Kai-Po-Che: The Effervescent Kite Festival at Ahmedabad

I went to Ahmedabad in January at the time of Uttarayan and the special day of the kite festival. The entire city was in celebration mode. I have never seen a city celebrate like this. An event is best proficient at the heart of all the action.

The entire sky was dotted with vibrant colours and flapping tails of the kites that were waving in the breeze. And, the citizens of the entire city were on their house terraces flying these kites. They were in a frenzied mode trying to defeat fellow kite-fliers; others were keeping a close watch to catch a kite that would make its way to the ground after losing its aerial battle.


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Bandages across the fingers and palms, tube light glass to polish the kite thread (manja), the art of kite flying, and the joy of catching a kite that has lost its war are some of the vibrant sensations that I felt on this vibrant day in the vibrant state of Gujarat. Took me to my childhood days when I used to be on my friend’s terrace flying kites.

Late in the evening, as the sun sets, the night revels begin. People release paper lamps from their terraces. The sky filled with floating lights and crackers.

Our necks ached as we tried to take in the spectacle around. It was a surreal moment and I experienced some splendid moments which cherish my memories forever….

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21 thoughts on “Kai-Po-Che: The Effervescent Kite Festival at Ahmedabad

  1. the night visuals i am sure would hv been the highlight and as the early morning feel . i am yet to see a kite festival though i think Gujrat leads in this way of celebration

  2. When I arrived the city, it was decorated in a festive way, beautiful kites, food stalls and beautiful colourful people. You plan a visit there, and I am sure you will like the place, their culture and especially Gujarati food πŸ˜›

  3. Wow would love to visit Gujarat for this festival. It will be so awesome to see all the colourful kites and people enjoying flying these. Maybe I could fly one of these too when I visit.

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