Offbeat Hill Stations near Delhi That Are Always Pleasantly Under 15° C

If you want to get away from Delhi’s sweltering summer heat and ditch the AC, you might be tempted to fly far off to someplace cooler. But what if you could stay right here and take advantage of the cooler temperatures in these offbeat hill stations near Delhi?

These offbeat hill stations near Delhi will help you beat the heat and maybe even the crowds:

If you’re looking for a respite from the humidity, here are nine hill stations near Delhi that will help keep you cool this season:

  • Shangarh
  • Mukhteshwar
  • Khirsu
  • Chamba
  • Kasauli
  • Ramnagar
  • Spiti Valley
  • Sissu
  • Bir


Shangarh is a little-known village in Himachal Pradesh that is sure to leave you in awe of its spellbinding beauty. Shangarh in Sainj Valley is one of the offbeat hill stations that offers something for everyone. Whether it is trekking, solo travelling, Indian mythology, or undisturbed Shanti (peace) that interests you, it is the right place for you. This charming village will urge you to slow down and make you fall in love with nature and the place all over again. Shangarh in Sainj Valley is a place that offers something for everyone.

Places to Visit in Shangarh:

  • Pundrik Rishi Lake
  • Jaher Devta Temple
  • Sangchul Mahadev Temple
  • Sacred Meadows
  • Raila Fort
  • Raila Waterfall

I have created a detailed vlog on Shangarh where you get all the information about the place, stay, commute, food, budget and other important things to plan the trip.


The reason why Mukhteshwar is a hidden gem near Nainital which should be your next weekend destination is because of the cleanliness, the quietness and the amazing nature view of different species of birds.

Mukhteshwar is one of the little-known hill stations in Uttarakhand about 48 km away from Nainital. Kathgodam railway station is about 60 km away which is the nearest railway station. From there you can book a cab and reach Mukhteshwar after 2 hours.

Mukhteshwar is not for every traveller. There are no shopping malls, no fancy restaurants, no amazing markets, and no 5-star hotels, Even the place is not easy to reach. If you have an idea to visit a place like Nainital in that case this tiny sleepy hamlet might disappoint you. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and dense forests, Mukhteshwar is all about natural beauty and slow travel.

Here are the places to visit in Mukhteshwar

  • Doll Museum
  • Mukhteswar Temple
  • Chauli Ki Jali (Best Sunset point)
  • Bhalugaad Waterfall

I have created a detailed vlog on Mukhteswar where you get all the information about the place, stay, commute, food, budget, and other important things to plan the trip.


Khirsu is a hill station in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, India. It is located at an elevation of 1,972 meters (6,520 ft) above sea level. The place is popular among tourists because of its natural beauty and climate.

The temperature ranges between 5° C to 25° C in the winter months and during summer it ranges from 15° C to 35° C.

Khirsu offers a 180-degree view of the sun-caressed Himalayas and is famous for its apple orchards that produce rosy apples. It is one of the best spots to head to if you are looking for a picturesque destination to spend your holidays in the Himalayas.



Chamba is not only famous for Khajjiar but also for its beautiful surreal natural beauty, dhaam (food), local festivals, people and paragliding. I got a chance to visit a three-day Himalayan Monal National Aerofest-2021 began at Chamba’s famous tourist destination Khajjiar. The Aero Fest is organized under the “Chalo Chamba” campaign and we witnessed local festivals, eco-tourism, and one of the ancient temples called Khajjiar Nag temple.

I have created a detailed video on Chamba with a glimpse of every offbeat thing. In this video, you will see some untouristy activities which only a local can experience.

💥 Local Himachali festivals

💥 Dhaam testing ( Himachali food)

💥 Listen to a beautiful voice of a local Himachali singer

💥 Eco-sustainable products

💥 First Himalayan Monal paragliding festival at Chamba with some brilliant activities

💥 Khajjiar and its story


Kasauli is a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh and has various attractions and activities that you can experience. Some of the key attractions include the Central Research Institute, the Christ Church, Kasauli Brewery, the Nahri Temple, Sunset Point, and the Manki Point among others. Kasauli has a few small cafes where you can enjoy a slow time with a cup of hot coffee and bun samosa.

I went for a short weekend trip to Kasauli from Delhi and created a video in which I almost covered the best possible things to do in Kasauli. You can find famous food stop here, shopping places in Kasauli, where to stay and what to visit in Kasauli.



One of the hill stations Ramnagar is not only known for Jim Corbett or wildlife safaris. So, next time whenever you are planning for Uttarakhand, I highly recommend staying away from the overgrown, soulless market town. Try to stay in the mid of the forest and river, slightly at the Tarai base and near any village-like Kyari. The morning village walks, Butterfly trails, local food, local talk, and a small hike to Barati Row waterfalls would give you the vibes of the closeness of Nature. I would suggest you connect with local people to know more about village life and sustainable eco-tourism.

What You can visit in Ramnagar

  • – Jim Corbett Safari
  • – Jim Corbett House
  • – Choti Haldwani
  • – Barati Row Waterfall
  • – Treks
  • – Barati Ra Jharna

Spiti Valley

Winding streets, picturesque meadows offering glimpses of the desert land, and some stunning views welcome you to Spiti valley from the beginning. This valley is a cold mountain desert that lies between India and Tibet. It is encircled by thick snow-capped mountains, small villages, monasteries, and surreal road views.


The valley is situated at 12,500 feet above ocean level in the Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh. The climate is exceptionally harsh and has a cold desert territory. Consistently, the place gets daylight for only 250 days and is probably the coldest area in the Himalayas.

Spiti is a part of Lahaul and Spiti District. Notwithstanding, Lahaul is a different part of Spiti that revolved around Keylong town situated toward the west of Spiti.

