Top Best And Safest Places For Female Solo Travelers

As far as safety concerns we female solo travellers are always sceptical about solo travels and so the safe places. From City life to the exotic forest, everyone wants to go for a solo trip which is not only safe but also one of the most remarkable experiences. Well, here we have come up with the best and safest places for female solo travellers who want to cherish epic solo trip across the globe. Here are some great places and ideas shared by renowned travel bloggers to chase these places without any doubt.


Jaipur, India

Jaipur is a highly sought-after travel destination in India, it is part of the golden triangle circuit, the most popular tourist circuit in India.

What makes Jaipur a great destination for female solo travellers? Jaipur has a well-developed tourism infrastructure catering to all classes of travellers. The city is devoid of organized crime and the law and order situation is one of the best in North India. There are a variety of transport options for commuting in the pink city.

See, Eat and Do

What adds to its charm is the substantial number of places to visit, eat, and shop.  Which are the best places to explore in Jaipur? Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Jaipur City Palace, Galta Ji Monkey Temple, and Albert Hall Museum are places for first-time visitors.

The best places to eat in Jaipur include Bar Palladio, Shikaar Bagh, Anokhi Cafe, OTH Cafe, and The Feast. Among authentic food to try Dal Baati Churma, Ghevar, and Pyaaz Ki Kachori are not to be missed.  

The city offers a variety of accommodations. For a luxury stay, Rambagh Palace is highly recommended along with Jaipur Fairmont. For mid-range hotels, Golden Tulip, Jaipur Mariott, and The Fern are good options. For budget-conscious, Hotel Arya Niwas and Jai Niwas are the most dependable hotels. Among hostels, Jaipur Jantar and Moustache are centrally located.


The city additionally offers many cultural experiences via its traditional and modern festivals like Teej Festival, the Kite festival on Makar Sankranti, Jaipur Literature Festivals, among others. Among the cultural and religious experiences, Chokhi Dhani, Govind Dev Ji Temple, and Tarkeshwar Ji Temple top the list. For those seeking offbeat experiences, I highly recommend Nahargarh Fort Heritage Water Walk which can only be undertaken with prior booking. Jaipur is a gold mine when it comes to handmade art and craft. Hand Block printed fabric and clothes, Jadau Jewelry, and blue pottery.

Recommended by Arv and you can find his work on 


Pondicherry, India

Pondicherry is a coastal city in the state of Tamil Nadu. It was a French colonial settlement until 1954 and this legacy is preserved in the French Quarter. The city has a great café culture and an amazing young vibe to it. Even though the city is famous for scuba diving and surfing, the city also has some amazing churches and beaches.


While solo travelling, I have always found hostels to be my best bet. Likewise, even in Pondicherry, I stayed at a very cool hostel called Micassa Hostels. The location of hostel is very conveniently located and the hostel is very clean with friendly staff.

If one wishes to learn or just try scuba diving, then Temple Adventures are the best. They have their own artificial reef called Temple Reef. And they are trying their best to help marine life make Pondicherry a home, which perished because of overfishing.

Being a solo female traveller, I always look out for places that are safe for travelling. Late last year, when I decided to travel to Pondicherry to complete my PADI Advanced Open watercourse. I was worried about my travel. This was the first time I was solo travelling for so many days in India. But I was pleasantly surprised after staying in Pondicherry for 5 days. I had such a great time and not once was I harassed or troubled by any. I felt safe completely and I enjoyed my travels in Pondicherry.


Recommended by Raksha and you can find her work on


Varkala: The Goa of South India

Planning a solo girl trip is always a task, especially in many parts of India! For those gals who are on the lookout for a safe destination,  Varkala is a great choice. 

Varkala is a beach lover’s delight, a shopper’s paradise, a fitness freak`s haven and an adventurer’s perfect spot.  In the words of Richard Paris (Australian cyclist), Varkala is an unhurried affair with the sun, sand, sea and cliff. It will refresh your mind, touch your heart and reach your soul. Two decades ago it was all about Sadhus, Gods & Temples, today it has so much to offer to people with low budgets but a cheerful spirit.

