Historical Sluggish Travel and Foodies Hub: An Experiential Guide to Amer City

Travelling for me is all about the sights and sounds of a place. I love ruins and somehow I feel that ruin loves me too. Can not stay apart long and so on again at Amer. The city of forts. The place seems to Still be stuck in time, this marble-shaped monument, the walls of the forts, step well has seen a lot over the years, from the Rajputana era of the Mughal and then the British before India’s independence. Its colonial past, however, haunts it to this day. As you walk slowly, the buildings, the doors, the temples, the streets, and the shops bring alive its history. Amer is a small city surrounded by Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh fort. Popular with western tourists, the town is very friendly to English speakers, and everything from the restaurants and shops to hotels and roadside stalls is tailored (or rather preserved) for Hinglish-speaking men. Amer is a great short holiday to experience ruins, and history, relax and have a cup of tea on the verandah.

The barren roads, the pastoral calmness hung in the air, changing the colour of the mud-dunes from clay brown to camel yellow, the nomadic hue of the lifestyle, frequent calls of a peacock and the half-forgotten walls set against the backdrop of azure, blue sky, this region seemed to have soaked its beauty in the rustic chill of its lifestyle.


Pillers speak a lot..only need ears to hear


Hide and Seek- the game behind the game

The complete  Guide of Amer and nearby Forts

When to go:

The weather at Amer is tropical – hot and humid. The scorching summers from March to June and the torrential rains from June to September are best avoided. The most pleasant time to go is between October and February when the climate is a bit cooler with sporadic rainfall.

Getting there:

Amer is a little over 30 minutes drive from Jaipur Airport. Prepaid taxis are available at the airport and are fully air-conditioned. Nahargarh and Jaigarh fort are a bit away from Amer Fort and Palace.

How to go:

Amer is around 230 km from New Delhi. You can get down at Jaipur railway station or Jaipur Airport, Amer is 14 km from there and you can get a taxi from the station at a rate of Rs 1000 to cover all three forts.



Entering the fort where history speaks…


Things to do:

  1.         Walk around Amer Fort and Palace, where ruins look like it carries on exactly the way it did 500 years ago. A few hours at the Amber Fort will leave you with some treasured memories.  For me, it was the revised chapter of History, about King, their roundness & their gratifications covering my thoughts, and the thought of the fort with changing life as the centuries passed, from Raja Man Singh himself and his entourage of family, armies and servants, to the British in the days of the Raj who even in their imperial glory must have been overawed by such magnificence.  I also thought over and over again of the hundreds of architects, and artists who devoted their talents to the Fort and I thought about how proud they must have been when they witnessed their finished creation.
  2.         Discover the ancient architecture and step into the pride of Rajputana Victory; Jaigarh Fort. Jaigarh Fort had a major role to play in the defence or battle mechanism in Jaipur. The highlight is the visit to the world’s largest cannon on wheels named ‘JaiBhan Cannon’.
  3.         Take a trip to an Incredible “Indo-European” Structural Design; Nahargarh Fort. The trendy song Masti Ki pathshala from the blockbuster movie Rang De Basanti was pictured in this fort. Some scenes of the 2013 hit movie Shuddh Desi Romance were also shot here.
  4.         Book an evening Light and Sound Show at Amber. An unforgettable experience, the show is set at the base of the fort, known as Kesar Kyari, with a stunning view of Amber Fort with the hills in the backdrop. This magical act elated us in time and was the perfect wrap for Jaipur and its culture.
  5.         Set off for a village tour and you will be amazed by the richness of architecture in the village near Amer. The Rajputana cultures still live in their past, and decades or centuries-old temples, cenotaphs, and wells are still the main landmarks in the village. There are Havelis that have been restored and converted into schools and bungalows of villagers. There are Havelis which are now abandoned, but these weave a story for us, they tell a tale of the era when this region was a strategic trade point. These random havelis are emblematic, existing as symbols of lost pleasure, wealth and easy life. Today they are dwelled by pigeons, grasp for some fresh air to live their rich past in their present, but they still pull you. Many of these Havelis and temples are now ruined and glared at the tourists with empty eyes.
  6.         If you are a shopaholic like me, you can find plenty of accessories or small gift items to buy outside or inside of the forts. Silver jewellery, ‘wooden gift items and colourful bandhni sarees and dupattas. While the high prices may put you off initially, put your bargaining skills to the test for a better deal.
  7.         Hike to the Amer fort from Amer Palace through a 20 km covered tunnel which is not only an adventurous but also exciting journey. The gate of the tunnel opens a few times a year and the journey to Fort through this tunnel is surely a remarkable goose-bumping journey.
  8.         Take a lazy round at Nahargarh fort palace, where the old rooms still whispering and cherish the history of the glorious past.




