A Complete Guide To Explore Blue Mountain, Sydney

One of my wishes was to visit Blue Mountain as I heard “ Mountains are echoed there”. The names of the stations at the Blue Mountains are Katoomba Falls, Three Sisters Pick, Laura Falls, Evans Lookout etc were driving me crazy to visit the place once in a lifetime. So when I got the opportunity to visit Sydney with Changi Airport without hurry I booked my ticket for the Blue Mountain Day trip. Here is my complete Guide to exploring Blue Mountain for you as it has many places to visit and you might be lost or skip some places without planning.

Initially, I had the plan to stay there for 2 to 3 days but because I was running with time so I did a day trip to Blue Mountain from Sydney.

As I am sure you have a few questions in your mind regarding the place, commute, money, route and other kinds of stuff so before proceeding with the trip details let’s start with a few FAQs.

How did I commute to the Blue Mountains from Sydney?

I bought an Opal card to travel to Sydney and nearby places. (Read more about Opal card, imp checklist and transport here) Getting to the Blue Mountains from Sydney is very easy and you can commute by car or train. The car is a bit expensive and I commuted by train. Regular trains depart from Central Station and it takes 2.5 to reach there. After that, I boarded a hop-n-hop bus to travel Blue Mountain zone that stops at some of the most spectacular attractions. On weekdays train costs around AUD 9 but I travelled on Sunday and I covered the train round cap at AUD 2.70. 

Why it is called Blue Mountain?


Such a random question came to my mind too and I guess the mountains range look blue from a distance because of the atmosphere. As per my knowledge, there are clad in tremendous woods of eucalypts (usually called gum trees), which in the blistering sun release a fine fog of eucalyptus oil from their leaves. The fog refracts light, which makes the fog look blue and a ways off.

What are the places or Spots one can cover in Blue Mountain?



There are a lot many spots you can see either for a day tour or for 2 to 3 days. I have chosen a day tour and almost covered places like Katoomba, Three Sisters rock, echo Points, Lookout, Leura Cascade and a Village tour and many more spots. The walking trail was so scenic that I almost forgot to reach the bus stop and walk, I came across the railway station.

Important Things to carry

I have been to Sydney in the month of October and that’s the perfect month to visit the place. Cool-weather neither hot nor cold and you can easily stroll around the places without feeling uneasy. Make sure you wear good comfy shoes and carry a few important things like a water bottle, some snacks, some cash, a guidebook etc.

About The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountains is really a sweeping area that envelops in excess of 10,000 square kilometres, 40 unique towns, and a one million hectare national park with 200+ km of trails and an expected 1,000 plant species! Given the two its spread and one-of-a-kind wonder, it is difficult to explore the complete World Heritage Site in a single visit, so I am jotting down some unique spots which I encountered on my day tour.


Guide to explore the Region

Explore the Katoomba falls and enjoy the serene view

My Explorer Bus picked me up from Katoomba railway station and in between many spots I preferred to get down at stop 8 to start my journey with Katoomba Falls. Katoomba Cascades makes a picturesque destination to an incredibly short walk that additionally takes in probably the best view in the Blue Mountains. As I strolled down at Katoomba Falls Kiosk, crossed the stairs and tenderly downhill through the backwoods and trailing greeneries, to arrive at a lookout at the lip of tremendous Katoomba Falls. 

Head upstream on a phenomenal new footpath through a balancing bog to reach Katoomba Cascades. The brook is wide and shallow here, and you can paddle crosswise over to the base of the cascade. 

Backtrack your means to the junction, and this time stroll up the means to the confined sandstone island of Reid’s Plateau. A track circles right around, wriggling through an eccentric man-made cavern cover and evading the edge of a deep ravine, before bringing you out to the world’s best view.


Hike till you reach Echo Point to cherish the view of Three Sisters Pick

It is an amazing walk from Katoomba Falls to Echo point while you can cherish the astonishing view of the Mountain Zone. The Three Sisters are a trio of sandstone ribs that stand tall over the backwoods wild of the Jamison Valley. From Echo Point, they are visible crystal clear, with Mount Solitary transcending the Jamison Valley, and the blue edges extending ceaselessly to unendingly.

It is said that there is a story behind the name of the pick-up Three Sisters Point. The generally told legend of the Three Sisters is that three sisters, Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo, lived in the Jamison Valley as individuals from the Katoomba clan. They fell in love with three men from the neighbouring Nepean clan, yet marriage was illegal by innate law. The brothers were not happy to accept this law and so decided to capture the three sisters. A significant inborn fight followed, and the sisters were gone to stone by a senior to ensure them, however, he was murdered in the battle and nobody else could turn them back.


Echo Point is just a fantastic spot for Instagrammers and heaven for selfie lovers like me. There are several incredible bushwalks beginning here as well. The stroll down to the Three Sisters is fast and simple gratitude to another track and you should stroll down the initial segment of the Giant Stairway to Honeymoon Bridge and trust me you won’t be disappointed.  There’s a Visitor Center at Echo Point where you can get data, maps and trinkets of the Blue Mountains.


Lost with the view at Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Another beautiful hike point is Prince Henry Cliff Walk. Get yourself comfortable with a cold coffee and just enjoy the chirping of unknown birds. One of the favourite walking alleys for me and would love to visit there again. 


