My 19 Incredible Achievements In 2019

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It’s really hard to believe that 2019 is going to end. It was really a great year for me in every aspect in terms of travel, Blog, relationship, Fitness, Health, career and as a content creator. Considering I am not a full-time traveller or content creator and I have a demanding day job, I still have managed to trigger off some beautiful trips, had an amazing blogging year, kept in touch with my loved ones and yes ticked some bucket lists too! These are my 19 incredible achievements in the year 2019  throughout the year that make me completely mushy and emotional about the year-long journey.


Achievement 1 – Taking part in a local festival

Roaming in Bodo village while soaking the vibes of smiling gestures and hospitality of Bodo people, getting to know their stories and experiencing the culture and lifestyle of Bodo people was a truly wonderful experience. The divine unique cultural exchange and the mesmerizing village view; before coming to Bodoland I really had some different idea about this land of Bodo. My family, my relatives, my friends were also telling me about the not so popular place. But when I got a chance to be an ambassador of Bodoland and represent the culture in front of the World, I agreed. I agreed to see the Dwijing Festival and my experience to attend the indigenous Bodo Festival – Dwjing was incredible. 

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Achievement 2 – Ticked the Bucket List to Hike the Tiger Nest

I am not much of a trekker, but when I read about Tiger Nest Monastery and its incredible view, I could not resist myself to do it. The trek was tough and moderate to me. The uphill climb is immediate, trees enveloping like a shade. All together the trek was tough but breathtaking view en route the path. The prayer flags, the glimpse of the nest you can find everywhere and I was blessed to cherish the first snowfall halfway of the trek.

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Achievement 3 –  Experienced Monsoon in Goa


I have always heard that Goa is too good for Winter, clubbing,  and seashore enjoyment. But trust me Goa is incredible in monsoon too. The green vibes, the slow-motion pouring raindrops, the walk, less crowd and the furious beautiful sea and it’s sound just incredible. There are so many in Goa for every season and off-season travel is just another example.

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Achievement 4 -Blessings from Highest two Kedarnath and Badrinath

Do you believe in God?? Do you have faith in him? What made you visit Kedarnath?? A lot of questions were in my mind that morning when I was alone sitting at the bank of Mandakini and just glanced at the first sunrise of Kedarnath and it was in October 2019. I had no idea, no clarity if God exists or not if he has the blessings for us or not but believe me, there is something that always exists which gives us the power to hope for all. We call it Power, we call it Positive energy, science calls it mental strength, religion calls it God but there is something very strong that always protects us from fear.

I don’t know, if I talk like spiritualists or not but trust me when you trust in truth, karma and positivity your life started changes. I don’t know if God exists or not but there is something that attracts me to believe in Karma, Good Work, Positive vibes and my life has changed and still changing towards a good way. So, I can say getting the blessings from two Kedar – Kedarnath and Tungnath with Badrinath one of my biggest achievements of the year.


Achievement 5 –  Slow Travel


When The Golden Tusk promised me to experience the Kumaoni village and less offbeat Jungle track, I could not say no to them. That time I spent my days without hurry or worry to not to visit all the places. It was a complete slow journey for me. I cherished the river view by spending a lot of time while just sitting at the bank of the river. I took a slow village walk with Suresh (the naturalist) and got to know a lot about the village, the project called Anchal. Sometimes I enjoyed the jungle view with a cup of hot tea and I learnt race is not everything. Sometimes we need to take a break from everything just to enjoy the moment.

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Achievement 6 –  Learnt Vlogging


2019 was really a great year for me in terms of learning. I wanted to start my own Video channel and this year I finally started my own vlog. The content is not specific and I wanted it to be a generic vlog that describes my travel experiences, the culture of different places, food, people, healthy lifestyle, fashion, shopping, home decor, relationship, positivity and everything. It could be a one-stop solution for everyone and I started finally.

You may check my videos here: Everycornerofworld


Achievement 7 –  More Family Time

After losing my granny last year this year I promised myself to spend as much time as possible with my family. Because of my job, I stayed out with my family, so to compensate for that I took a whole week Goa trip with my family. Spent a lot of time with my sisters and parents. I also make sure to call or video call my parents, sister every day and chat with them maximum. This is the real world and we should not forget the real us in spite of being surrounded by the virtual world.

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Achievement 8 -Make new friends while keeping in touch with old ones.


I do believe at one stage we all need friends and without friends, our life could not be the same. This year a major change in my life was that my sister moved to a new city. If you know me for a very long, you would have known that I used to stay with my sister and almost all the food joints, shopping, tripping we did together. This year I started living with a flatmate (who became a friend) and also spent a lot of time with my old buddies. Once I was so wrapped up in my own zone that I forgot to stay connected to our surroundings to see the outer zone too. We’re social creatures, and feeling associated – to others, to creatures, and to nature – is basic to our bliss and this year I was trying to more content towards strangers, friends, nature and earth.


Achievement 9 –  Journal Habit


You probably know that keeping a journal and maintaining a routine is just a my thing. But this year I made sure to create a proper routine by pouring down my stream of consciousness by creating a deadline for my work and starting to achieve them. It’s really a good habit and I have noticed a vast change in me slowly but steadily.


Achievement 10 – Some Recognitions

2019 was a remarkable year for me in terms of Blogging and Videography. I got a few recognitions from different platforms. I started the year with Bodoland and Assam Tourism board as a brand ambassador, my picture got published in one of the renowned magazine called Outlook Magazine, got the invitation from one of the biggest blogging event called Confluence by So Delhi, Worked with a lot of brands like Air India, True Caller, HP India, Formula 1 by Droom, The Big Book Box, Fossil, Pantene etc and earned money first time as a blogger. 