Things not to do:

  1. Take the ride of elephants or camel (animals) as I personally feel that they have their life and they even feel pain in scorching heat while carrying tourists. So as a responsible traveller travel on your feet while roaming and exploring new places.
  2. Do not hire a private guide. They charge a lot, instead of a private guide, hire a Government guide or audio system.
  3. Spit any public place or write anything on monuments, walls of the forts, or cenotaphs.
  4. Drink alcohol or trust, unknown people.




World’s largest Canon – Jaibhan Canon (standing lonely)

Beautiful Garden at Amer Palace…

Where to stay:

Heritage Khandwa Haveli: Hotel Khandwa Haveli Heritage is one of the oldest heritage property in Jaipur. This old bungalow now converted to a hotel has been exquisitely renovated and expanded with every modern amenity. The hotel is furnished with artefacts and antique-style furniture, while hand-painted murals and miniature paintings feature throughout the hotel. The hotel is situated in a peaceful and residential area and is approximately 4 km from the Central Railway Station and Bus Stand and approximately 16 km from the Jaipur Airport. It charged approx 2900 for 2 persons, 2 nights with complimentary breakfasts and mineral water.


Where to eat:

For people who love going street food, Amer is a bit of a challenge to find. Since most of the visitors to this area are from Jaipur or outside of the place, authentic Rajputana cuisine is easy to find. While you will get the spicy Laal Maans, most of it is cooked tempered down, or you will get Daal Baati Churma, Ker-sangri (Special vegetable only available at Rajasthan).

  1. Most of the hotels in the area have great restaurants, but they tend to be expensive.
  2. If you looking for something Royal style Pink City A Heritage Restaurant, Handi Restaurant is very nice and provide awesome mouth-watering food.
  3. Wanna try a bit expensive but top class authentic restaurant then sure go for Surya Mahal (Goner Road, Luniawas; 141 268 0101;oberoihotels.com/oberoi_rajvilas). Three courses £25-£55, Peshawri (ITC Rajputana Hotel, Palace Road; 141 510 0100; itchotels.in). Three courses £19-£24, set menus £11-£16.
  4. Chokhi Dhani (12 Miles, Tonk Road; 5165000; chokhidhani.com). Entry with thali included £7-£9 depending on the dining area. A Remarkable experience where to get proper Rajasthani culture.


  1. The weather at Amer is tropical – hot and humid. The scorching summers from March to June and the torrential rains from June to September are best avoided.
  2. Jaipur city is well connected and very modern. So you can easily find shopping malls to roam around and the shops are also very pocket-friendly. Rajas Park shopping street is also very famous for shopaholics.
  3. Metro already opened in various parts of Jaipur. So travellers can travel via metro to save money.



And I tried to capture those stories……..




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79 thoughts on “Historical Sluggish Travel and Foodies Hub: An Experiential Guide to Amer City

  1. so comprehensive! Great post. I visited in 1999 but really I have to get back some day because frankly, I didnt do the place or Jaipur in general much justive. I have only a handfull of photos and VERY vague memories. beautifully photographed here as well. thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are some amazing pictures…
    Beautiful post. Very informative too. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment. There are countless forms of entertainment which do cause harm to, or oppress the animals. We can not use animals while travelling or go for hikes in the countryside whilst observing animals respectfully in the wild. We can make a difference in our lives by informing others about why this should avoid. We should all be able to enjoy freedom, human or not. The trainers are forcefully used these animals or else they beat them pathetically. O as a responsible traveller we should avoid these kind of activities and travel by our own feet to cherish the view.

  3. It’s gorgeous. But often I wonder, we celebrate the homes of these rich kings and landlords, what did the homes of the ordinary people look like? Wonder if any have survived the years…

    1. Yeah, right you are. I also visited some of those houses where ordinary families are living their lives. And I have surprised to see that somehow they are still inherits with their past cultures.