My favourite spot hands down had to be the peaceful and tranquil beach. With its clear blue waters, shells on the sand and seagulls in the sky, it’s a haven for people looking for a serene getaway. The only Indians you will find here are the shopkeepers and servers in cafes (which is rare considering most beaches in India are bursting to the brim with tourists). There is the beach to the North Side of the cliff which is a bit more buzzing, and then there is the South, which is quieter. The waves are a lot stronger on the south side, making it perfect for surfing.

Think India, think hippie and the first place that usually comes to mind is Goa! But there’s something trippy and hippie about this beach haven. Sadhus with dreadlocks will be found sitting next to shops selling dream catchers, artefacts, colourful household décor, really funky jewellery, palazzo pants and multi-coloured clothing, all of which give one a happy high feeling! The chilled vibe is evident when we looked down from the cliff to see everyone doing his or her own thing. It’s one of the most relaxed places I have travelled to and that’s honestly very unlike India; especially south India!

The nights here are an absolute dream! The sound of constant crashing waves stays with you even when you’re back home, leaving you yearning to go back. Long moonlit walks on the beach with a beer(in a steel glass) in my hands gave me a headrush, no cocktail has ever been able to reproduce. ‘My place’ seaside café, plays total Bollywood, which is the kind of music we like, and the café God’s Own Country Kitchen had a live band where we had a fabulous evening! Want some typical Malayali food, True Thomas is your best bet. The servers at Darjeeling Cafe surprised me when they realised I’m alone they even dropped me back at the hotel, when it was past midnight, just to make sure I’m safe.


People who come to Varkala, come here for a long stay and to practice serious Yoga, Varkala has become a centre point for many people who come and practice the art of Yoga. There are numerous schools that teach and practice Yoga indoors as well as on the beach. Wow on the beach, reminds me of Santa Monica, California! I would love to do a month-long camp sometime next year. Most of the food served is healthy too, speaking of which the ‘Juice Shack’ is a great cafe for amazing smoothies, delicious salads and healthy gluten-free and vegan options. Everything there is organic!

Guess what? Varkala has Kerala`s charming backwaters too. Take a tuk-tuk to the lighthouse, to see the most amazing view. The climb-up tests your fitness, but the view from the top is worth it! Golden Island is another great place, to see the backwaters. Take a pretty boat ride, and get spectacular views before reaching the island.


The reasons we highly recommend for single girls in 2020:

  1.     Healthy and organic, yet delicious food.
  2.     Stimulating conversations with intellectual and very interesting people who respect women
  3.     Inviting beaches, where nobody stares, and everyone does their own thing.
  4.     With limited access to alcohol, the locals gauge the customers they’re serving, so fewer chances of tourists getting drunk and misbehaving with you.

Recommended by Karishma and you find her work on


Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is a small island in the midst of the Indian Ocean. A part of Tanzania, Zanzibar is separated from Mainland Africa by a two-hour-long local ferry. 

I have travelled to Africa plenty of times. It will be a lie if I say I am not intimidated by her unknown, but that has a lot to do with the poor representation of the continent in mainstream media. Having been to 7 countries of East and South and the horn of Africa, I can vouch for the fact the people are amazing, kind and respectful, especially Indians (thanks to old trade routes). 

Among all these destinations in Africa, I found Zanzibar to be the easiest to trudge through. A lot of it has got to do with Zanzibar’s colourful past, which stems out of the banal slave trade and Arabic and European colonists. The slave trade and Clove gardens had earned Zanzibar a coveted place in the old world maritime trade route. A cosmopolitan society came to be as a result, remnants of which can be found to date. Even though Zanzibar is a Muslim-majority place and her women are covered in Abayas, I never felt out of place or threatened for my relatively “open” dress. Besides, I am an Indian and I usually travel in a saree, which in turn starts amusing conversation more than once! 


