20 Instagrammable Places in Sydney Tick in Your Bucket-list

As the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is one of the most picturesque cities in Australia and is renowned for its heavenly seashores, its energetic social presence and its cosmopolitan populace. In my life, this is the city I travelled solo internationally for the first time. I got the chance to spend a week here and was blessed to stay at Novotel Darling Harbour, exactly at the heart of Sydney. In 2019, with its amazing, spectacular landmarks, astonishing beaches and greeneries Australia has officially declared the most Instagrammable Country in the World with the majority of must-have Geo-tags located in Sydney. I have tried to cover as much as possible and finally jotted down my recommendation of 20 Instagrammable Places in Sydney tick in your bucket-list, you should visit when in harbour city.


Ready to shoot classic Insta-worthy pics of Sydney


One of the most common asked questions I’m getting is how I take my pictures seen on my Instagram. What’s more, my camera gears have a major influence on that. 

So before I start, I take all of my photographs using a Sony Alpha 6000 and a Samsung Phone, and as always my best advice to reach the location either early or at an odd time. 

Click HERE for my full Travel Photography and Video Gears – What Equipment Do I Use?


1. Take a visit to the Opera House and click a selfie for a lifetime

There are hefty viewpoints you can easily notice at this place and every point is worth to stand for. I recommend taking a guided tour of the Opera where you can go inside the opera and learn a lot about the architecture, history and shows about this iconic building. They will take you to the backstage, front row, makeup room, top of the roof and a lot of other places you can only imagine.


2. Watch the sunset and click your picture near Harbour Bridge.

Like the Sydney Opera House, there are many instagrammable viewpoints are also there at Sydney Harbour Bridge. Simply loved that place and it’s easy to find a good spot from many places as this bridge is proudly viewed from a far distance too.


3. Take a Walk on Bondi beach in an Instagrammable Live session


With white sand and awesome location Bondi beach to Coogee beach walk is remarkable and one of the famous spots in Sydney. If luck is with you, you may enjoy the sculpture event organize every year at Bondi beach. (I was lucky enough to cherish the event in October)


4. Insta-Spotted Zoo, have you heard about it? Check out Taronga Zoo …

Australia is known for having a strange natural life, and Australian creatures are not normal for any discovered somewhere else on the planet! Taronga is one of the biggest yet amazing zoos to encounter when in Sydney.

From kangaroos and koalas, Tasmanian fiends and wombats – Australia has a gigantic scope of awesome untamed life and extraordinary species which incite a feeling of a miracle and amazement all through the remainder of the world. Ensure you get the chance to see them very close and snap an amazing picture for a lifetime memory.


5. Hidden spot Empty Birdcages at Angel Place to click an amazing shot


On the off chance that you are exploring Sydney City Center, ensure you stop at Angel Place close to Pitt Street. 

“Forgotten Songs” by Michael Thomas Hill, means the birds that once inhabited Sydney before the city developed. Remaining underneath the birdcages you will hear the sounds of birds that once called Sydney home.


6. Spend a leisurely evening at Manly Beach

Sydney is a paradise for beach lovers and every beach has some unique things to offer. Manly has an incredible point to shoot sunset which you can click on any day from the beachside corner.


7. Hike at Katoomba Falls, Blue Mountain to take a breathtaking instagrammable picture

Blue Mountain is one of the most attracting hiking places in Sydney, which is a rugged region situated at the west of Sydney in Australia’s New South Wales Part. Known for a spectacular scenic view, it encompasses steep cliffs, eucalyptus woods, water cascades and villages, Katoomba, a major town in the area famous for its waterfalls and its bushwalking trails. 


8. Click and click at Barangaroo Wharf, a hidden instagrammable spot

If you want to read a book at a peaceful location where nature paints the sky at its best, Barangaroo Wharf is for you. Hide from the touristy place this place is a haven for photographers and for me here I decided to take photography seriously.


9. Get back to your childhood days at Luna Park

Sydney has everything to cherish. From nature walks to urban run, sunrise points to sunset points, adultery pubs to children hubs everything you can find in one place only. Luna Park is the most entertaining, amusing Park I must say. 


10. Take a stroll around Darling Harbour and sip a cup of hot chocolate 

Sydney has the most iconic places to embrace yourself and one of them is Darling Harbour, where I stayed at Novotel Darling Harbour. The Harbour has the liquid essence of Sydney, sparkling water with Harbourside mall and loads of restaurants and pubs are the lives of the people. 

