The Golden Tusk Resort in Corbett – An Unmissable Experience

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Imagine leaving behind the heat and dust of the city and as you relaxing somewhere in the hilly area, surrounded by greenery and feel the fresh air. I’d been waiting to visit Jim Corbett for a long time, so my stay at The Golden Tusk resort was a dream come true for me. But surprisingly, the experience was delightful for me not for the safari but for the property and the great hospitality of the staff. The way I received the warm welcome, it was a sense of compassion to me. Also, what could I say about the resort; an unmissable experience, with the serenity of relaxation, an escape from the noisy city life. 




The amazing welcome began as soon as I stepped from the train Uttar Samparkkranti Express which drove me from Delhi. I flashed the most gleaming smile by the staff members of the property who were waiting for me for the past 30 minutes. 

As soon as I reached the handle of the cab, my first question “shall I get to see the tiger??”. When I heard they have some different plans for me, trust me for a second I felt low but when I touch the gate of the resort ‘The Golden Tusk’ my lowness faded away, as I discovered myself the most energetic person on the earth.


Overview of the Property


Snugly amidst nine acres of leafage and tranquillity and on the banks of the serene river Dhela, situated at the countryside of Ramnagar this luxurious resort is just 2 minutes drive from Jim Corbett National Park. Mixed with Villas, Suites and Luxury tents almost 59 individual set up spread around with 2 swimming pools and lush green meadows.

The rest of the property featured stunning attractions in everywhere and it could be awesome Spa or the small cosy corner of the Bar or the huge playgrounds ( for Volleyball, Basketball, Croquet, Badminton, Open squash etc). What I can say more about it! there is everything under one roof and it could be Kids activity zone, Gymnasium, Indoor playroom, adventure zone where anyone can pump up the adrenaline rush with zipline, Rappelling, Wall Climbing, Ladder Climbing and so much. 

The entire property with all its contemporary dribbling with vibes of misty woods of greenery. The plants they set up in the property I doubt if anyone can find in other places together. Amidst this view with green and green, you will surely find serenity.


My Suite at The Golden Tusk


My suit room sat at the corner of the property’s 9 acres where I could visualise the property at one end and the other end it was beautiful Dhela village. I walked across the pebbles path and looked around the vast collection of known and unknown plants and spellbound with the maintenance. I had to climb the stairs to reach my suite and when I entered my room; Voila! Everything was just perfect as per the theme. A proper sitting room with a cosy sofa set, minibar, air conditioner already switched on to think about the guest comfort zone. The main part that attracted me that they used a glass water bottle instead of a plastic bottle of packaged drinking water. This eco-friendly step of this property just gave me the ear to ear smile. 

Washroom, closet everything was perfect with the perfect colour combination but the most fascinating part was the master bedroom with a big TV set. Loved the cosy corner of the working table. The most luxurious experienced for 2 days and enjoyed every single moment of it.




In any property review without food, the review is incomplete. From where I started, should I tell my experience about the first sip of the local kumaoni welcome drink which was incredible in taste or should I share my experience of everyday’s breakfast, lunch and dinner? Who could ignore the lavish buffet with sumptuous drooling food?

The amazing taste of baked lemon butterfish, baked mushroom, mutton rogan josh are still in my mind.


My Verdict

If I named one place perfect to stay at Corbett, that’s The Golden Tusk Resort. The best combo of luxury and comfort with an ample amount of warm welcome. Every possible arrangement they do to make the guest comfort. It Could be a kids corner, afternoon thella stall hi-tea corner or a nice romantic evening with the musical night. The experience and the delightful staff made my journey and stay so memorable. Hope to visit for a longer period soon! 


Check the property here 


This post was created possibly by The Jungle Tusk Resort but the opinion, as always my own.




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45 thoughts on “The Golden Tusk Resort in Corbett – An Unmissable Experience

  1. Wow .. all the pictures are so pretty and your experience says it all.. definitely noted the resort down for whenever we plan a visit

  2. Wow… Your blogpost made me long for a peaceful holiday like this…looks like a nice resort at the most beautiful place.

  3. Jim Corbett is more than just Jungle Safari – The Golden Tusk Resort provides a host of fun activities. For us, Golden Tusk was a wholesome experience. We engaged in nature walks, swimming and other sports, relaxed through spas and massages and slept to our heart’s happiness. And not to mention Golden Tusk Resort staff’s amazing hospitality which could be the sole reason that brings us back here time and again.

  4. I am always been a big fan of resorts than hotel because of better ambient and space they offer. I personally likes this resort and would love to visit it whenever I will visit Corbett with family. Pioctures are talking itself about the beauty of the place.

  5. Golden Tusk Resort in Corbett seems like a great place to stay. I always look out for some good places to stay and I will add this place to my list. I really like the way the place is so clean.

  6. The Golden Tusk Resort provides a host of fun activities. For us, Golden Tusk was a wholesome experience. We engaged in nature walks, swimming and other sports, relaxed through spas and massages and slept to our heart’s happiness.

  7. Golden Tusk Resort looks like a great place to relax. I have always wanted to visit Corbett National park but somehow it has eluded me. After reading this, I am thinking of taking a trip there and experience the hospitality at Golden Tusk Resort.

  8. The Golden Tusk Resort seems to be the perfect place to stay at Corbett. Really loving the pristine and picturesque environs of the place that seems to come alive in your pictures. Definitely, a place one would love to relax after the days’ adventures and wake up in. The food and hospitality too seem extraordinary.

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