My Perfect Blind Date with the World – #THEBLINDLIST #SAYYESTOTHEWORLD

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Being a single woman it’s obvious that sometimes in my mind I think about a perfect date with a romantic one with whom I can share my choices or just talk on any topic. To go for a first date without knowing the opposite one is interesting right? Ah! It gives me Goosebumps to think about the romantic date but what if I get an invitation from the World for a blind date?? The blind date could be anywhere, any place without any clue about the culture or weather? What would be my reaction? How would I behave? While thinking about this date, I feel the butterflies are flying in my stomach and I still feel goosebumps.

I am sure the more I get to know the unknown World the more I fall for the World. I am bold enough to accept the incredibly romantic and enchanted side of the World with my open arms. Without any knowledge, I am open to see the mysterious side of the World and I am sure the more I reveal the secret of the World the more I will fall in love.  For a perfect Blind date with my love of the World I have some #TheBlindList in my mind, I would crazy to do with World while I #SayYesToTheWorld. 


Have you heard of date at Dracula’s Castle??

What if the World is as crazy as I am? What if the World wants to introduce me to an unknown spooky place? (Maybe Count Dracula’s Castle at Transylvania). Well, I am excited to go for an adventure land and want to enrich experiences whatever comes in my way.

The Bran Castle of Dracula


All set for an Open-minded date with World at Las Vegas

Yes. I am fascinated. I don’t mind ending my night or starting the night at the nook and corner of Las Vegas. It would be thrilling enough to spend the whole date night in a crazy fun way. The place where no one judges me, no one asks me why my heartbeats are skipping on every moment and why I fall in love with World again and again.

Nightlife of Las Vegas


Yes I am ready to get a Proposal from World at the Place of Love

My eyes are closed and I can sense the adrenaline rush in my veins, my voice is shaking and instantly I open my eyes and only one word I utter Ah Pahi! (Ah Paris). Who doesn’t love the city of Love and Romance? Montmartre, Versailles, the Champs-Élysées – these names are the city’s milestones of legend and passion. I won’t mind fulfilling my self-exploration at the top of the Eiffel Tower or in any countryside to know more about the place I never been, the culture of the place, the historical story about that place.

Beautiful Paris


The intense, fanatical and flavoursome date at most varied landscape  

In my #TheBlindList one of the most tempting dreams is to explore the place of many myths of gods and titans originated in this immense and diverse landscape, with wide-open stunning skies and a turquoise blue sea speckled with islands, where days melt from one to another and I cherish the views from my open eyes. Clicked something in your mind? Yes, absolutely right you are, I am talking about Greece, the perfect destination for a date. This place is a magnet for the couple and solo travellers.  Endless opportunities and activities I can opt for if I roam around Greece and other islands. Hopping for shopping or be a chatterbox with the person next to me, I am ready for anything and everything.


I breathe fresh air, mesmerize my earlier solo encountered and my quick responsive decisions and smile. The world map is in front of me, I heard about a few places, read about a few places, think about a few places and dream about a few places. Yes, a few places because each and every corner of the World is beyond my imaginations and there is a lot of different cultures, weather, people, and places need to visit. Yes, I believe in this World somewhere far from my known city life still fairy places exist, where people believe in love, care, talk and respect and I want to go there. If I would get an opportunity to go for a Blind date with the complete World with a bundle of my #TheBlindList, I rather not think twice and #SayYesToTheWorld.

I could not agree more with the quote by Jawaharlal Nehru “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

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13 thoughts on “My Perfect Blind Date with the World – #THEBLINDLIST #SAYYESTOTHEWORLD

  1. I read just a few first lines and I was glued to read the post till the end. Your #TheBlindList looks quiet interesting. 🙂

  2. That’s some interesting blind dates.
    Who wouldn’t love to stay single if there’s an option to mingle in these amazing dates.

  3. Wow. …. I have been to Paris… And it is a lovely city… Greece is definitely in my bucket list though… By the way beautifully written

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