There are many posts and many falls in the rambling Blue Mountains National Park, and it would almost certainly take a long time to visit them all, but this one is the most scenic and enjoyable for a short time. I’d probably recommend this walk as the main activity for those short on time when visiting the Blue Mountains, as it really does offer a comprehensive exploration of this delightful region.


No more questions and walk-  Grand Canyon Loop Walking Track

This walk is one of the most remarkable walks ones can cherish forever. Short but beautiful walk and can cross beautiful scenery while the addon part is a bushwalk of ferns and eucalypts, waterfalls and creeks, this walk gives you the most amazing vibes as well as see the unique rock formations comprising NSW’s own “Grand Canyon”.


Go for Some shopping at Leura Village

Leura is the most beautiful village in the Blue Mountains and a perfect place to stop for lunch or a hi-tea and some lazy strolling window shopping. The main street is lined with cherry trees and I was visiting in spring and so witnessed beautiful blooms throughout the road. Also, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in and around to give you some accompany and easily you can pick a quick lunch or some muffins to have later.


Where to Stay

There are a lot of options available in the region. Tents, hotels, homestays plenty of options anyone can opt for according to their budgets. I stayed at Novotel Darling Harbour in Sydney and you may read my experience here


There are heaps of things to do in the Blue Mountains, so make time for a day or spend 2 to 3 days in this breathtaking region. Go for a few hikes, explore sparkling caves, ride the world’s steepest railway, go for window shopping, admire street art on a lazy walk, or eat some good chocolates. Also, don’t forget to click some mind-boggling pictures.


If you want to know about Taronga Zoo in Sydney just click here 



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35 thoughts on “A Complete Guide To Explore Blue Mountain, Sydney

    1. When people say Sydney, the only tourist attraction that comes to mind is the Opera house. Never knew Blue Mountain til now that you mentioned. Usually a mountain with a jungle is colored green so this one is interesting. I’m not really into hiking though but maybe best to admire the tourist spot at a distance.

      Thanks for sharing –

  1. What a beautiful explanation and detailed observation of the beautiful place.
    It’s true blue style and your blue attire compliments it well.

  2. Blue mountains is my favourite place to visit during weekends. There are many many hikes to do and you have captured some of them very well. I am glad you had a great time.

  3. Your trip sounds really interesting and place too of course. I never really heard of the blue mountains, neither I have been to australia but I will make sure to visit the blue mountains whenever I am in australia.

  4. Loved your post and details you shared. I liked your blog also and definitely going to follow you on instagram. Keep traveling and sharing.

  5. The mountains are calling, and I must go. During this time when we are stuck at home and unable to travel, this post allowed me to take a little virtual vacation! I would love to visit when all of this is over.

  6. Wow.. Truly amazed by the beauty captured in your pics. The story of three sisters was really interesting. And shopping in the valley sounds like a great idea.

  7. I love your series on Sydney, each blog introduces me to a new aspect of this fascinating series. Loved the description of Prince Henry Cliff Walk. I am just waiting for the lockdown to open – Sydney is going to be a must visit place for me.

  8. The Blue Mountains look really enchanting and epitomize the spirit of the great outdoors of Australia. But what really fascinated me was how the Blue Mountains got its name. Immediately Nilgiris of South India came to my mind. Nilgiris literally mean Blue Mountains and these mountains too have Eucalyptus trees.

  9. I am certianly bookmarking the Blue Mountains in Sydney. I would love to experience the steepest railway. And of course, explore the caves and do the hikes and treks. It looks so fabulous.

  10. I definitely see why they call them the Blue Mountains! Your photo on Echo Point is wonderful, sitting there with some hot tea in a thermos sounds like a perfect afternoon, and then some shopping in Leura Village after! Your post has something for everyone, hope I can make it over to Sydney someday.

  11. I too always wondered why a green mountainous area could be called Blue Mountain. I know in photos it often looks blue-ish but never thought as to why. Now I know – the immense woods of eucalypts or gum trees, combined with the hot sun release a fog of eucalyptus oil from their leaves. I now need to see this for myself!

  12. The Blue Mountains look like a perfect getaway from the big town! It is a shame that you couldn’t stay longer to enjoy the landscape. I am not that much into waterfalls, but the Katoomba Falls look lovely. I prefer this Cascade style waterfalls to the high falling waterfalls.

  13. I have visited Blue Mountain twice, many many years ago. It’s a beautiful destination and I hope to revisit with my husband and son. On the first visit I took a tour and on the second one I went on a chartered bus with a big group of friends. It’s good to know that I can go by train from Sydney and take a hop-on hop-off bus and it costs less when going on a Sunday.

  14. Happy to know that it is easy to commute going to the Blue Mountains. It’s definitely worth the trip. Love the idea of exploring the caves and yes to good chocolates.

  15. I never paused to wonder why the Blue mountains were called that. Interesting fact to know that they look blue from a distance.

  16. Blue Mountains in Sydney is an amazing place to explore in the laps of nature. It’s interesting to know why the mountains are named so due to the refracted light from the fog. Also the legend behind the Three sisters point is intriguing.The hike to the Katoomba falls and cascades is scenic. And shopping at Leura village on the way back from an amazing mountain trek is very refreshing.

  17. What an interesting fact learning about why it is called the blue mountain. It popped into my mind when I read the title, and I am glad you mentioned it later in the article. It is like you read my mind. I would love to hike the mountain into the Katoomba Falls for the astonishing view.

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