20 Habits of Highly Successful Women

What makes a woman successful? Does it involve having a high-profile job with a huge salary? Influential parents or being financially independent? Owning every dreaming material and ticking all bucket list foreign places? Running a successful business? Achieving true happiness? Or living a more meaningful life? In this generation, it is visible that a woman is unstoppable once she realizes her own value and strength. No obstacle can Hinder her self-growth and prevent her from achieving her goals.

Hence, a successful woman to me is a woman who makes the accomplishment in her own terms. It’s important to note that how we see achievement and our entrance to it is often limited by someone else’s definition. We fell gravely when we believe we haven’t matched an outside norm. In doing so, we deny ourselves the opportunity to define and value our unique experiences and how they impact our lives to improve things. Discovering achievement implies remaining consistent with yourself and your own definition of success. Success is not dependent on education level, luck or your financial ledger, it’s dependent on effort! Here are the 20 habits of highly successful Women and how you can use them as well…

1. She doesn’t do her work for the money.

The successful woman doe does not do her work only for the money instead of passion and growth. She knows money does not define success. It’s certainly not a bad thing, but a tool to provide materialistic pleasure.  She works hard to achieve the goal; she loves the process of success and experiences the failure. She is patient as success does not come overnight.


2. She prioritizes the most important work first.

Compelling time management plays a key role to get success. A successful lady realizes how to prioritize so she can invest her energy in the most significant undertakings for the duration of the day. That way she can set aside her time properly for what matters most.


3. She maintains a goal journal and sticks to them.

Successful women always maintain Journals and jot down their short term and long term goals there. While they always dream big and looking towards their future – although more precisely they work on their daily goals too. Start planning your yearly, half-yearly, monthly and weekly goals. Then start each day planning out your to-do list with daily priorities. This way you would be closer towards your long term achievements. The more you accomplish your daily goals, the more you reach towards your bigger goals.


4. She is a Morning Person

A habit that all successful women share is that they wake up early. Waking up before anyone else gives them the first few hours of the day to work without distractions. This makes them much more productive throughout the day. They set their morning to productive work and so that finish their important tasks before afternoon. A successful woman knows how to utilize her morning as a weapon and that is the reason she finishes her task very early.


5. She knows the secret of healthy habits.

Being healthy is just not only going to the gym and eating the right food. It’s a balance of the healthy and positive mind, fit body and stress-free soul. It’s a practice, a lifestyle habit that encompasses our being and overall lifestyle. The way we live, what we eat and how much we active effects in our lives, our overall health habits and work goals. A successful woman improvises and prioritizes her daily life-cycle by eating healthy foods, exercise and maintaining regular self-care regime. This keeps her mind focused and provide her with the energy to be productive throughout the day. Whether it’s cycling, running, dancing, aerobics, yoga, walking or taking a full-body spa, successful woman has a healthy body and mind which connected positive way.


6. She does not complain

All complaining and comparing with others is just a waste of time and puts the complainer in a negative environment and an unproductive state of mind. A successful woman never complains and compares with others, instead, she takes responsibility, she learns from her mistakes and she grows with her own values.


7. She’s not petrified of Failure

A successful woman doesn’t let the fear of failure prevent her from achieving her goals, her dreams. She doesn’t allow any negative thoughts or self-doubt to give her low feel. She acts confidently, takes risks and goes after her goals, makes decisions and strategies and move forward with plan A or plan B. She learns from her mistakes and uses them as a module of the growth process.

8. She keeps challenging herself

A successful lady doesn’t settle in the monotony of everyday life. She is continually taking a stab at additional in every part of her life, whether mentally or physically, and is continually driving herself higher than ever. She keeps challenging herself with certainty and follows them with bravery, setting the parameter much higher every time.


9. Successful Woman talks less & does more

While most of the people are chatting, overthinking, lying on the couch and make plans for the future, a successful woman is always to prefer her job done without any fail and tries to get the work done before the deadline. She talks less and does her work with perfection.

10. She doesn’t hinder her reading and learning habits

It is said that knowledge is everything and in this era, everything is possible to learn from the internet. A successful woman knows how to grow and that’s why she has never prevented her learning and reading habits and tries to gain knowledge of everything. A successful woman knows that in order to get success, she needs to be well educated and knowledgeable. Whether it would be a regular life or entrepreneur life, she never fails to research, asks questions and studies on broader topics.

11. She stays away from Toxic people and knows how to say NO.

A successful woman knows the intensity of surrounding with people who lift her up and give the motivation and encourage her to grow. She only allows constructive individuals throughout her life who spur her to improve and stay out of people who may hold her back. An individual toxic person can ruin your day by always criticizing others and always blaming others with a mind full of jealousy. A successful woman knows how to avoid toxic people and how to say NO. She understands the importance of being part of a creative team and cultivate contacts.

12. She works constantly on Self-Improvement

A successful woman works constantly on self-improvement whether through meditation, yoga, swimming, learning new skills, practising new hobbies etc. and constantly working on evolving herself into a better version. These allow her to grow eventually, stay balanced and have focused on her goals.

