, with not the life-changing mumbo jumbo, but mentioning practical steps, which can benefit an individual. Most of the articles focus on such heavy stuff that doing them seems impossible. I liked the practical and doable options listed by you.

  2. We have the power to change bad habits and add superb ones. Developing a new habit requires some effort but it is totally possible and worth it in the end. Thanks for sharing this list with us

  3. This is indeed an exhaustive list of habits that are sure to improve the quality of life when implemented. Getting our priorities right is really important as that sets the tone for ones’ life. Also it is really very important to pursue your interest and also that you respect others and respect the value systems that have been inculcated in us.

  4. Totally agree with you. Focusing on one target at a time helps a lot. I also feel that doing things quickly and leaving no space for procrastination is a key to success. All in it is a nice and motivating read.

  5. Such a comprehensive list. Yes many of these things do make life easy, I follow some of them but not all. And I have seen my life has become a lot better after following those, example having a to-do list. I have always written down things I need to do and prioritised it.

  6. what a wonderful list of truly useful suggestions for habits and things we can do everyday to be better, happier everyday. bookmarking this article to re-read.

  7. I have been following some of these from last year and helped me a lot, especially realigning priorities. And also making my bed the first thing in the morning.

  8. Tiny changes could help us drastically improve yourself and live a better life. I also feel that doing things quickly and leaving no space for procrastination is a key to success.

  9. I would love to go through this list at leisure. Your blog has aroused my interest yet again. Right now fighting a pandemic, while also praying for a better tomorrow.

  10. This is a great list of habits which everyone needs to follow. I almost follow many of the habits which you mentioned above.

  11. That’s a very exhaustive list of habits to follow to live a good life and I do follow many from the above list. Affirmation and gratitude and the right attitude can help one lead a very blissful n content life .

  12. Wow, 100 points… You have enlisted everything in here. These habits do really help. Moreover, affirmation and gratitude really helps.

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