The stone town, a UNESCO heritage neighbourhood and its old alleys studded with iconic Zanzibari doors reminded me of Varanasi sans the cows. At the Eastern or Northern beaches of Uroa or Nungwi, I could join the locals busy crabbing in shallow sea beds. The beautiful beaches of Zanzibar are largely owned by the locals, making merry with a football or balloon or plain swimming! I even joined a group of young Zanzibari girls playing beach volleyball with balloons! Usually, it took only a smile and a few sentences pertaining to Bollywood to open up and mingle with locals. 

Recommended by Madhurima and you can find her work on Orange Wayfarer


Sydney, Australia

I travelled to Sydney as my first solo international travel. The culture of Sydney is vast with beautiful locations and people. I found it absolutely safe as I travelled to my hotel from the Airport by Metro while asking people about the route and they were extremely helpful.  Also in my entire trip, I commuted by public transport and felt very safe throughout my journey.

I remember one night I missed the last hop and hop on the bus and it was raining at that time. I was quite far from my hotel and walked for almost 40 minutes to reach my hotel. Trust me, it was such a remarkable walking experience for me as I enjoyed my conversation with strangers, watching the roadside stalls and enjoying the rain. Neither I found any uncomfortable staring from the unknown nor any misbehaviour.

Sydney, the best and safe place for female travellers has so many points to mark the place for solo travel :

  1. Enjoy the ferry ride
  2. Grab a coffee and take a stroll at the Rock
  3. Watching the sunset from Darling Harbour bridge
  4. Enjoy your time at Taronga
  5. Go for a hike at Blue Mountain
  6. Go for an Opera Show

There are many places in this World that are absolutely safe for women. I have shared a few and if you think you can add some more places, do comment your views 🙂


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19 thoughts on “Top Best And Safest Places For Female Solo Travelers

  1. I love the east part of India. all places are safest for all people and these places are full of nature. especially Pondicherry is my favorite place. I have visited this place in my childhood and want to visit it again soon. thanks for your article

  2. Traveling solo can get tough if the place isn’t good or safe… Thank you for listing the best places for solo travel!

  3. Though never travelled alone, this list has my native Jaipur as safe place to travel, this makes me happy.

  4. I love to travel, and I have travelled a lot too, but I could never muster the courage to travel solo. Thank you for sharing all these places with us, I have been to Jaipur, rest all are on my bucket list now. 😍

  5. Traveling solo bring great enriching experience and I think it’s such a great way to grow and learn about both yourself and the world around you. I just loved the list of safest place which you shared for solo female travelers.

  6. This is a comprehensive list, I liked it but how come you missed out on Jim Corbett? It is also one of the safest place for women travelers. I need to visit few places from the lsit for sure.

  7. This is a comprehensive list, I liked it but how come you missed out on Jim Corbett? It is also one of the safest place for women travelers. I need to visit few places from the list for sure. Jodhpur is another one such place.

  8. Hey lovely article, thanks for sharing. When I decided to travel solo, I had also read so many articles on safe places for solo female traveler. I always like reading female traveler experiences, it just gives you confidence to venture out on your own and experience solo travel. I have traveled solo to Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Ladakh myself and have loved each of those experiences and various people I met on the way. Pondicherry is definitely on my list!

  9. I have been planning a solo trip for many years now, never had the courage to embark on one. Your post is very encouraging. I wasn’t aware that there were so many options available to a sole female traveler. Fab post!

  10. I’ve often found safety to be relative. Having had extremely safe experiences in infamous places like Haryana and terribly uncomfortable ones in popular places like Himachal, I think the good and bad exist every where. What you get the experience when and where, often depends on chance. But the places mentioned here seem breathtaking. Would love to visit Zanzibar especially!

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