13. She is a Good Listener

Having good listening skills are the main point of great communication. A successful woman listens to others with great intention and tries to understand others point of view. It not only gives her a clear communication process but also, she learns and inspires by them and others also value her points.


14. She practices Gratitude and counts her blessings often

One of the most life-changing habits of every successful woman to count blessings more than shortcomings. Those who always behind the list is always talking about their shortcomings, dreams to achieve instead of praising their own achievements. A successful woman is always grateful for what she has and takes her time out to reflect those memories and counts her blessings.  Start your day In front of the mirror and remember the 10 things you are thankful for.

15. She spends her time wisely

A successful woman avoids wasting time. She does not spend her time watching Netflix or scrolling Instagram all the time. She knows how to manage time properly. She rather prefers to spend her time with family or learning new things.

16. She manages her finance well

A successful woman manages and tracks her investment properly to secure her future. She knows how much important financial stability and that’s is why she stays on top with smart money management.

habit successful

17. She enjoys her me-time

A successful woman knows how to cherish her own me-time and pampers herself. She loves the me-time to spoil her with a good spa session or a solo trip. She knows only work is not everything, it’s important to spare sometimes with enjoying her own company.

18. She has a positive attitude and a kind, compassionate heart

A successful woman finds positivity in everything. When everyone nagging about problems, difficulties, a successful woman find a solution there and that makes her different than others. She deals with her challenges effectively, face those problems and improve them.  A successful woman knows being kind and compassionate goes far and makes an impact on people behaviours. She always turns to be a supportive and encouraging person for her friends, family and keeps motivating them.

19. She defines her goals by herself, not by others’ successes.

A successful woman has clarities and certainties about what she wants and what not. She visualizes her plans and works very hard with persistency, consistency and determination. A successful woman does not compare with other people and never losses their sights to allow jealousy, inferiority and negativity. Healthy competition is good, but the poking nose on others can lead you to avoid your goals. She does not believe in destiny or fate, instead, she works hard to achieve a better life.

A successful woman does not believe in the word “I can’t”. She figures out what to do and makes things happen at any cost. She is go-getter, a fighter and a person with optimistic values.

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20. She loves and cherishes her journey more than the outcome.

Everyone knows that success is always result-oriented, but a successful woman always loves her journey because it gives her the strength to grow. The journey always motivates her to enjoy the result and prepare for the next assignments or try the work in a different way. It encircles the learning phase, the changes and the environment towards her which makes her evolve into a better version.


Final Thought

These are the 20 habits of successful women and how they maintain their success.  They have successfully shown up for themselves in every aspect of their life.

I want to remind you to not feel down on the off chance that you haven’t accomplished these yet. It requires some time and everybody’s circumstance is unique.  Try not to fall into the comparison trap. It just holds you of your bliss and keeps you away from what you want in life. Everybody has their own talents to impart to the world, so don’t be reluctant to let your voice be heard and to allow yourself to sparkle like a star.

“A confident woman, a woman who truly knows her worth and her power is a force to be reckoned with.” – Mandy Hale



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23 thoughts on “20 Habits of Highly Successful Women

  1. This is a very interesting and inspiring post. The habits that you have listed are each one of them that need to be emulated. I like the fact that these habits cover a wide range of areas , and each one of them have their own bearing on making a person successful.

  2. Indeed an Inspirational and interesting post for several women out there. Each and every lines speaks sense. It is very important in this men’s world to prove your metal and for this you have to be confident and consistent. Great piece of read.

  3. I like the way you have structured your article and the 20 points. I do some of these and others I don’t. I just need to follow them more rigorously…good read

  4. Wow Pamela, I loved the article. I agree with most of the points mentioned by you, a strong and successful woman will definitely know when to say NO. Also, she is a constant learner as she wants to utilise all the waking time. She is not into useless gossips or any such thing. I have met few of them and they inspire me so much. Such a well crafted article.

  5. Wow! Extremely inspiring post! I am glad that I have been unconsciously following many of these points. Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking post with us. Loved the photography too! You look amazing! Keep writing, it’s a pleasure to read your work.

  6. Such an awesome read Pamela. Its a great list and yes if woman thinks they can achieve and start believing in themselves, then they can definitely achieve everything possible.

    1. Thanks for this list. I have been trying to stick to some of these, like I have a journal now that has a huge to do list for the day and I try to stick to them.

  7. These are some great habits for successful women. I am totally with all the points and its a great read everyone should read this.

  8. These are some great reminders to self for continuous growth. But I also feel that it is applicable for all genders and not just women. I need to bring in some of these pointers in my daily practice.

  9. Wonderful reminder. while I follow these habits but it is difficult to stay on track with them all, all the time. It makes such a difference to have such habits

  10. These are some great ways that successful women follow. It really helps to learn from the best. These qualities are must to stand apart in the crowd.

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