Namyaa Period Care Products – One-stop solutions for PCOD / PCOS

While being diagnosed with polycystic ovary condition (PCOS) and exploring the resulting symptoms can feel isolating and befuddling, I’m here to guarantee you that it’s really the most well-known hormonal problem and 4 out of 10 ladies have PCOS or PCOD these days.

So, what precisely is PCOS? It’s a hormonal issue basic among ladies of regenerative age. In spite of the fact that PCOS influences everybody in an unexpected way, side effects may incorporate sporadic or delayed periods, raised degrees of male hormone levels, cystic skin inflammation, going bald or undesirable hair development, ongoing weakness, sleep deprivation, and expanded ovaries that contain follicles encompassing the eggs.

While it may be common, living with PCOS is no easy task. Due to irregular periods mood can be swung any time. Also, weight gain, weakness, excessive or less bleeding can harm body structure. Though it is not impossible to treat these symptoms permanently and lead a healthy life. 

Prevention and treatment of PCOS /PCOD

  1. Healthy Lifestyle – Unhealthy food, junk food, caffeine is the main source to gain weight which leads towards PCOD and irregular periods. To control PCOD, it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy, sleep healthy and maintain a healthy balance.
  2. Yoga / Workout – It is said that if we take care of our body, our body will take care of us. So, here it is proven that a healthy yoga can lead a healthy life and prevent irregular periods, sleepless nights, weight gain etc.
  3. Go Organic – The more we will use organic in our daily lives, the more we get benefits of healthy lives. Instead of using allopathy or other chemical pills to treat irregular periods, it is better to use Organic or Ayurvedic products. It will take time to cure the problems but never has any side effects on the body. 

Treatment of PCOD/ PCOS with Namyaa period care kit

Namyaa natural care kit is the newest launch in their period care range. Consisting of three products under the name of Namyaa period care the products help in diagnosing the root cause and keep the hormone level in balance.

Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya- For PCOD and PCOS- (Pack of 60 Tablets) Price- INR 399

These tablets help treat the cause of PCOD and try to restore the hormonal balance. Complete natural and free from any chemical substances these tablets promote timely ovulation which delays the periods and also help to maintain the metabolism rates.

Namyaa Anartava -For Delayed and Irregular Periods 500ml Price – INR 449

This exclusive syrup treats any kind of gynecological problem, especially irregular periods.Daily dosage of the syrup provides a long lasting solution for irregular periods and maintains a proper period cycle.Not just reestablishes the common period to 28-31 days, yet in addition advances ideal ovulation, treats hormonal irregularity, eliminates poisons as it accommodates blood cleansing. 

Comes with the integrity of amazing Ayurvedic ingredients like Aloe Vera, Pippali, Karanja, Krishna-Tila, Kultha and other uncommon and affirmed helpful herbs.

Namyaa ShwetKanika -For White Discharge- Pack of 60 Tablets Price- INR 399.00

It helps to treat the white discharge, relieve the vaginal infections, smells and burning sensations. Organically prepared these tablets have no side effects.

So I guess you have got some ideas about common period problems and their solutions. There is a complete health cycle to be followed with some medications, but I highly suggest consulting your gynae before taking any medicines.

In case you are suffering from issues like irregular periods as well as excessive white discharge, this range is the perfect one to go for. The entire range has been formulated in an Ayurvedic Way and thus contain ingredients like Fitkari, Kabab Chini, Chob Chini,, Hirabol, Gular, Praval Pisti etc. that have been proven sources of medication since ages.

Disclaimer: However in case you are already under the medication and considering of making a switch, kindly consult your concerned gynaecologist before the same.


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