Roam around the Harbour is not enough to gulp the essence very quickly, someone has to take a break from other work and just sit on a deck to cherish the view of blue water. For me, it was wonderful to experience to stay exactly Harbourside and witnessed the breathtaking view of the Harbour and the sea. 


11. Hurray! Pose like Amir Khan at Dil Chahta Hai Movie location

After a satisfying walk of 2 to 3 km Bondi beach to Coogee beach, I framed this picturesque place in my memory. The movie “Dil Chahta Hai” shot here and I easily recognized the location 😉. The coastal walk was so pleasant and refreshing. Also, I got a chance to visit Australia when World’s largest free public Sculpture exhibition was happening. 

The spectacular coastal walk transformed into a long sculpture show, which was featured 100 sculptures by artists from Australia and across the World. 

As I already shared,  that I love to know about different cultures, history, community-related information ….so this walk cum exhibition just appeared as a blessing to me. 😍😍😍 .


12. Sunset Insta Point Jeffrey St Wharf, to shoot Skyscape with Harbour Bridge 

If you have time for one sunset in Sydney, I’d strongly recommend Jeffrey St Wharf, Kirribilli It’s easy to get here either by walking over the Harbour Bridge, a short ferry ride from Circular Quay or the North Shore Line train. Watch the sunset and click an instagrammable pic of the bridge.


13. The Grand canyon loop track at Blue Mountain to trek and shoot

One of my favourite walking track in the mountains to see a lot of things and cherish the forest for a lifetime, especially when you combine with other tracks to make a full day walk.

This is a place for a 2 to 3-day hike or trek purpose, but I had only one day in my hand so tried to cover as much as possible. There are a few staircases in the same area, but these stand out like a movie as they have a real fairy glen type look and feel. 


14. Have a fresh fish fry at Sydney Fish Market

A feast for the eyes and the tastebuds, the Sydney Fish Market is one of the best places to visit and indulge your love of fish there freshly. Expect freshly cooked seafood or fish and also you can see a variety of other food options and do it justice by eating it freshly on the seafront. Oh! Forget to say that on my visit to the fish market it was heavily raining and all my fish fry and umbrella literally flew away, thankfully grabbed those while running all over the street. 


15. Shopping on George Street until you feel tired

If you want to click the urban life of Sydney apart from the beaches and iconic buildings then George street is for you. The famous and busiest street and the area are these places which have almost all types of shopping malls, cafes and restaurants for a drink with your partner. 


16. Bondi Town Graffiti Wall – perfect instagrammable place


Sydney has a vivid collection of graffiti walls, which are perfect for insta shot. Get ready with your colourful dresses and filmy poses to click some eye-catching snaps.


17. A beautiful shopping day out at Hay Market

Most cheapest market and Chinatown can be found at Hay Market where you can get everything at a damn cheap price and yes, if you are a master of bargaining you will get so many pieces of stuff at a very reasonable price. On the first floor, the market is called Paddy’s Market, which is packed with clothing, accessory and souvenir shops.


18. Take a Museum-worthy picture

I highly prefer to visit at least one museum when I visit any new city or Country. Through which we get to know more about the culture of that location. If you get a chance to visit any museum, most of them are free of cost.


19. Three sister point at the Blue Mountains; a paradise for sunset lovers

One of the most scenic locations and the photogenic spot for Instagrammers. For me, the Blue Mountain hike was the best part of my life and blessed to make memories for a lifetime.


20. Worshipping places can be instagrammable location – Check St. Andrew’s Cathedral

If you are thinking of any hotspot area at my last point, then you are wrong. I’m talking about the most picture-perfect location in central Sydney is St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which is near to the railway station. I was amazed to see the jacaranda trees the first time there. 


Travelling around

Generally, the cheapest way to travel is by train, monorail or ferry. If you want to use public transport as cabs are too expensive, I’d suggest you buy an Opal Card for every purpose and you can recharge the card from any shops. I have written a detailed guide about Sydney’s checklist to be followed in every manner and you may read Here.



Sydney has a variety of stay options as per your budget. You can find Luxury hotels, Mid-range hotels, Boutique hotels, Low budget hotels and hostels or Air BNB too. I stayed at Novotel Darling Harbour which is situated at the heart of the city. You may read more about the hotel review here.

Final Verdict on the best photography spots in Sydney

Have you ever visited Sydney before? Then, if you want to add any new place just let me update, I’d be glad to include those pics on my next visit to Sydney. 

I hope you will find this complete guide to all the most Instagrammable places in Sydney useful in planning your Sydney visit and clicking all the most perfect and photogenic instagrammable shots.





