Baarish S2 Review- Why you should not miss Baarish Season 2 on ZEE5

Baarish Season 2 is loaded up with a family drama and rotates around the subject of how did an apparently happy couple wind up going separate ways? While it might appear to be a mainstream love story among man and lady, one will get the chance to see the thrill ride of emotions and jealousy in the not-so-simple life of Anuj (Sharman Joshi) and Gauravi (Asha Negi). Additionally, we can see Manit Joura, Vikram Singh Chauhan and Priya Banerjee as supporting characters. The show has been directed by Nandita Mehra and created by Ekta Kapoor. Baarish Season 2 is streamed on ZEE5.


Plot :

The series revolves around a Gujarati businessman Anuj (Sharman Joshi), who is hitched to a Marathi young lady Gauravi (Asha Negi). In the past season, Anuj and Gauravi were demonstrated falling frantically enamoured with one another. They were great together and ready to spend life together. The new season turns another leaf in Anuj (Sharman) and Gauravi’s relationship. Subsequent to going through months in the lockup to ensure her better half, Gauravi is rescued from prison. The couple begins over again with their relationship likewise seeing new exciting bends in the road. From hauling themselves out of joblessness to possessing a little 1BHK and purchasing a rich villa estate, Anuj and Gauravi modify their lives together only to fall apart.


While Anuj can give Gauravi a luxurious way of life, he can’t give her emotional support. This prompts another man entering their lives. Anuj then starts getting insecure and jealous all the time. Their relationship witnesses a lot of potholes and speed breakers however Anuj demands a divorce. What happens next? You have to watch and find out for yourself. What we could state is that Baarish S2 serves a superior watch than the first season. The subsequent season doesn’t drive far away from the methodology.


Performance :

Sharman Joshi’s acting in the series is fantastic. From an innocent loving spouse to a jealous husband, he is too perfect for his role. Asha Negi, as well, has done equity to her character. Ekta Kapoor created show still banks on a few adorable moments in the first half of the series to bring together the twist. But, the moment the series hits the mid-season episode, Sharman takes the wheel and drives the new season straight to the finish line in a perfect way. The story has been scripted well by the author.

Mesmerizing Music :

Baarish S2 has memorable songs and soundtracks in the form of its title track and songs. While the former is the perfect monsoon mushy track, the latter with its meaningful lyrics.


Final Verdict of Baarish S2:

The show has some clichéd plots like slow episodes or sometimes too repetitive and monotonous however can be looked for Sharman Joshi’s acting execution. Despite these blemishes, Baarish S2 fills in as an engaging, relatable to watch, particularly as an entertainment source during the lockdown.


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24 thoughts on “Baarish S2 Review- Why you should not miss Baarish Season 2 on ZEE5

  1. This sounds so interesting I will check out season 2 2 on Zee 5 as I too like both these actors and the story sounds quite promising

  2. Need to complete first season I know this is little bit slow but worth to watch this already added in things to watch during lockdown list. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Oh wow it’s so good to see Sharman Joshi again. Just yesterday I was thinking about this movie Golmaal 1. And this series looks like an amazing drama. I would have loved to watch it, but Zee doesn’t telecast out of India.

  4. Baarish 2 ads had been trending on fb. It seems promising. Although I have not seen the series but I am planning to. I also liked how you have mentioned the plotholes here.

  5. I watched it too. I found the story pretty cute and content on OTT is now the best thing to watch!

  6. I am definitely going to watch Baarish Season 2 on ZEE5, based on your wonderful recommendation. It is good to know that Baarish S2 also has memorable songs and soundtracks. In my opinion, Sharman Joshi is one helluva underrated Bollywood actor. May 2020 be his best ever!

  7. I love this series. The pairing is fantastic and their ideal personalities too. Also the title track. It’s cheesy when it rains each time the track is played but it’s cute too.

  8. Oh my God I love it, can’t wait for the remianing episodes to be uploaded. their chemistry, understanding, ups and downs. Totally amazing

  9. The review is so tempting and interesting that I would want to binge watch the episodes.

    Love, romance and excellent acting is what makes a good series and this definitely looks like having a good dose of all these.

  10. I have not seen Baarish but this does look like a nice drama series. I would do some of the Indian drama right now and would like to binge watch it.

  11. Even though this is a very common subject and is being told differently, it never ceases to bring out the right emotions. Separation is a sad truth of our society and its now more common than ever. I have just finished watching Ghoomketu on Zee5. Will check this out too. Thanks for the recco.

  12. I do like Sharman Joshi as an actor and the way he has evolved with time. Baarish sounds like a good web series to binge-watch. I haven’t yet seen the first season, I will probably see both together. The actress looks pretty!

  13. Been a fan of Asha Negi, since Pavitra Rishta… I will definitely watch this second season… Seems amazing!

  14. Really fantastic Recommendation and Nice information about the Baarish S2 , I will surely watch this.

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