Achievement 11 – Enjoying more healthy Lifestyle


I always believe that making small changes in our daily life turn into amazing days ahead. Like I try to start my day with hot water and lemon, some exercises, read something meaningful and at least have some good healthy breakfast. Then also I try to walk as much as possible, avoiding sugar these days and incorporated a night beauty regime just a few accomplishments of my lifestyle.  


Achievement 12 – Accepting the truth of Mortality

Over a span of a lifetime, I learned that things will disappear forever in our lifetime and it will never come back how hard we try.  As the way, we passed our childhood, the way grown-up and the way time flies it would never come back. Our behaviour decides if we lead a life or life leads us. Showing gratitude, passing a smile to the stranger, giving someone sympathy, listening to someone, laughing throughout the heart, loving the person who is always there for us, living a simple life with high morality these gestures are the simpler form of a better me version. I might not be immortal but want to live a useful mortal life. It is great to take the risk, sometimes take the offbeat route to fulfil the thrill but not at the cost of someone else’s life. 

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Achievement 13 – Love, Relationship and Me

This year was a great year for me in terms of Love and relationships. Being a believer in mental connection, I too felt that love knocked on my door and that was a happy moment for me. First time in life, I felt,  love is a magically beautiful thing created by God and when you feel love everything seems so good in your surroundings. You can find happiness in every small thing and you know the exact meaning of patience. Everything changes suddenly and you even forgive the person who let you down. Isn’t love sweet which creates heaven in your heart that you become calmer and more strong though you might be broken inside.


Achievement 14  – More open-minded, less judgmental


This year I am accepting myself with all my flaws and good habits. When I hiked at Tiger Nest, I did not keep pace with others. Yes, I was too slow to compete. I started good but at a point, negative thoughts conquered me to stop the hike. I was panting heavily and being judgmental of my own decision. Then suddenly the snowflakes started pouring by God and it was the best moment of my life when I was alone at the midpoint of the trek with nature and snow. Yes, I gave a second chance and did complete the trek. 

We sometimes judge people by their actions without knowing their full stories. We fall easily for glamour, we start judging others by their preferences, eating habits, laughing styles and so on. Also, we easily break the relationship with others when we do not get the spark from them after a long time or find a temporary spice from others. So from this year, I am accepting others with their different behaviour without judging themselves. As long as we live we should maintain a healthy relationship with others and its ok to not to be ok sometimes but we should not hinder our feelings or should not allow negativity to capture the good feelings. So yes, my achievement is to forgive and forget with a more open mind and be less judgemental.


Achievement 15  – Read More, gaining more knowledge

This year I read 30 books and yes for next year I would like to read more. Last year I read 20 books so it’s an achievement for me to complete more this year. Some remarkable books I read this year and you can also give a try are Birthday Girl by Murakami, Macbeth by Shakespeare, The Secret series, The fault in our stars by John Green, Circus Folk & Village Freaks by Aparna Upadhyay, Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie to name a few.

You may check my reading list here: Goodreads


Achievement 16 -Trying to reduce the Carbon Footprint for our future


As the world is battling to constrain future Global Warming boost to beneath 2°C, this is the ideal opportunity when everybody must chip in to reduce our ozone-depleting substance emanations as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. At an individual level, I began rolling out little improvements consistently to get the effect on the environment. Minimal usage of plastic, more use of Still or glass container, recycling the things as much as possible is considerably small baby steps I have started taking in this year.


Achievement 17  – More Productive Days


This year I have utilised my lazy times with books or to learn something from youtube. Sometimes our days are too hectic that we want some free time too not to do anything and sit like an idle kid. I too have passed these days but I instead of Netflix or online games I utilised those moments with quora, youtube or books.

Officially this year I have completed 4 years of blogging Journey! Technically, this year I started my own Youtube channel and took the blogging journey seriously. Also have worked with more brands to promote them via my social handles without breaking the aesthetic value of my blog. I am working for a US company as a Marketing Manager and I have to give my weekdays ( sometimes weekends) to fulfil the corporate responsibilities. Over this time period, my blog has grown and still growing. I started as a travel blogger then now I

I am more into lifestyle, travel, reviews, fashion, foods, and books which give versatility to my blog, to my readers. Currently, I am prudently working on my youtube videos so in future I will come up with some valuable visual content.

Also if you want to know more about me, check here: About Me


Achievement 18 – Past is the teacher of Future

Like this point, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my journey, it has to be the fact that every trip/mistake/ achievement/  failure teaches me something that I use in future years. So while I am looking back at those moments and think fondly about the surprises, the lessons and the new relationships I made, it’s all about something I have learned so far and gaining some wonderful experiences for the future.


Achievement 19 – More Optimistic towards New Year


With 2019 I am becoming a better version of me who believes in learning, gratitude, smile, magic, miracles, love, relations, happiness, honesty and yes the last one hope. If you follow me on Instagram or any other social platform you definitely know how I blessed with so many magical experiences with a positive mindset. I overcame so many bad phases with hope and good karma. So this coming year is an opportunity for me to explore more of the good work, good places, good food and will definitely make it more productive in terms of everything. 


Your turn, what were your achievements in this year?

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  1. First of all congratulations on all your achievements. Keep it up! And secondly, it’s so important to look back and cherish what we have achieved and you have done it so well. Very well written.

  2. You have really achieved a lot during 2019 and I really appreciate your constant effort. Slow Travel is something I would like to try out by myself

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