Phra Chedi Klang Nam: A Sacred Symbol in Rayong

Nestled along the serene banks of the Chao Phraya River in Thailand, the majestic Phra Chedi Klang Nam or the floating pagoda stands as a testament to the nation’s rich cultural heritage. This hidden gem is a place where history, spirituality, and natural beauty converge, offering visitors a unique opportunity to experience tranquilly in the midst of bustling city life.

About Phra Chedi Klang Nam or The Floating Pagoda

Phra Chedi Klang Nam is a bell-shaped pagoda located in the middle of the Rayong River, approximately 2 kilometres from Rayong city center. It is a popular tourist attraction and a sacred symbol for the people of Rayong.

The pagoda was built in 1873 by Phraya Sri Samut Pokchai Chitsongkram, who was the governor of Rayong at the time. It was originally used as a navigation aid for sailors, who used it as a landmark to know when they had reached Rayong.

The pagoda is made of brick and stands about 10 metres high. It is surrounded by a mangrove forest, which provides a peaceful and serene setting.

Phra Chedi Klang Nam is a popular place for Thais to come and pray for good luck and blessings. It is also a popular spot for tourists to visit and learn about Thai culture and history.

Phra Chedi Klang Nam

Exploring the Architecture

As you approach Phra Chedi Klang Nam, the first thing that captures your attention is its striking architecture. The pagoda, or chedi, rises gracefully from the water and is connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge. This pagoda showcases the perfect fusion of Thai and Chinese architectural styles, reflecting the historical trade relationships between the two cultures. The intricate details, vibrant colours, and intricate carvings on the chedi make for an awe-inspiring sight.


A Spiritual Journey

For those seeking a deeper connection to spirituality, Phra Chedi Klang Nam offers a serene ambiance that encourages introspection and meditation. The soft sound of water gently lapping against the pagodas creates a soothing backdrop, enhancing the meditative experience. Visitors often participate in offerings, lighting incense, and paying respects to the Buddha statues that grace the interiors of the chedi. The experience is a blend of cultural immersion and personal reflection.


Photography and Views

Photographers and nature enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by the scenic beauty that surrounds Phra Chedi Klang Nam. The chedi presents a picturesque subject against the backdrop of the tranquil river. Whether you’re capturing the intricate architectural details, the reflection of the chedi on the water’s surface, or the peaceful landscape, every shot is bound to be a masterpiece.


Boat Ride to Tranquility

One of the most enchanting ways to reach Phra Chedi Klang Nam is by taking a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River. The journey itself is a delightful experience, as you glide through the calm waters and witness the lush greenery on the riverbanks. The gradual approach to the chedis by boat amplifies the sense of anticipation, creating a memorable prelude to your exploration.

Practical Information

  • Location: Nonthaburi Province, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (daily)
  • Admission Fee: Free
  • Dress Code: Modest attire is recommended, covering shoulders and knees out of respect for the spiritual significance of the site.
  • There is a parking lot available for visitors.


Here are some tips for visiting Phra Chedi Klang Nam

  • Wear comfortable shoes, as there is some walking involved.
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat if you are visiting during the day.
  • Be aware of the mangrove forest, which can be slippery.

Phra Chedi Klang Nam

Phra Chedi Klang Nam is a beautiful and historic landmark that is worth a visit if you are in Rayong. It is a great place to learn about Thai culture and history and to experience the natural beauty of the Rayong River. Phra Chedi Klang Nam is more than just a historical site; it’s a place where past and present harmoniously coexist. The tranquilly it offers amidst the bustling modern world is a reminder of the importance of preserving cultural heritage. As you bid farewell to the chedis and the river that cradles them, you carry with you a sense of serenity that lingers, making Phra Chedi Klang Nam a journey worth embarking upon.

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This post was made in collaboration with the Thailand Tourism Board. Opinions, as always, are my own.



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  1. I have been to Thailand many times. However I have missed the floating Pagoda in Rayong. this one is for my next trip thanks to you.

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