Educate Yourself About The Pandemic And Learn About The World With ZEE5 News

As Coronavirus COVID-19 moves from epidemic to pandemic situation, there are a lot more updates and news apart from WHO,  we receive on daily basis through our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and so many other mediums. A lot of people and different sources of the medium on a daily basis are spreading the news about COVID-19. What are the major symptoms, what are the actions that need to be taken, how to be self quarantined, what are the implications to resolve, these all news we are getting via mass messages?  We also share some curated strategies from our anxieties to others. Few are genuine and few are rumours and sometimes we really are misguided by all this spreading news. Apart from the World Health Organization (WHO), you may educate yourself about the pandemic and learn about the World with ZEE5 News as their team really work hard to provide a true picture of the World and the situation as much as possible.


Educate yourself and others about the situation

As this self-quarantine or self isolate time we all are safe at home so definitely most of us are spending our time watching the binge news or on social media to collect more information. It is a difficult time for all of us to stay 21 days lockdown phase but be positive and please trust only credible sources like WHO for information or for watch ZEE5 News and be updated with all the latest pieces of information around the world about the coronavirus.


Don’t Panic and spread Rumors

It is always advisable that at this time we should be calm, enjoy our time with our family and do not get panic. This is the situation where we have to act mature and responsible. One rumour can spread vastly and can cause many harms, especially where people have limited resource of knowledge or education.


Support Government to get rid of the condition

Being a socially responsible citizen it is our utmost responsibility to support our government with 21 days lockdown period and stay home. Self-Quarantine can give us many excellent opportunities like to maintain a healthy relationship with our loved ones, to start a new hobby or revive an old one, read some good books, watch some good movies, make some new cuisines and definitely watch latest news updates on ZEE5 news


Let me know what is your to-do list for this time frame…

You may read about Self-Quarantine and what to do here



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20 thoughts on “Educate Yourself About The Pandemic And Learn About The World With ZEE5 News

  1. We support our government and the decision of lockdown. And yes, spreading rumours or creating panic situations is gonna do no good so would say it is best to stay inside to stay safe.

  2. It is surely a difficult time for the World to cope up with. I sense some Chinese conspiracy here but alas, i can’t prove it. And yes, we must support Indian Government by staying at home and keeping us away from the deadly Coronavirus. Great details here. Thanks

  3. We really need to know these things. People not following lockdown but it needs to be followed to stay safe stay at home. This pandemic causes severe losses globally. Hope so it’ll be over soon.

  4. Getting to.see quality and unbiased news is definitely the need of the hour.

    Such options should be most welcome during these testing times.

  5. With the amount of fake news, doing the rounds on social media, it is imperative that we always have factual and authentic information. Nice to Zee5 spearheading the endeavour and being aware of their social responsibility.

  6. This is what is indeed the need of the hour..only we can break the chain…Thanks for the update…will definitely refer them for confirmed news and stop rumor mongering

  7. That’s really informative and people should learn . Need to break the chain. Zee5 got really good Content at this moment

  8. Well, it would be great if people could see the positive side and stop spreading fake news! This seems like a good option!

  9. Spreading awareness while staying calm and not letting people spread rumors is very important! Stay safe.

  10. Spreading fake news is by far more destructive than the virus itself. It’s setting more fear. Hopefully, with this initiative, we can see improvements.

  11. Spreading fake news is by far more destructive than the virus itself. It’s setting more fear. Hopefully, with the Zee5 initiative, we can see improvements.

  12. Thanks for sharing about the ZEE5 News. In the last few days there have been so many conflicting and confusing news all over about Covid 19 and the pandemic that authentic news seem to be lost in the confusion. Its good to know that ZEE5 is providing authentic news and information about the pandemic. Will definitely look at it.

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