50 Must-Watch Romantic Korean Series: Unveiling the Best of K-Drama Romance

Korean dramas, often referred to as K-dramas, are television series produced in South Korea. They have gained international popularity and have a dedicated fan base worldwide. Korean dramas are known for their diverse genres, including romance, comedy, historical, fantasy, action, and more. They typically consist of multiple episodes, ranging from 16 to 20 episodes, with each episode running for about an hour. Korean dramas showcase a blend of traditional and modern elements, allowing viewers to experience the rich culture, customs, and traditions of Korea. They often highlight beautiful filming locations, and vibrant fashion styles, and incorporate aspects of Korean cuisine, music, and language. Here are 50 Must-Watch Romantic Korean Series to add to your Watchlist.

50 Must-Watch Korean Series

If you are a die heart fan of K Dramas like me, then these are the ultimate 50 series you must watch and share with your besties for binge-watching :


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  1. Crash Landing on You” (2019-2020): A South Korean heiress accidentally lands in North Korea and falls in love with an army officer.
  2. Descendants of the Sun” (2016): The love story between a Special Forces captain and a doctor who meet in a fictional war-torn country.
  3. Goblin” (2016-2017): A goblin and a grim reaper form an unlikely friendship as they navigate their way through love and destiny.
  4. My Love from the Star” (2013-2014): An alien who has been stranded on Earth for centuries falls in love with a top actress.
  5. Reply 1988” (2015-2016): Set in the late 1980s, this drama follows a group of friends and their coming-of-age stories, including love and friendship.
  6. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” (2020): A children’s book author and a psychiatric hospital worker find solace and love in each other’s company.
  7. Healer” (2014-2015): A night courier with exceptional fighting skills falls for a tabloid reporter while unraveling a dark secret from the past.
  8. Secret Garden” (2010-2011): A wealthy CEO and a stuntwoman’s souls mysteriously swap bodies, leading to comedic and romantic situations.
  9. While You Were Sleeping” (2017): A woman who can foresee accidents in her dreams teams up with a prosecutor to prevent tragic events and finds love along the way.
  10. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo” (2016-2017): A coming-of-age story about a female weightlifter and a swimmer who support and fall in love with each other.
  11. My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018): a Korean drama that follows the story of a college student who undergoes plastic surgery to gain confidence but faces the challenges of societal beauty standards.
  12. The Heirs (2013): a captivating Korean drama that follows the lives of privileged high school students as they navigate love, friendship, and family conflicts in a world filled with wealth and societal expectations.
  13. Coffee Prince (2007): It is a heartwarming romantic comedy that tells the story of a tomboyish girl who disguises herself as a man to work in a coffee shop and ends up falling in love with her unsuspecting male coworker.
  14. Boys Over Flowers (2009): It is a captivating romantic drama that follows a determined girl who finds herself entangled in a complicated love triangle with four wealthy and charismatic high school boys.
  15. You’re Beautiful (2009): It is a heartwarming Korean drama that follows the journey of a talented girl who disguises herself as her twin brother to join a popular boy band, leading to unexpected love and self-discovery.
  16. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (2016): It is a captivating historical romance drama that follows the journey of a modern-day woman who finds herself transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty, where she becomes entangled in a complex web of love, power, and political intrigue.
  17. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (2018): It is a romantic Korean drama that follows the hilarious and heartwarming journey of a narcissistic vice chairman and his long-time devoted secretary as they navigate their changing relationship.
  18. Love in the Moonlight (2016): It is a heartwarming historical Korean drama that tells the story of a crown prince who falls in love with a eunuch, leading to a captivating and forbidden romance.
  19. Fated to Love You (2014): A fateful encounter leads to a surprising love story filled with unexpected twists and heartfelt emotions.
  20. Pinocchio (2014-2015): A group of determined reporters confronts truth and injustice as they strive to uncover the hidden stories behind the news.
  21. Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-2017): The mystical connection between a mermaid and a genius swindler transcends time as they navigate love, danger, and destiny.
  22. The Master’s Sun (2013): A ghost-seeing CEO finds solace and love with a strong-willed woman who can banish the spirits that haunt him.
  23. I Hear Your Voice (2013): A young boy with the ability to read minds teams up with a passionate lawyer to fight for justice and confront their own painful pasts.
  24. Another Miss Oh (2016): Love and fate intertwine as two women with the same name navigate the complexities of relationships and self-discovery.
  25. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017): A petite woman with incredible strength finds herself caught between protecting her crush and battling against evil.
  26. The King: Eternal Monarch (2020): Parallel worlds collide as a charismatic king and a determined detective team up to unravel a dangerous conspiracy and find love along the way.
  27. Cheese in the Trap (2016): The complex relationship between a college student and a mysterious senior unfolds, revealing the intricacies of trust, manipulation, and genuine affection.
  28. The Beauty Inside (2018): A woman who changes her appearance every month must navigate love and relationships while searching for the person who will see her for who she truly is.
  29. Itaewon Class (2020): A determined underdog opens a small restaurant in Itaewon, facing obstacles, revenge, and unexpected love as he strives for success and justice.
  30. W: Two Worlds Apart (2016): A thrilling romance unfolds as a webtoon character comes to life and falls in love with the comic’s creator.
  31. Her Private Life (2019): A dedicated fangirl leads a double life as a professional art curator, and her world turns upside down when her boss discovers her secret.
  32. Queen In Hyun’s Man (2012): Through a time-traveling talisman, a Joseon-era scholar and an actress from the present find love amidst the complications of the past and present.
  33. The Greatest Love (2011): A top actress and a struggling singer cross paths and find unexpected love in the midst of their chaotic lives.
  34. Love Alarm (2019-2021): In a world where an app alerts individuals when someone likes them, a young girl navigates love, friendship, and the consequences of technology.
  35. The K2 (2016): An ex-mercenary is hired as a bodyguard for a politician’s daughter, leading to a dangerous journey filled with political intrigue and unexpected romance.
  36. Doctor Stranger (2014): A skilled North Korean doctor defectors to South Korea and becomes entangled in a web of conspiracies, while finding love and facing personal challenges.
  37. Oh My Venus (2015-2016): A once-popular lawyer helps a former weightlifting champion regain her health and confidence as they fall in love and support each other’s journeys.
  38. My Secret Romance (2017): A one-night stand between a chaebol heir and a nutritionist turns into a complicated romance filled with secrets, misunderstandings, and second chances.
  39. Suspicious Partner (2017): A prosecutor wrongly accused of murder joins forces with a determined rookie lawyer to uncover the truth and find love amidst a web of mysteries.
  40. When the Camellia Blooms (2019): A single mother’s journey to find love and overcome societal judgments is beautifully depicted amidst a small-town mystery.
  41. The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012): Set in ancient Korea, a poignant love story unfolds between a king and a shaman amidst political intrigue and forbidden love.
  42. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018): A gripping and emotionally intense drama revolving around a mysterious man and the woman who tries to uncover the truth about him.
  43. Love in the Rain (2018): A heartwarming romance blossoms between two childhood friends as they reunite years later amidst rainy days and nostalgic memories.
  44. I’m Not a Robot (2017-2018): A delightful romantic comedy where a man with an allergy to human contact falls in love with a humanoid robot.
  45. Come and Hug Me (2018): A heartbreaking yet beautiful story of first love between two individuals who were affected by a tragic incident from their past.
  46. My Mister (2018): An emotionally poignant drama that explores the unexpected connection between a middle-aged man and a young woman going through their own struggles in life.
  47. Marriage, Not Dating (2014): A hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedy about a fake relationship that gradually turns into something more.
  48. A Piece of Your Mind (2020): A soothing and introspective drama that delves into the complexities of love, relationships, and finding solace in the digital age.
  49. Start-UpΒ (2020): A tale of young entrepreneurs chasing their dreams in the competitive world of start-ups, while navigating personal relationships and a love triangle.
  50. Nevertheless (2021): A modern love story that explores the ups and downs of a no-strings-attached relationship between a carefree art student and a skeptical romantic.