  4. Amazing, Very well explained about Amer city and nice photography covered all small point … Created interest to explore Amer city …thanks for sharing👌

  5. Where to Go, what to do, where to eat… it’s a complete guide very comprehensive… even tiny minute details you have mentioned, Very candid..

    More fun
    With Less of endeavours, very helping for ppl like me…


  6. I was in this area about six months ago, and I must say your article really captures the essence! Very good written!!

  7. totally agree with the thoughts on the elephant rides and moreover hv heard tht coming downhill is a stress fr them . lovely article though . will go thru many of ur write ups i am sure 🙂

  8. I have never been to India but I can’t wait to go there one day! This Amer Palace looks like a place to visit (as so many others in India). I liked all you tips and especially the pictures. Thank you for sharing this post. 🙂

    1. I am so glad that you liked my post 🙂 Yes, surely there are lots of places in India worth to visit. From Rajasthan to Himachal, South India to Goa, Kashmir to Kanyakumari beautiful places are every where with drooling foods and different but unique cultures 🙂 .. You most welcome and let me know if you need any kind of assistance for that. I would love to help you and meet you…

  9. Lovely photos, brought back memories ! I’ve visited this place few year ago.I like historical places so I have enjoyed visiting this lovely old place. All places where ancient civilizations thrived are on my travel list 🙂 Have you been to Jaipur to visit the City Palace ?

  10. Amer is really lovely. I would love to take my son there soon. Your photos are just beautiful.

  11. I have been to Amer and we had a gala time in the fort..every corner of the fort is worth clicking..such beautiful and huge architecture is simply amazing

  12. Amer Fort is an incredible place. The architecture, the history and everything related to it are so beautiful. The audio system is a good thing to know about the place rather than an unknown guide. When I visited, I had a friend who was more than a perfect guide. Lovely post, pamela and beautiful pictures. 🙂

  13. Thanks for sharing this detailed information about Amer. I love reading your blogs. I love each and every pictures clicked by you simply amazing

  14. Every time i visit this place i remain awstruck looking at the architecture Marvel… Its not well known but the city is known for its amazing cuisines… Laal mans shouldn’t be missed at all and visit to Chowki Dhaani

  15. Well written and compact article Pamela, I have visited the place, can very well understand your intricate description.

  16. Love the detailing of the city. The place looks so beautiful and a must visit. Love the way you have captured it all

  17. Reading your blogs are a delight… such detail and such precision… you cover all aspects and make the travel for next person simple by just reading your blog

  18. I love this guide Pamela, so detailed. Amer City has been on my list and I would want to visit that city with other cities in Rajasthan. For some reason, I have not been able to plan Rajasthan. Yes, I completely agree with you, I am against riding animals and I strongly feel now that it is unethical.

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  21. Pamela, the very first thing I want to say about your post is that the pictures are really beautiful. Every details seems so connected and informative. Thanks for sharing this go to guide. The best part is ‘Things not to do” in your post which I generally not find in various other blogs.

  22. Having been to Amer Fort, this post made me nostalgic and fall in love with this place even more. The rich vibrant colours are something you don’t get elsewhere! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post

  23. The view from the Amer fort is amazing! The elaborate courtyards and the water bodies tell the stories of a glorious history of the Rajputs.Thank you for sharing!

  24. What an interesting place to visit- not only to gaze upon the impressive architecture but to learn about the history. It also offers some incredible views. I would want to spend my entire time photographing it.

  25. Lovely blog about this historical gem in Jaipur! Ancient architecture and history, ruins and forts are always interesting and we learn something new at each place. The views look awesome and your images are lovely! Great spot for photo enthusiasts. 🙂

  26. There certainly seems like many reasons to head to Amer. Forts and palaces are a great draw. Especially when shown off with a sound and light show. And a look into ancient architecture would be fascinating. Good tips for people visiting. I would have looked for a private guide but nice to know that a Government guide is a better option.

  27. Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur are generally on tourists’ radars. Would love to explore Amer city. This looks like an underrated gem. Needless to say that Amer fort looks majestic!

  28. Thanks for a complete guide on Amer. Having studied in Rajasthan at Pilani I have had the opportunity of visiting the palace twice earlier with friends. This was like a third visit and thank you for that. Loved it.

  29. Me, too! I love ruins. Amer seems to be a wonderful land that is waiting to be explored for its preserved ancient culture and tradition for centuries. I’m particularly interested in the Light and Sound Show as well as visiting the Havelis. Thanks for putting together this guide.

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