Must Visit Places In Spiti

  • – Tabo Monastery
  • – Gue Village
  • – Dhankar Monastery
  • – Kaza
  • – Langza
  • – Hikkim
  • – Kibber
  • – Komic
  • – Key Monastery
  • – Chicham Bridge & Kunjum La
  • – Chandrataal

I have done the whole circuit of Spiti via road and visited all of the places. I have faced AMS too, so before travelling to Spiti, do watch the video and thank me later..


Sissu is a hidden gem in the Lahaul district and can be covered from Manali as a day tour.

Bonus point, you can cover both Rohtang Pass and Atal Tunnel with Sissu. Sissu village, which had now become a small urban Hill Station is worth a visit. One advantage of this place is that it is on the national highway that ties Manali to Leh. This hamlet is surrounded by greenery all around with dense willow and poplar shrubs, high mountains, and a lake.

I have provided all information about Rohtang Pass and vehicle rules which you must know.


Ever wondered how it would be to hike from one place to another and then glide all the way down?

Situated in the valley of the Dhauladhar mountain range these two hamlets – Bir & Billing are famous for Paragliding and their magnificent scenic views. The villages got popular in the time of 2015 when the World cup of Parasailing was organized here in Bir. This Small Himachal and Tibetan villages are full of locals’ love, warmth, and smiles, and lots of places to roam around.

Bir Billing has so much to offer apart from Paragliding. On the off chance that you’ve spent your childhood lost in the realm of Enid Blyton books, then, at that point, Bir will verge on remembering those minutes. This is where you can awaken to a charming perspective right out of a book.

The places you should not miss when in Bir are as below :

  • – Sunset Point
  • – Deer Park Institute
  • – Palpung Sherabling Monastery
  • – Dharmalaya Institute
  • – Tibetan Market
  • – Gunehar Waterfall
  • – Nyingyang Monastery
  • – Peme Awam Choegar Gyurme Ling Monastery
  • – Bonguru Waterfall
  • – Tsering Jong Monastery
  • – Rajgundha Valley Trek
  • – Barot Valley
  • – Bajinath Temple
  • – Palampur

Also, there are so many cute cafes in Bir that you just can’t skip during your trip!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to head off to the mountains and feel the chills.


Hill Stations

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14 thoughts on “Offbeat Hill Stations near Delhi That Are Always Pleasantly Under 15° C

  1. This whole region is so nature inspired, it really is inspiring that I want to visit all of these Hill Stations. It seems so different to Delhi and I’m sure a more relaxed and mountain area that draws you to explore more.

  2. It was interesting to read that there are 9 hill stations close to Delhi. A great way to escape the city and get better weather and some amazing views. I love that the hill stations provide a range of things to do from outdoor treats like waterfalls to forts. Each of the hill stations can be a new experience.

  3. I should plan an extensive trip to Delhi just to visit all these places in the surroundings. Himachal has such a charm and Shangarh is no exception. Being a small village totally adds to the charm and you sold it to me when you mentioned trekking & Shanti! Will definitely visit. I have heard of Mukteshwar actually and I’d love to visit here too. Corbett and Spiti Valley have been high on my wishlist since long.

  4. The hill stations provide beautiful views and are a terrific spot to relax and explore. Mukteshwar is absolutely breathtaking! Sissu had me spellbound as well. I’d also like to go paragliding at Bir and Billing. I’m looking forward to seeing each of these places in the near future.

  5. What a nice compilation Pamela. We have been to these hill stations and completely get what you mean. Given that we are going through one of the horses summers in Delhi this post would come handy to many. We are forwarding this to our friends and they will surely thank you too

  6. There must be a lot of hill stations in India! A friend published an article about India’s Hill stations on my website and none of them were the same as those you listed here. I’m glad there are places high in the mountains where citizens and tourists can go to escape the heat and crowds. The views are surely spectacular!

  7. I’m impressed by your list of offbeat hill stations near Delhi. I would love to visit all those breathtaking places, as I love mountains. I was in Himachal Pradesh in Shimla, Manali, and Dharamsala. And I loved it. I regret that I had no time to visit Shangarh as it looks incredible in your pictures! On my bucket list are for sure Spiti Valley and Ramnagar. I want to take Jim Corbett Safari and see Barati Row Waterfall. I will watch your youtube guides before my next trip to India.

  8. This is a wonderful list to choose from. Although I have traveled quite a bit in my life including many hill stations, I realized there is so much left to see. Have been only to Chamba, Kasauli and Ramnagar from your list. Would certainly love to head to Mukhteshwar and Spiti Valley next, both beautiful destinations.

  9. That is an interesting list of hill stations. I have never been to any of these places. But would definitely love to visit.

  10. I have been to Ramnagar for Jim Corbett safari & staycation.
    Other places I haven’t yet, spiti valley I would love to visit first from your list.

  11. This is an amazing list Being a Delhiite myself I wasn’t aware of many of these. Going to save this post for later and start planning my trips 🙂

  12. This is a great compilation of places I would really like to consider visiting when I am looking for some cold places to visit in India, even during the summers. Spiti valley is surely a heaven. I got to know the names of places like Shangarh and Khirsu for the first time through your blog. I would love to explore these beautiful hamlets.

  13. Delhi people are so lucky to have these places relatively near to explore than us Mumbai people. I have been to most of the places that you have mentioned. I just LOVE Spiti valley. It has that dreamy charm to it. Such mesmerizing landscapes. It felt like someone has done paintings on those naked desert mountains.

  14. As always, your guides are super helpful. Have been to quite many in this list, but have to say that haven’t heard of few, so they are really off beat. Definitely will explore one of them before the vacation ends.

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