Fort Tiracol, Goa – Hidden Gems of India

I prefer to call myself a blend of mountain and beach girls. Sometimes I love to roam around the mountains and sometimes you can find me soaking the tan from beaches. Last year when I went to Goa for the first time, I had fallen for Goa since then. After Covid maybe my travel plans have changed a lot, but my love for Goa remains the same. This time, I want to spend a little safe time with Goa with the combination of beach and history and a pinch of luxury.  I found myself on cloud nine when I discovered Fort Tiracol, Goa – Hidden gems of India, where I can cherish everything I have dreamed of.

Often misspelt as Tiracol or Tirakhol, situated on the bank of the Terekhol River, this fort stands on the northern edge of Goa. The name probably originated from the Marathi tir–khol emblazoned on it “steep river-bank” and I could not help but be amazed at how appropriate the name was I started reading about the hidden gem of India, Tiracol fort.


The History of Fort Tiracol

Fort Tiracol comes with a rather unique history, one can understand the history behind this steep riverside fort. The fort was the valued ownership of Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle of the seventeenth century, who housed his startling armada of maritime vessels in the Tiracol River underneath. It was then reconstructed in 1764 after the Portuguese Viceroy Dom Pedro Miguel de Almeida caught it. Notwithstanding, Terekhol was lawfully fused into Goa just in 1788. In 1825, Dr Bernado Peres da Silva, the first Goan-conceived Viceroy of Goa, utilized the post as a base for an equipped insubordination to the Portuguese.

The fort was a significant portion of Portuguese sea guards; being widely redone in 1764. It stayed in Portuguese control till December 1961 when the remainder of Portuguese regional stations in the subcontinent were coercively attached by India. It was wrested from the family by the Portuguese in a savage sea fight and remained in their control until Goa’s freedom in 1961. Now the fort has been converted into a luxurious property where the history and the culture are still glorified.


The Settings

Goa is without doubt Google’s most researched destination and the best coastal paradise for everyone. I’ve only come here last year with a very short span of time in hand. (Read more about the experience here ) I was surprised to not hear about Fort Tiracol earlier and this time only came to know from Thomas Cook via their hidden gems of India campaign.


The church in the Fort

It is precisely an hour away, 42 km from North of Panaji, and easily reached by ferry from Querim. It has a total of seven newly revamped rooms and suites elegantly designed with a unique Portuguese style. The interiors are a blend of heritage and contemporary features which give the fort an outstanding look. Rooms are named after the seven days of the week! 2 Suites: Saturday and Sunday and 5 Deluxe Double Rooms: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. With its limited number of rooms, the hotel offers an incredible experience to the guests.

With Thomas Cook one can feel extra special luxury care and nourishment at Fort Tiracol along with the below benefits:

Fort Tiracol Goa 4 days – 24,490/- per person

  • 4 days Stay in a 17th Century fortress By the Sea & a bottle of French wine.
  • 3 exquisite Dinners Experiences:
  • Barbeque dinner with cocktails
  • Goan dinner with cocktails
  • A European 3-course meal with a bottle of wine
  • Evening picnic on the beach with beer, fresh fruits, cheese and a personal butler
  • Walk through of Tiracol Village to see and meet the locals
  • Travel Insurance


Amazing comfort zone

The fort’s elevated situation and the scenic views from the ramparts are truly mesmerizing. Sitting on the top verandah, or on one of the rooms’ private balconies, a view of the panoramic seascapes and the sunset or sunrise is a sublime experience.

Fort Tiracol

The all-white marble bath, with its twin sinks, is an absolute dream for someone who loves white interiors as much as I do. I’m dreaming of visiting this property and pampering myself with lavish food and splendid views.

Food Platter

Across the fort, what stands out is the minimalist aesthetic, it surprises me with the decor, church, different styles of rooms, amenities and elegance factors.


Wishlist of Goa

Due to the covid and lockdown phase, we all learned two things for sure; one is patience and the second is enjoying the moment. So, this time I’m planning to do slow and sustainable travel and visit all those places I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. The list is long but I’m sure it’s worth it:

Beaches to cherish

Redi Beach, Paradise, Morjim, Calangute, Keri beach, and Ashvem as I heard a lot about these beaches.

At Baga Beach

Fort to explore

Though I have done earlier Aguada and Chapora forts again want to visit them with two complete hidden gems Reis Magos Fort and Corjuem Fort.

Market, Shopping, Yaay

Last time due to the monsoon I was not able to visit any market. So this time I will make sure to visit Mapusa, Saturday night market and Wednesday Flea Market. ( Check my North Goa exploration in Monsoon here)

Churches, Temples and Chapels

As you know, I love to learn history and am so keen to visit any religious place to know more about the places and cultures. Last time I visited Bom Jesus Basilica (It has a very unique history, and you can check the video here) and Immaculate Conception Church (famous for movie shooting) but this time I would explore SE cathedral, Penha de Franca church and many more.


Waterfalls to explore

Again, I have not seen any waterfalls in Goa due to Monsoon, so this time will surely visit and make memories at Arvalem Falls, Sada falls, Dudsagar Falls, Netravalli falls and Tambri Sula falls. Also, if you want to check more about Goa’s visit, read this.

Not to be missed Sanctuaries

For everyone’s info, a few Sanctuaries that are not to be missed are Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife, Bhagavan Wildlife, Cotigao Sanctuary, Netravally Sanctuary …

This time we need to be more careful with a positive outlook toward life. Let’s travel again, but this time with responsibilities and sustainability. Stay healthy and safe and keep exploring the hidden gems of India.


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16 thoughts on “Fort Tiracol, Goa – Hidden Gems of India

  1. Wow I can only imagine how wonderful this fort is. I bet you enjoyed the whole trip. Can’t wait to go visit! There are few places which are already in our bucket list and will not going to miss. Thanks for sharing. Will love to stay with friends and family.

  2. Tiracol Fort is indeed a real and lesser known gem of Goa. Last time we were plannning our visit to Goa, we were researching lesser known offfbeat places and Tiracol Fort was one of them. However owing to bad weather during our visit we could not visit Tiracol, but hope to make it up next time Goa calls.

  3. Pamlea to be honest I had been to Goa but never visited this fort. It has a rich history and definitely looks worth visiting. The stay seemed luxurious, comfortable and stylish. I have visited the other places but honestly if I am in the fort, I wouldn’t feel like leaving it.

  4. I haven’t heard of Fort Tiracol until now. Probably in the coming days i can save up for this beauty!! Such an aesthetic place! Love the photos too!

  5. what an insanely idyllic setting! i would love to feast on an epic breakfast spread over looking the ocean. i just wish these heritage resorts were a little affordable… but would love to visit one day for the experience of it!

  6. After lockdown ends completely, Goa is my definite place to visit. It is so beautiful not just with the wide range of seas but also with the all above sights you mentioned

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