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Best Wedding Venues In Udaipur Under 50 Lakhs

Udaipur is a famous tourist destination in India, known for its magnificent lakes. Because of being a famous destination for holidays, many beautiful resorts and hotels are present in Udaipur. Almost every major hotel chain has a property in Udaipur and some hotel chains have more than property.


These hotels and resorts are also booked for weddings as they offer accommodation along with other spaces to organise a wedding. There are many venues which can be booked for under 50 lakhs for a 2-day wedding. Here are the best wedding venues in Udaipur under 50 Lakhs :

1. Shouryagarh

The total cost of a wedding at Shouryagarh should be below 40 lakhs. This property offers spaces like lawns and banquet halls which makes it ideal for a wedding with 150 guests. More guests can also be accommodated by making additional arrangements.

2. Chunda Palace

Chunda Palace has been a favourite venue for destination weddings for many years. It offers beautiful views of Lake Pichola and it is built like a royal palace. You can organise a 2-day destination wedding with around 150 guests at Chunda Palace for under 50 lakhs. Click here to read more about the cost of weddings at Chunda Palace.

3. Bhairavgarh

Bhairavgarh is situated on the outskirts of Udaipur, it is located at a height that allows this property to offer a panoramic view of the city. Bhairavgarh too has a lawn and a banquet hall which makes it a good place to host a wedding.

So, what next? If you wanna book your wedding at any of them you can check them. Also, if you have any other options in mind, do let us know by commenting in the comment box.

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