Ramayana Tour-Palace of Mandodari; Wife of King Ravana

Every time I visit a place, I lose myself to discover a new me. Nothing to me is more captivating than self-discovery. Sometimes, I wonder: is the world really small, as I did bump into a long-lost friend at the least-travelled destinations? Eureka!



Residence of the villagers under Mayasuara


Yes, Eureka! After a long search, I never imagined that I could find the place which actually I read & thought that it was epic but NO…I searched, and looked, astonished that I last found the place; Palace of Mandodari, wife of Great Villain King Ravana & daughter of Mayasura & Hema. Mandodari is the queen consort of Ravana, the king of Lanka, according to the Hindu epic Ramayana. The Ramayana describes Mandodari as beautiful, pious, and righteous. She is extolled as one of the Panchakanya (“five virgins”), the recital of whose names is believed to dispel sin.


Palace of Mandodari


It is believed that Mandodari hailed from Mandore, which was the ancient capital of Jodhpur state. We found a lot of proof that Mandodari exists there.

My camera was constantly on the job. Captured as many pictures as I can.


The entire estate of Mayasura.


The bridge between us & them 🙂

My Epic tour Journey starts and next is Jodhpur & never ends………


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37 thoughts on “Ramayana Tour-Palace of Mandodari; Wife of King Ravana

  1. Your post really transport us to the mythological era and your pictures really capture the essence of your post.

  2. We recently complete our Udaipur trip and our next destination in Rajasthan is Jodhpur. We are planning to visit in this year only. And thanks for sharing this hidden gem and I am adding this place to things to do in Jodhpur.

  3. I had heard of Mandore but didn’t know that it also houses the palace of Mandodari. This is a nice find. Good to see bloggers like yourself educating the readers about the offbeat hidden gems of India. I will make sure I visit it on my next trip to Jodhpur, preferably in winters.

    1. Yes,before visiting the place I too had little idea about Mandodary and May Danava place. But trust me its worth visit. Thank you so much for your valuable comment and I really like to visit the places with historical and mythological values.

  4. Loved the beautiful pictures! 😍 also, the way such hidden gems are explored and written about! It is really commendable.

  5. Mandodari was an intriguing woman. We talk a lot about the other characters in Ramayana, but very less of her. I always wanted to visit Mandore to know more about her. Good that you visited there and told us the story. Nice post, Pamela!

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