An Experienced Traveller’s Guide – How To Travel With Full-time Job

These days everyone wants to quit their job and live life as a digital nomad. A lot of hypes or trends are about quitting the job and travelling the World by hitchhiking or by working as a volunteer. In my opinion, you don’t have to quit your job and sell your belongings to become a full-time blogger or videographer to explore the World more often. It works for those who already have backups or plan B before quitting their jobs else it makes things more problematic. Without a job Visa application processes are tough these days, also living a normal life without a job or only based on freelancing works are really very complicated. Travelling with a full-time job is very much possible.

There have been a lot of travel hacks I use to travel the world with a full time dedicated job and help my wanderlust run free. Ever since my first International trip to Sydney in 2017, I have been travelling and blogging regularly with my Marketing job. Till now I have travelled to 3 international countries with more than 20 states happily without facing any problem. Here’s mine as an experienced traveller’s guide – How to travel with a full-time job.

Save your Paid leaves and manage the dates wisely

Most of us have 18 paid leaves per year (Ahem), and you can wisely use that time for travel with a full-time job. So, here’s you can tick these checklists to make the most out of your annual leaves :

  • Mark the calendar and book your travels in advance on long weekends with a few days leave(There’ll be  a few long weekends in a year- add 2-3 days of leave, you may get 7-10 days for a vacation)
  • Travel nearby places at the short weekends and cover as much as possible.


Do work from home

If you have the flexibility to work from home, then think how lucky you are. Take the benefits and visit new places to do some work from mountains or work from beach vacations. In this way, you can feel motivated and can explore the places in the evening or on the weekends.


Explore the backyards as a tourist

Most of us dream of travelling to far-flung new places but rarely explore our own backyards. Act like a tourist in your very own city and start exploring the places you never visited. Book a hotel in another part of your city and enjoy the place without spending much money.


Use the layover time wisely

If you are travelling to a place where you need to take a layover, research about that layover part. Singapore offers a free day tour if someone has more than 8 hours layover. So, before booking the flight check about the layover country and if they provide any free city tour. 

Start early when on vacation

If you are on vacation then try to utilize the maximum time to explore the place. This way you can cover two or more nearby places together. In this way, you can tick more than one place at a time.


Add extra days onto Work trips 

If you’re lucky enough to trip to a new place for work purposes, make the most of it! After your work hours, you can explore the places or can reach the place in advance or leave the place after a few days depending on your work schedule.

Save money for the longest vacation

Start planning your longest trip in advance and start exploring the best deals to book the stay or flight in advance. Also, if you are planning for a 15 days Europe trip or any other expensive trips my advice is to start saving.


Go solo

If you wait for others to join you then you will be waiting forever. Also, the timing, budget and schedule can not be matched forever. So start considering small solo trips and it might change your life and perspective towards life like it did mine. 

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travelling with full-time job

How did I start travelling with a job?

In the starting, I was a little bit shy and introverted but at times I started enjoying solo travel with my job and over time I took my travel affairs seriously. I work on extra hours and save my leaves to travel the places. I cut down unimportant things like order food from out or buy things which are not necessary to save money for travel. I love to create contents or videos so I work on content after my office hours at nights or on weekends. The amount of work is such that I can’t even tell. Because I love to travel and passionate about content creation so I do not feel bad if I do not receive any money from it, as I have a job to earn my bread and butter from it. So travelling with a full-time job is very much possible as I am also travelling with a full-time job.

You may check my travel Videos Here

Think 100 times before you get sad or think to quit your job for the sake of travel. If you don’t have any plan B, then don’t quit your job. You can still travel with proper time management. It is surely possible to travel with a full-time job. I guess my tips will ensure that you are getting the most value out of your limited time off as you slowly(but surely) travel the world. If you truly want to travel and you’re wondering how you can find the time to do it, you need to start planning about it!




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20 thoughts on “An Experienced Traveller’s Guide – How To Travel With Full-time Job

  1. Very well written article. I absolutely agree, although both I and husband have tight schedules we don’t leave a single weekend go without venturing out. Long trips are not possible frequently but when planned properly this too can be done.Freelancing has also become quite competitive these days.

  2. The post resonates with us as we too juggled our jobs with travel for a few years till we branched off into full-time writing and travel. As you have mentioned we did do a lot of travel combining it with our work trips and extending our stay. It is also important to optimize the time at hand so that you get most out of it.

  3. I feel travel is a pleasurable activity and it ahould be done when you have everything else in place. That is the only way to enjoy your trip. So, certainly planning makes the trip wonderful.

  4. I fully agree with your suggestions, leaving a job and traveling is not a viable option. What is important is to manage the time and resources well at hand. Layover’s idea is also good, but it definitely needs a lot of research before availing of this option. As always well researched and nicely written article.

  5. Very good tips to travel while having a full time job. I have traveled a lot, like to about 40 countries while managing my full time job. So I completely agree that one can travel everywhere if we plan very well.

    1. Its interesting to see that we both agree that one can manage budget with solo travels. I have usually found it to be cheaper at some places if traveled with someone. But most times I have managed solo.

  6. These are some great tips Pamela! Although travelling becomes much harder with a family; especially after having kids. Till now 23 countries for us, but they have come at a hefty price. Who’s complaining though 😅

  7. these are some awesome tips.. I personally find it difficult to travel after having a baby but I can incorporate few of the ideas and get moving with my lo after the pandemic .. something I am desiring for a long time.. thanks for sharing

  8. I love travelling but I find it hard as I get only one leave in a year. Work from home isn’t am option. But your ideas are really great.

  9. That’s some wise advice. One should never quit job for blogging or YouTube until they are sure enough of the financial security.
    Great tips.

  10. Surely there are many who religiously follow few of this tips , maintain and making this happen is feels really good . I am on of them who does full time job with travelling . Amazing keep it up .

  11. Good tips. Problem is if I go solo, I’ll remain sleeping till late morning. At least with hubby, he forces me awake to get out and explore. Hahaha.

  12. Thanks Pamela for sharing these amazing and valuable tips. I really find difficult to travel while working full time job. But I always prefer short trip. And BTW I started saving for long trip 😉

  13. My husband has a very tight work schedule and rarely takes leaves but when he does, we go on a wonderful holiday for 8 to 10 days with kids. Yes his work follows with us on our holiday too but we can accommodate that much for sure. Planning a holiday to make more of your time and not lose your job is wonderfully explained in ur blog.

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