Lonavala- A Perfect Weekend Getaway From Mumbai

Lonavala resembles a little oasis between two urban cities, Mumbai and Pune. It’s under two hours from Mumbai, and significantly closer to Pune. In the current days, it’s the best way to breathe some fresh air and take a weekend out for much-required rest and unwinding purposes. The vulnerability of nature covered up in the middle of the mountains of Lonavala is a well-known and luring end-of-the-week escape for all city occupants. So, here are my views towards Lonavala- a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai.

Everything you want to have under one roof comes together in Lonavala. Sky-touching hills, Sun-kissed Ghats having surreal views, lush green misty forests, beautifully flowing water cascades and mythological caves.

How To Reach

Lonavala is well connected by Road. You can opt via flight, train, Cab or Bus. To reach Lonavala, you have to take a flight to Mumbai or Pune (which is nearby) then hire a cab and reach Lonavala. Also, Lonavala has a railway station that connects Mumbai and Pune Station.

Where To Stay

Being a touristy place Lonavala has every kind of property to choose from. There is n number of exotic resorts, budget hotels, homestays and even adventurous resorts available according to your pockets.

Places To Visit

Frequently called the ‘Gem of Sahyadri’ and the ‘City of Caves’, this slope station brags of a stupendous setting that incorporates rich green valleys, dazzling cascades, quiet lakes and astounding caverns.

Let’s have a look at some of the surreal attractions in Lonavala that ought to be on your itinerary to make the best of memories of your vacation in this hill station.

  • Tiger’s Leap
  • Lonavala Lake
  • Rajmachi Point
  • Bhushi Dam
  • Lohagad Fort
  • Lion’s Point
  • Tungrali Lake
  • Karla Cave
  • Bhaja cave
  • Duke’s Nose

If you want to take a virtual tour of Lonavala check out this video :

Eat, Buy and Enjoy

Every place has its own identity and it can be anything like the place, food or souvenir. Lonavala is famous for its crunchy chikkis (Traditional Indian sweets made from jaggery and groundnut) and Fudge (Made from Sugar, Butter, Cashew nuts and seasonal fruits). Taste-wise chikkis and fudges are so delicious and even you can gift these too.

This dainty hilly town offers everything you will need for rejuvenation. A picturesque place to seek adventure, including trekking, hiking and camping, revisit history and cherish the moment.



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7 thoughts on “Lonavala- A Perfect Weekend Getaway From Mumbai

  1. Thanks for sharing this complete guide. We are planning to visit Lonavala next year. And I already bookmarked this article for future reference. Thanks for sharing

  2. I haven’t been to Lonavala but heard a lot about this quaint hill station. After reading your post and watching your video, I would like to visit it sometime in the near future.

  3. Lonavala is such a beauty. Though we have actually spent time in Lonavala only once, we have passed through Lonavala umpteen times when traveling from Mumbai to Pune. It is always such a great experience to travel through Lonavala by train or by road. Also remember eating hot and sizzling Batata Vadas, in cool Lonavala. Nice to see that it can be a good getaway in the Post Covid times with all neccessary safety precautions in place.

  4. I just loved Lonavala. Its a pleasure to visit this beautiful place during monsoon specially owing to its lush green lands and beautiful waterfalls around.

  5. One of the quickest and relaxing places to travel form Mumbai is Lonavala. i love the weather and the food there, especially during monsoon. one of my fondest memories is train travel from Pune to Lonvala, just like the train ride from kalka to shimla through lovely landscape.

  6. Lonavala is definitely a great place to be in. Though it’s quite commercialized, the beauty of the place never fails to impress me. You’ve listed some great places to visit around the area. Duke’s Nose has been on my list for some time now. Will definitely try it out soon!

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