COVID-19 and Self-Quarantine: What to Do and How to overcome

As health authorities look to contain the spread of COVID-19, more and more people are being asked to self-quarantine or self-isolate these days. If you’re the one who stays in Metropolitan city, chances are more to be self quarantined because of the situation. Even if you are doing proactively right things like washing hands or maintaining social distances, you may find the situation where you have asked for Self-Quarantine. Here are some points or ideas of what to do or how to overcome this situation and you can implement or share with someone you know has been told to self-quarantine.

How to Self-Quarantine or Self-Isolate

While it might be startling being advised to self-isolate or self-quarantine, it’s critical to remember that most by far of individuals who have contracted COVID-19 up to this point have encountered mild side effects like the normal cold or flu, and have recouped completely. That is the reason it’s significant we find a way to prevent the virus from spreading. Here’s how you can protect yourself and others during the quarantine phase :


Reframe “ I am stuck “ to “ finally I am at the safe zone to my home “

Cutoff your out-of-home action and don’t go out for not so emergency work purpose. You should also avoid public transportation and taxicabs. On the off chance that you need staple goods, try using a grocery delivery service where your food can be dropped off your door. Also please avoid social gatherings or home parties. 

Start doing one productive thing per day which can lead you to a more positive attitude. Set some to-do list or create something you’ve always wanted to. Approaching this time with a creative and positive mindset instead of feeling trapped or stuck will only stress you out more. This is your chance to lead a minimalistic life and focus on yourself.

Follow same normal Routine

For those who are with family, it’s easy for them to find a resembles in their routine but those who are like me ( stay away from family and doing work from home these days) can easily tempt by the lethargic lifestyle which could lead to negative thinking. Try to stick to the routine like a wake up and go to the bed at the regular time, make food, workout at home, make laundry, wash your dishes and all other activities. Trust me it will give you an easier way to readjust with your work schedule when everything will go normal.

Use Digital medium to connect with Friends and Family

If you are self- quarantined try to connect with friends and family via phone or video call and it will help you to recover from mental pressure.


Introduce some Quarantine practises

With this self-isolate time, why not do something special during these quarantined days? For example, you can start something which you loved in your childhood, start something which you always wanted but due to time constraint you never started. Here are some ideas you can try or make a checklist :

  • Watch 10 of your favourite movies ( Repeated can also repeat this time)
  • Read and finish at least 2 novels 
  • Start a hobby – For example, drawing,  writing stories, practise the music instrument, gardening, listening podcast, start a journal, listening to songs, cooking something new cuisine and anything you want. 

  • Write a journal – This is the ideal time to start writing a journal or your daily routine or at least 1 productive task you are doing these days etc.
  •  Start to compete with yourself with a new record of Squats or Lunges or plank.


Lastly, keep the faith that we will overcome this situation and this is an opportunity to reevaluate our lives: our health, how we make a living, how we to be supportive of each other – and do realize how our action affects so many living beings. 

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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18 thoughts on “COVID-19 and Self-Quarantine: What to Do and How to overcome

  1. Some very nice ideas to follow amid corona scare. I too am keeping myself busy in writing journals and working out daily from home. Some more addition of hobbies won’t harm though. Oh! and binge watching too.

  2. Now that’s really a nice detailed and quite an informative blog for everyone to read in current situation

  3. Pamela, I’ve been working on my blog ever since the social distancing. It’s given my blog a new life.

    Also I’ve been doing things I like along with work and have cherished this time.

    What you have shared is a good way to learn from!

  4. Not just informative, but I would say a very positive post.

    Much needed in these times of gloom and despair.

  5. Yes citizens should understand that they are not stuck but they are safe at their home this line is so true which u wrote.

  6. That was helpful…a beautiful reminder of the importance of perspective indeed. Instead of bickering lets just utilise this time in strengthening ourselves

  7. Most of us are utterly frustrated being in quarantine… This is a really good post on how to have a positive attitude!

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