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33 thoughts on “20 Instagrammable Places in Sydney Tick in Your Bucket-list

  1. Sydney is one place I wanna visit so badly ..and your pictures and since the day u visited there gave me this wish and urge to visit soon. But the airfares and visa is a hitch in terms of budget. Let’s see ..good that u came up with this post .

    1. You wont believe because it was my first Solo International trip and that’s why I even scared to make a long trip and for that reason skipped a lot of places. I would like to visit again and yes I guess we should work on airfare as that takes major part of money .

  2. Wow Pamela such a nice collection, I especially liked your wine glass photograph. I am going to visit few of the places mentioned on the list, once I am in Sydney. And i have always loved your photos.

  3. These pictures bring alive the sights of Sydney so vividly and colourfuly. Places like the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are of course iconic and an unmissable feature of Sydney. But there are so many other beautiful picture perfect locations too. Loved the pictures from Bondi Beach, Blue Mountain, and St. Andrew’s Cathedral the most.

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  7. I have never visited Sydney and your post makes me want to book a ticket as soon as they lift lockdown. You make travel look so amazing! I really aspire to visit Australia some day….keep writing!

  8. Oh my beautiful Sydney. A city that I love so much along with Bangalore. Sydney has so many things to offer and every corner makes the city look so beautiful. Lovely list of 20 places Pamela. Yes they all so pretty and make wonderful pictures.

    1. I am glad you covered so many places in Sydney Pamela. It is truly a very beautiful city and it has corners that make beautiful Insta pictures. I love the picture of the Harbour bridge.

  9. I had been to Sydney years back and the places are really wonderful. I would really love to revisit these places again, beautiful pictures!

  10. These are some really amazing places that are so colourful and vibrant and great for photography. Sydney has so many iconic places like the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge that are a photographer’s delight. Sandy N Vyjay.

  11. All the places are truly visual treat and the best place to get awesome pictures clicked for social media . The 4th and 5th is wow and surely my favorite location among this list

  12. tHESE all places look Instagram worthy. Saving this post would be handy whenever I get a chance to visit Sydney.

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  14. These are some amazing places that me as well family and kids can enjoy. Plus they are definitely so hip and Instagramable. Sharing it with my nephew who resides in Australia.

  15. Sydney is the photogenic cities in the world. It is truly a very beautiful city and it has corners that make beautiful Insta pictures. I love the picture of the Harbour bridge.

  16. oh my gosh! what beautiful photographs — just loved them.. truly, you are very talented! to have found 20 places in 1 location that is quire a feat and then too found click worthy spaces, kudos lady! adding this to my travel wish list 🙂

  17. These pictures remind me that I need to visit Sydney soon. It has been on my bucket list for so long! I’m so glad that you could enjoy your stay while figuring out the 20 most instagrammable places in Sydney.

  18. Wow all these pics have brought Sydney alive in front of my eyes. It’s been on our travel list and had it not been pandemic, we would have been able to visit it in 2020. Hopefully soon we will get to see the beauty of Sydney

  19. This is somewhere I’ve always dreamed of visiting, and some of the shots you have are fantastic, my favourite is most definitely Manly Beach snap !! Lovely blog

  20. This is somewhere I’ve always dreamed of visiting, and some of the shots you have are fantastic, my favourite is most definitely Manly Beach snap !!what’s your favourite and where would I recommend??

  21. I am building my list of places to visit when we finally get Australia back on the travel planning board. These instagrammable spots in Sydney are a great start. I love the idea of visiting places during the day and at night to see the difference in the shots. And those bird cages are so cool. Sunset is definitely a perfect time of day to visit many of these spots.

  22. Lovely list of instagrammable spots in SIdney. So far I have not made it to Australia, but I will save your post for a future visit. Markets and sunsets always offer good photo opportunities!

  23. One of my very good friend lives there and I had all plans to visit Australia last year. But we know how pandemic failed all our plans. You have some great pictures from there. Thank you for the virtual trip and whenever I am there, I will keep these instagrammable pictures in my mind.

  24. Your list is impressive and inspiring. I would love to see all these places because Sydney is on my go-to list. Of course, I would like to know the opera the most, especially at night, because it is beautifully lit. Also, Empty Birdcages at Angel Place is so intriguing that I would love to take photos there! I add to my list also Katoomba Falls and Blue Mountain as I love to photograph waterfalls. Such excellent tips and places!

  25. Love the captures – all of them are pretty instagrammable alright and do make lovely memories. My favorite is the sunset pic, you captured the inverted reflection perfectly. I am all for posing with the street art.

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