Hidden Instagrammable Place In Uttarakhand – Chakrata Will Ignite The Wanderlust

Uttarakhand is not only blessed with uncut magical places but also places with religious significance, which are enveloped in the beauty of nature and the journey to this place is exhilarating and peaceful. From dazzling landscapes to breathtaking treks Uttarakhand is magical and Chakrata – the hidden gem of Uttarakhand is full of Instagram-able spots. So, I’ll take all of your photographic souls to the hidden instagrammable place in Uttarakhand called Chakrata which will ignite the wanderlust minds.


Adorned by the sun-kissed Himalayan ranges, this small but magical hill station is situated at a height of 2,118 meters above sea level. A less crowded place,  but the heaven of photography for all-mountain lovers. 90 Km ahead of Dehradun city, Chakrata is surrounded by dense forest and a lot of falls.


How to reach Chakrata

Chakrata is well connected to Dehradun, which is the nearest Bus station, Railway station and Airport that connects all major cities.


Best Time to Visit

Summer and Autumn is the best time to visit Chakrata from March to June and September to November.


Where to Stay

There are a lot of resorts, Homestays available here according to your budget.


The most Instagrammable place – Deoban


Surrounded by green Deodar forest, Deoban is truly called God’s own Forest for its extraordinary beauty. One of the best insta perfect places, Deoban is famous for photographing, trekking and birds watching purposes.


Tiger Falls- Amazing falls in Chakrata

Trek at Chakrata, tiger falls

Away from the hustle and clamour of urban city life, Tiger Falls is a glorious cascade situated near Chakrata. Immaculate by commercialization, Tiger Fall is a most loved fascination among trekkers for a day trip. In monsoon, the calmness of the falls changes into a dangerous beauty and it is suggested not to chase the falls from near.


Highest Pick to chase the Cloud – Chilmiri Neck


Chilmiri Neck is the highest pick of Chakrata famous for cloud hunting and leopards. It is always suggested not to roam around at night as there are so many wild animals found here. Bandarpoonch, Rohini and Swarg Peaks are some famous mountain peaks that can be easily encountered from Chilmiri Neck if the day is bright and sunny.

Chakrata has a lot more to offer in terms of natural beauty. This place is raw and untouched by touristy lifestyles. So if you want to visit make sure to maintain a sustainable eco-lifestyle and avoid producing carbon footprints. 



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16 thoughts on “Hidden Instagrammable Place In Uttarakhand – Chakrata Will Ignite The Wanderlust

  1. I had recently went to Uttarakhand, but wasnt aware of most of the places that you have mentioned. Definitely exploring them all super soon

  2. Definitely instragammable! One of my friends visited Chakrata last year and posted amazing pictures and since then I had been thinking of the place and now the desire to visit has rekindled.

  3. Chakrata, the cantonment town in the district of Dehradun. Last year we went to Chakrata. The blue and green mountains, the water falling on the face while one hangs in the air, the beautiful tents – we want to do it all over again! Missing those travel days. You captured some breathe taking pictures.

  4. I have followed your insta posts on Chakrata and I can only imagine and dream as to how beautiful the place is. I have already added that to my list and I will surely plan for it the next time I am in India.

  5. I visited Uttrakhand so many times but never got a chance to explore Chakrata. From your post I feel its beauty and really want to visit this place some day soon.

  6. I haven’t been to Chakrata, your Instagram photos pushed me to plan a visit sometime. I loved the click of yours sitting on the rustic seat in Deoban. It was beautiful.

  7. Deoban is truly mesmerising. I would love to sit there and look at the scenery in front of me. I have heard a lot about Chakrata and its beauty. Your pictures show how beautiful and breathtaking the place is. Would love to visit there whenever things get better!

  8. Pretty nice.
    Me being from dehradun still have not visited this area.
    In fact it is much better during snow times,my friends used to go on bikes and show photos.
    Snow clad mountains looked pretty amazing in those pictures.
    Nice depiction of the place
    Keep Up

  9. Uttarakhand is definitely on my list. I have been planning as one of friend lives there. The spots are really selected ones. However if its the mountains I would find evey place instaworthy😊

  10. My father was posted in Chakrata for a year but sadly I couldn’t go and visit him then. Since then, this offbeat place has been on my mind and your post makes me wanna go ASAP all the more!

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