Holiday Inn Express, Gurgaon – Wonderful stay-cation for smart travelers.

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I am honest here. I have experienced the Holiday Inn hospitality earlier and pretty satisfied with their welcoming services. So I was a little confident about Holiday Inn Express properties though I was yet to experience them. finally, I got the opportunity from the IHG group to stay at one of the Holiday Inn Express hotel; which was true as a surprise for me. The Holiday Inn Express Hotels are appearing really simple and smart to me, in fact, I must say it is a wonderful staycation for smart travellers as well as business personnel.


There are total 14 Holiday Inn Express properties spread across India such as Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Nashik, and Ahmedabad, etc. The concept of the hotel is really fascinating the guests who prefer smart and hassle-free stay. In addition, you will experience free wifi and complimentary breakfast.


Here are a few things you will love at Holiday Inn Express :

Express Location

I have stayed at Holiday Inn Express, Gurgaon sector 50 which is located at the prime location of Gurgaon and well connected with Good earth Mall. So, my evening was well spent shopping and hopping.

Experience different types of Rooms

With an imaginative decor, small surrounding and a comfy cosy bed it was amazingly comfortable for me. My superior room did not have much space inside. It seems like the IHG group has got the inspiration from European business hotels and make the room interior where the basin is inside the room and the bathing area and toilet are made separately with no-frill attached.

All rooms and areas around the hotel have free wifi.


Do your own Laundry

Oh Yes! You read it right. Holiday Inn Express Group has unique laundry facilities available for guest to do their own laundry. They have a separate laundry room with all amenities where guest can do self-service.


Health is Wealth

The Holiday Inn Express group hotels believe in Health is a wealth concept and so you will find a gym at every property.


Indulge the cuisine and lavish breakfast



When it comes to the cuisine part, Holiday Inn Express is focused on freshly prepared food. They have a unique Dabba meal concept based on the Mumbai Dabba system, which I found very interesting.


The Dabbas are very colourful with a proper wholesome meal include. Also, they have a fixed menu in all Holiday Inn Express hotels at an affordable price.


These hotels are specially designed and made for upper-middle-class income group who are independent, smart and love to follow their passion either work or travel.


If you are looking for a staycation for a business trip or travel purpose within a budget where luxury and safety also be maintained, experience the service and hospitality of the Holiday Inn Express group.

Find more about Holiday Inn Express Gurgaon Here


The post has been made in collaboration of IHG Group but the opinion, as always, is my own.

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33 thoughts on “Holiday Inn Express, Gurgaon – Wonderful stay-cation for smart travelers.

  1. Love to read the blog of yours, as it explain each and every thing in a beautiful and attractive way.
    Keep shining Queen.

  2. Holiday inn is a trusted name . We planned our Paris trip on our own and we had no clue about the place , so we trusted the holiday inn and booked a room there.. and it was a wonderful experience .

  3. The best facility is “Do your own Laundry”
    I have heard a lot about these properties, never experienced them though. Love your photography and write up 🙂

  4. Infact two have just opened up nearby my house and they look pretty nice. I have tasted ther food at their restaurant which is also tastefully done. I am yet to stay in this hotel but I am sure looking at your experience, I feel I wont be disappointed. Its a great post with apt pictures.

  5. Hotel for business and solo travelers is the need of the day. Safe and sound, happy and lively is what I want and like on my trips. The most curious part was self laundry. Good post 👍

  6. Holiday Inn in general has always been one of my favorites. Never had a bad stay yet! I am totally agree with everyone Holiday Inn is a trusted brand. Recently we went to Hyderabad. It was a short stay and we looked for a functional place to put up that would be convenient, practical, clean and reasonable priced.

    Holiday Inn has come up with a new vector, Holiday Inn Express. They have two hotels in Hyderabad and both looked promising online. We booked the more central location in the upscale Banjara Hills. They provide accommodation in four storeys of this five storey building. It is very close to plush malls and business district. We could see the location would work very well with business travellers or people coming for fuss free trips.

  7. I have stayed at the place and it was an amazing experience. I loved the ambiance, the service. The food was great. Your post made me walk through my memories.

  8. Holiday Inn looks perfect for business class travellers. The best thing I liked about the place is that the guests can do their own laundry. I am yet to stay at these places. Now that you recommend it, I will surely visit it in the near future.

  9. This place definitely looks good, especially your photos showcased them well. I liked the doing your laundary concept, it is relatively new and have not seen it before. Hospitality is different changing first, it is evolving. Well written article.

  10. This looks like a beautiful place for a staycation like you said. It’s a cool place just looking at the pics makes me want to stay.I would love to go there with my kids one day! That looks SO freaking fun and family friendly.

  11. I have experienced Holiday Inn services in Pune and have loved it! However, with the current pandemic situation, I am not sure about traveling and staying at hotels. Loved your blog post and the pictures. Yes, the food at Holiday Inn is yummy!

  12. I stayed at Holiday Inn when I traveled in US. I really like their hotels and enjoyed staying in those comfy rooms. I am sure the Holiday inn Express have the same standards and maintain the same level of comfortness. I would love to stay in one of their properties in India.

  13. The rooms look very cozy and luxurious…but to be honest the food pics are really tempting…especially the dish on the right! I dont travel much that side but will keep this on my list next time am there!

  14. Of all the things, the laundry room caught my attention! I’ve seen laundromats on TV and the do your own laundry culture but I’ve never actually seen one in real life in India. This seems quite cool! The rooms look quite satisfying as well, I’m glad you had a good time!

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