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50 things I’ve learnt From My Past Travels

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for the past month for us at home, sometimes getting bored, sometimes nostalgic about our travel plans because all travel plans have already been disrupted by the pandemic; here I am flipping my travel memories from the past and kind of trying to rejuvenate the present days. We are not only craving travel to escape from this boredom but also it pumps up the happiness and positivity within us. The lessons I have learnt through my travel days which I think always help me to surround myself in a positive bubble to avoid or fight the storm. So, here are 50 things I’ve learnt from my past travels.


  1. Whenever, wherever you go enjoy the stay and the view first. You can click pictures later. Else, it will be a lifetime regret to not cherish that moment.
  2. Always carry a small amount of cash. You never know when it is required.
  3. Use travel apps frequently. I generally trust Google Maps, Klook, Skyscanner, MakeMyTrip, HostelWorld, FlightTracker, IRCTC etc.
  4. Don’t travel just to feel cool or prove yourself a travel photographer.
  5. When you’re packing for your trip, start with shoes. It’s important to check your shoes according to the destination. Use packing cubes to fold clothes and keep underwear properly. Check the weather and pack accordingly (I did not carry a jacket in March while travelling to Kasauli and I regretted it later) Do not forget to carry medicines, a first aid kit, sanitary napkins, toiletries and some makeup.
  6. It’s ok if you book a first-class ticket or prefer to stay at a luxurious hotel. Everyone has their preferences and you can choose yours.
  7.  Whenever you visit a place, always respect the local culture and beliefs. 
  8. Walk on foot. Trust me there is no better way to experience the place and its culture than by walking the road. A few hours at the place will leave you with some unforgettable treasured memories.
  9. Do not spit in any public place, write anything on monuments, walls of the forts, or cenotaphs or throw plastic here and there. Be a little responsible for mother nature and travel responsibly.
  10. Try local cuisine, and feel the place and the history.
  11. Learn to forget the preplanned checklist. It never works for me how much I can try. I always skip a few jot-down plans because of some uncertain plans. 
  12. You will be a quick decision-maker. 
  13. Hostels and Airbnb are great but it’s ok if you are not comfortable with them.
  14. Travel teaches you life lessons that you are never able to learn from books or movies. I read a lot about the trek but when I did it, I realized what problems one can face at the time of trekking, which I never imagined earlier.
  15. You see a different way of life and the challenges. 
  16. You fall in love unexpectedly. 
  17. Support the local community. Buy local handmade stuff, food, pickles, clothes, accessories and souvenirs.  
  18. Dress according to the place. If you are going to visit a sacred place, dress as per the culture.
  19. Always make extra copies of your passport, visa and other important documents. Keep them aside in any luggage bag.
  20. Learn to adopt new things even if you don’t like that. I remember I tried Jarwa (silkworm fry) for the first time and it took me an hour to digest the cultural shock. 
  21. You start to develop confidence after a few travels.
  22. There is no mortification in saying I don’t Know. 
  23. Don’t ignore travel insurance, it’s a saviour.  
  24. While visiting any place which is not cold, do carry warm cloth with you. I learnt lessons when I visited Sydney and Kasauli. I checked the weather and did not carry warm cloth with me which paid me off later.
  25.  Before travelling to any place transfer old pictures on the laptop, so that you don’t have to worry about the phone or camera memory card.
  26. Go for slow travel.
  27. Always carry toilet spray, you never know when you have to use the public toilet. 
  28. If you don’t like to put on makeup at least carry face masks, eye cream, perfume, comb, hand sanitisers, a facewash and a lip balm, these are the saviour in many ways.
  29. Make new friends while keeping in touch with old ones.
  30. More open-minded, less judgmental.
  31. Try to reduce the Carbon Footprint for our future
  32. There is a reason why travel-sized beauty products are available in the market. Carry all your travel-sized beauty and makeup essentials and save extra space.
  33. When travelling abroad, it is essential to buy a sim card for daily usage. Also do not forget to use top-up. 
  34. The most crucial part is to get around any foreign land. Taxies are always expensive, so it is advisable to buy a travel card to access public transport frequently. Different types of travel cards are available, you can opt for the one which you can use for multi-purposes like bus, metro, train, ferry etc. Also, there are different price caps available per day wise like weekdays and weekends have different price tabs. 
  35. Always do a little research before travelling to any place. Like in India especially in metropolitan cities all of the restaurants and pubs are open till midnight but in Sydney, It’s normal for eateries to close their kitchens at 9 pm even though the shops also close by 7 pm max. 
  36. Carry a map always and try to check free options to do like a free walking tour or free museum tour.
  37. It really matters who is your travel partner.
  38. Be nice to each and every person. From the Starbucks counter person to the washroom housekeeper everyone has a right to get some respect. 
  39. When planning for a solo trip try to carry pepper spray, a whistle and a knife with you. These will make you feel a little confident.
  40. Don’t trust people too quickly and join them for dinner or a drink. 
  41. If you have to walk alone at night better if you walk through the main road, avoid narrow lonely lanes and also try to walk with a family at a distance. 
  42. Let your family and close friends know about your travel plans. Stay in touch with them while travelling. 
  43. Carry a book. If by chance the flight gets delayed you can pass your time accordingly. 
  44. Always buy a good backpack or suitcase. Trust me it’s all about boosting your safety and luggage concerns.
  45. It’s the time of modern technologies. So when checking in to a hotel don’t feel ashamed to ask the hotel crew to show you the remote AC, bathroom tap system and other technical features. 
  46. Be gentle with yourself. If you are tired of travelling or walking take a rest. Go to a coffee shop or a park, sit and enjoy the present moments. It’s ok to skip one attraction.
  47. Don’t buy magnets or key rings always as gifts. Instead, you can choose something more relatable to that place. For example, incense sticks, handmade jewellery, some small moments which represent the country, chocolate or any food items are the best and also affordable options.
  48. Always pack one simple shirt, one coloured T-shirt, one dress and one coloured bottom and you can mix and match with anything.
  49. In case you are travelling with an infant, keep a pacifier with you. 
  50. Travel is an astonishing encounter. Regardless of how much or how little you afford it, recollect that. Bid adieu to your friends and family always; never leave without informing them and never fight with them before travelling. Life is delicate. Enjoy the phase as much as possible, if it is a bad encounter still relish it.

Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey. – Pat Conroy


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24 thoughts on “50 things I’ve learnt From My Past Travels

  1. Now that’s some lovely learning to incorporate for sure.. Loved the part of enjoying first and clicking later

  2. Though a bit too long wrt points, these are definitely valid information that every traveller should definitely keep in mind.

  3. Such amazing learnings. Yes travel teaches you things that you hardly learn at schools or colleges.

  4. After each point, I went back to my travel memories. I agree with most of them. Like walking on foot, carrying extra clothes, choosing your preference for luxury. It’s a damn good list.

  5. It’s truly a great piece of content, everyone should read at-least who love to travel like me. I am bookmarking this and hopefully will re-open before I plan any trip.

  6. I’m shocked with point 4. People actually go through the whole process of packing and paying for a trip just to show people how cool they are? 😄 What is the world coming to? Love the list!

  7. These are really good lessons. I always carry a jumper or a jacket when I travel even if the weather says it’s going to be hot. That’s a very important lesson that even I have learned.

  8. Thanks for sharing some amazing tips and points here. Every traveller need to understand these tips. I am bookmarking this post and will share with my blogger friends

  9. This is a great list for any traveler. Thanks for sharing, Pamela. I’m curious to know how would traveling be in a post Covid world? Do you think travel would remain the same or would be any different?

  10. This is a really well written post and something everyone should read, especially those who travel a lot!

  11. Travelling the right way is very imp. One thing my husband also always says…. keep the camera down n soak in the view….we enjoy good holidays and vacations with our family.

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