Bhanwar Review – Why you must watch this Jaw-dropping Mystery on ZEE5

Bhanwar is based on the concept of time travel, murder mystery, thriller genre which never be explored earlier. Do Ghosts Exist? Do you believe in Time Travel? Karanvir Bohra’s directorial debut is a sci-fi spine chiller that is a blend of paranormal and time travel ( #SamayKaJaal). The young couple Ranvir and Kanika moved into a lavish apartment and started facing horrifying experiences like ghost’s presence, time travels and other haunted activities. Created with only 6 people at this lockdown Karanvir Bohra directed these 8 episodes series and gives all kind of entertaining experiences to his audience and the reason that why you must watch this Jaw-dropping mystery on ZEE5.


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Bhanwar is based on the lives of a couple who carry on with an obscure life running from the law. They move to a new apartment and soon see that their new home has some spooky or mysterious activities. Soon they find themselves travelled to the future and comes face to face with the fact that they will be murdered. Somehow, they manage to come back from the past to the present and now work their way through a plan to prevent their deaths. #SamayKaJaal


Karanvir Bohra sets up a vivacious presentation as Ranvir Makhija. He hoards the edges with his easy screen nearness and acting ability. Priya Banerjee is okayish as Kanika Makhija. Another entertainer that dazzles only a very small piece in Bhanwar is Mantra, playing rebel cop Rodriguez. His sheer screen nearness is sufficient to influence conclusions in support of himself. Payal Sodhi is a superfluous expansion to the cast as Joe. Teejay Sidhu is just good as Sam.


Music, Camera, Action

The music of the series gives you spooky vibes, the light effect also goes perfectly with the plot. The episodes are small and crisp with some punches.

My Verdict

The concept of time travel in this series is new, unique and intriguing. It has a fresh approach after the violent and cop-based series. One will be entertained watching the eight-episode series as a binge-watch which are a thriller in every aspect and every episode.

Also, as a debut director, Karanvir Bohra’s directorial skills also seem nicely adequate. As always, his screen appearance is impressive in Bhanwar. He portraits his role of Ranvir Makhija very well. The chemistry between Karanvir and Priya also add much to the overall flavour of the series. The annoying loopholes and the repetitive but naive story also seem to out Bhanwar at a drawback that even the protagonist Karanvir Bohra cannot overcome. Also, it is also appearing as a mixture of horror, sci-fi or thriller, so the theme has not cleared much to the public.

The show has some clichéd plots like slow episodes or sometimes too repetitive and monotonous however can be looked for Karanvir’s acting execution. Despite these blemishes, Bhanwar fills in as an engaging, relatable to watch, particularly as an entertainment source during the lockdown. The way they created this series with a limited source of manpower is really appreciated. I recommend this show. You can check this show on ZEE5 here.

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15 thoughts on “Bhanwar Review – Why you must watch this Jaw-dropping Mystery on ZEE5

  1. I also love to watch movies or series based on the concept of time travel. Adding this to movies to watch list. Thanks for sharing the reviews about the movie.

  2. Bhanwar shows looks very promising. Rally like how you have explained it all. Looking forward to start watching the show on zee5

  3. This concept is new as you mentioned, sadly like telesoaps most of the series are also madly copying each other, which is horrifying. I will definitely check it on your recommendation for sure.

  4. The concept of time travel is so fascinating. Have always loved the Sci-Fi genre. We recently saw all the seasons and episodes of Dark, which is about time travel. Bhanwar seems to be interesting. Would be nice to see how Karan fares as a director. Zee5 does have such varied conent across all genres.

  5. Draws a lot of similarities with Doctor Who! But the plot seems really interesting so am adding this to my watchlist.

  6. Oh wow, spooky. A mystery spooky series is a bit scary for me. But Bhanwar does seem interesting and a great watch. I will definitely suggest this to my friends so they can watch it over this weekend.

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