Indonesia Is Beyond Bali – A Perfect Destination You Should Visit

I could not agree more to admit that Bali is an incredible destination. The “Island of the Gods” is home to swoon-worthy rice paddy fields, rich blue lagoons, hikes that reach the summit of active volcanoes and beautiful temples and these all are very famous not only for the movie scene “Eat, Pray, Love” but also for its tranquil surreal beauty. For this reason, Bali is always a hot favourite touristy destination. Today I’m going to share why Indonesia is beyond Bali – A perfect destination you should visit. 

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian nation and furthermore well known as the largest nation in the World, having in excess of 17,000 islands. The nation ranges over a complete zone of 1.91 million sq, km as far as land, while 6,279 million sq. km is just covered with Oceans. 

Indonesia’s tourism is a significant wellspring of its economy because of its huge assortment of amazing objections, rainforests, natural reserves, breathtaking islands, and above all, the surreal beaches. Indonesia’s beaches are viewed as the loveliest around the globe. A few are Senggigi Beach, Kuta Beach, Bunaken Beach, and many more.

Let me share why you should visit Indonesia beyond Bali

Move down to the foot of Tumpak Sewu, Java

Tumpak Sewu, inexactly deciphered as ‘a thousand waterfalls’, properly merits its title as the most stunning cascade in Indonesia. The various sensational cascades drop from a tallness of 120 meters, making it probably the most elevated cascade in the nation! Climb down to the foot of Tumpak Sewu to encounter the roaring intensity of falling water on your body.

Take a GOT tour with Komodo National Park

Unleash your inner “Khaleesi” and go for a day visit to Komodo Island. It’s home to over 5,000 of the world’s largest lizards: the Komodo dragon. These dragons can be grown up to 8 feet long. The National Park itself is a must-visit place with it’s enchanting pink beaches, beautiful island and many more…

Don’t miss the sunset from Borobudur

Yogyakarta is one of the places, you can not think to skip and this is all because of Borobudur and Prambanan. These are two of the most World famous temples in Yogyakarta and are considered some of the greatest Buddhist and Hindu monuments in the world. Both are shrouded in Indonesian myths and legends and picture-perfect places to visit. Borobudur is representing Buddhist monuments whereas Prambanan considers a great Hindu temple.

Take a lifetime tour of Mount Bromo

Have you ever imagined taking a stroll around an active volcano? Mount Bromo is the active volcano of Indonesia in Java, standing straight at an altitude of 2329 meters from sea level. It really gives me goosebumps to hike here. Wanna try?


Spend a night in the Rainbow Village

You hear right !!! Jodipan in Java is considered to be the most colourful village in Indonesia. The colourful small houses create an aura to the alleys and you will not be bored while walking there.

Enjoy the slow travel at Gili Island

Gili is the most perfect paradise for those who want a hustle-free serene quality time. The white sands, turquoise ocean and palm trees give the most romantic vibes to cherish the moments forever. 

Camp near Lake Toba to enjoy an adventurous night

Lake Toba is a pristine natural lake resting in the caldera created by the Supervolcano in the northern part of Indonesia -Sumatra. The lake stretches up to 100km in length and has a depth of 1,657 feet. You can go for a trek from here to the famous active volcano Gunung Sibayak with overnight camping, visit the Sipiso Piso largest waterfall of Indonesia, opt for a lakeside meal, or even visit the nearby Batak villages.

Want spice in travel? Visit Borneo.

Borneo is the misty dreamy Jungle, a paradise for all adventure junkies. One of the exciting tours of the forest where you can easily encounter some rarest species of monkeys, pygmy elephants, clouded leopards and orangutans.

When To Visit 

You can visit all around the year but the best season to visit Indonesia is May to October. Thomas Cook has some amazing deals and you must check them here.

The rainy season is also good to experience green Indonesia but if you are not into a bushy walk then experience the dry one.

Note: Famous food Nasi Goreng is originated from Indonesia. If you are there, do try the original Nasi Goreng for sure.


Indonesia is one of the budget-friendly countries where you can easily find different accommodation options per your pocket. Starting from dorm hostels to 5-star hotels everything is available there at a good deal. 


People are raised to believe that happiness is the land to which they are destined to travel. But that belief, which one so easily accepts as true, might just as well be a mirage. –Pramoedya Ananta Toer



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24 thoughts on “Indonesia Is Beyond Bali – A Perfect Destination You Should Visit

  1. Hey Pamela, very rightly said. Indonesia is beyond Bali. And the places you listed will be fun to watch. I mean where else would you get to see such waterfalls and over 5000 dragons! Time to imagine Game of Thrones again

  2. Indonesia has so much to offer beyond Bali. Though Bali is as exotic as it can get, there are so many other experiences that mesmerize visitors. Borobudur and the experience of the Komodo dragons are some of the stand out experiences.

    1. True. Indonesia is so much beyond Bali. Firstly it’s so beautiful and rich with natural beauty. When we plan a trip in the future, I would make sure to see more of Indonesia and not just Bali.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Indonesia is way more than just Bali. I am lucky to have experienced the slow travel life in the Gili Islands, but there are tons of experiences that i need to tick off in Indonesia for sure. Including scuba diving in Komodo National Park, and hiking in Borneo.

  4. Indonesia is truly such a beautiful country. I have visited 3 times in spite of it I have not visited all these places. I would love to stay there few months and explore the country.

    1. This is such a nice coincidence. Yesterday I was watching the perfect rental locations for Bali on TV and I was craving to visit it again. I had a great time in Bali as I visited with my childhood friends and it was awesome trip.

  5. The sunset at the Mount and feeling the active volcano can be life time experiences. The water fall looks amazing and good place to adventure. I am sure these are all planned for adults and for family with kids and seniors beaches are good option.

  6. Visiting Komodo Island is on my wish list, in fact, I heard they might close it for visitors to preserve nature. They are also planning to raise entry fees to 1000$ per person. But this is true Indonesia has a lot more to offer den Bali.

  7. I have never been to Indonesia but saving this article for future reference. All the pics in this blog are so mesmerising.

  8. Bali is the most popular paradise destination in the Indonesian archipelago. It is an exotic tropical destination that flaunts scenic beaches and mountains. Great thoughts.

  9. Yeah my husband had also visited Indonesia 2 years back and was in total awe of the beauty and picturesque destinations. I would also love to visit this place some day.

  10. It is so unfair that I can see such wonderful places on your blog but can’t plan to visit them right way. I’m such a fan of Indonesian cuisine and now these places have got me. Would love to visit each place you have mentioned.

  11. I have been to Jakarta and Yogjakarta. Such beautiful places and friendly people! Major missing!

  12. I am so sad reading about Indonesia right now. We were planning to visit it in 2020 but alas it couldn’t be possible. I really wanna explore Indonesia. The sunset looks so mesmerizing.

  13. I have just been to bali but yes I do agree entire Indonesia is beautiful. I would love to visit everywhere in that country!

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