Bonus Points : (Add-on Korean Series)

( A Few Series which are quite famous these days)Β 

  1. Lovestruck in the City” (2020-2021): A realistic portrayal of love and relationships in an urban setting, as various characters share their stories of romance and heartbreak.
  2. Run On” (2020-2021): A sports-themed romance drama that follows the love story between a national track and field athlete and a subtitle translator, as they navigate their personal and professional lives.
  3. Vincenzo” (2021): A unique blend of romance and crime genres, where an Italian-Korean mafia lawyer gets involved in a battle against a powerful conglomerate while falling in love with a determined intern.
  4. Mr. Queen” (2020-2021): A historical fantasy-comedy about a modern-day chef who gets transported back in time and ends up in the body of a queen, leading to unexpected romantic entanglements in the palace.
  5. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” (2021): A heartwarming romantic comedy set in a seaside village, as a dentist and a handyman build a unique connection and find love in the process.

These are just a few recent Korean love series that have garnered attention and positive reviews. Each offers its own unique blend of romance, comedy, and drama, providing viewers with captivating love stories to enjoy.




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6 thoughts on “50 Must-Watch Romantic Korean Series: Unveiling the Best of K-Drama Romance

  1. I started with Goblin then couldn’t stop. All of them are superb. But it would have been good if you would add Coffee Prince too.

  2. Pamela, your research on 50 must-watch romantic Korean series is truly commendable. Did you actually manage to see all 50? Romantic Korean series (K-dramas) has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with their captivating storytelling and heartwarming romances. These series beautifully weave together love, emotion, and drama, making them an addictive treat for fans of all ages. From heart-fluttering moments and unexpected plot twists to breathtaking cinematography, K-dramas have a unique charm that keeps viewers hooked until the end.

    With a diverse range of themes and settings, romantic Korean series offer something for everyone, whether it’s a modern-day love story, a historical romance set in a bygone era, or a fantasy tale with a touch of magic. The chemistry between the lead characters, the well-developed plotlines, and the exploration of love in all its forms contribute to the immense popularity and universal appeal of these shows. Watching a romantic K-drama is like embarking on an emotional rollercoaster ride, leaving viewers with lingering feelings of joy, nostalgia, and a desire for more heartfelt stories.

  3. Wow, I’m a huge fan of K-dramas, and this list is a treasure trove of romance! Korean series always manage to captivate viewers with their unique blend of storytelling, culture, and stunning filming locations. I can’t wait to add these 50 romantic series to my watchlist and experience the rollercoaster of emotions they have to offer. Thanks for sharing this amazing compilation!

  4. I am watching k dramas since 2019. Vincenzo & Mr.Queen was amazing. Some of the above have seen from this list, some dropped & some left half way.

    I would recommend you to try watching- She was pretty, 2521, Extraordinary woo.

  5. I have never watched any K drama yet. Now with this exhaustive list of yours, I am really tempted to start watching. Tell me which one should I go first?

  6. Have not watched any of the Korean drama, but your list gives me great idea, on where to start with. Wonderful share. Thank you for sharing the bonus. Would definitely love to watch few from the above mentioned list as the details shared about each helped to pick, some of my interests.

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