Revive the post-pandemic Travel Goal with Thailand

My itchy feet wants to travel again after the pandemic era and for a relaxing journey where I can soak myself with food, beaches, temple, history and culture than what could be better than Thailand. I have never been to Thailand and wanted to visit the country since long back and this time I am planning to revive the post-pandemic travel goal with Thailand only. This time I will not only explore the places or enjoy the food while roaming the markets but also will get to know more about the local culture, traditions, and festivals.


Cherish Traditional Thai Festivals

Thailand is a blend of ethnicity, cultural diversity, and different religions and that’s why there are many traditional  Thai festivals are celebrating around the year. Candle Festival, Khao Phansa Day, Buddhist Forest Robe Offering Ceremony to name a few popular festivals which one can cherish forever.


Rediscover Thai History and Culture

I love to explore historical sites and while I was not traveling I read all about Thai history. This time, I am planning to rediscover Thai history beyond my bookish knowledge. The historical places of Thailand like Lamphun, Wat Mahathat, Sukhotai, Phimai Historical Park seem to still stick in historical time, the temples, the monuments, the barren streets have seen a lot of things over the eras, from past to new days. I want to walk slowly and feel the historical value, the culture there.


Relish the Taste of Thai Cuisine

For foodies like me who relish both Street food as well as enjoy fine dining, Thailand is apt for them. Red & Green Thai curry, Khao Klukh Krapi, Tom Kha Kai are some of my favorite food from Thailand and I often try to eat them in India. So, it is obvious that when I would visit Thailand I surely try these authentic Thai Foods and experience other dishes too.


A Shopaholic’s confession about Thailand

Being a shopaholic, Bangkok Flea Markets, Tha Kha Floating Market, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Pattaya Night Bazaar are some of my dream places to hop and shop. I read and watched a lot about these markets that sometimes I crave for visiting these places and want to buy anything and everything from there.


Relax on the Beaches while taking Thai Spa

Thailand is a paradise for beach bummers. The azure blue sea and the gleaming sand-filled beaches are calling me and I must go. Who ignores if a perfect day can full of seafood, head massage, body spa which not only relax the body fatigue but also brings a fresh mood? I can spend few days happily at Phi Phi Island or Krabi or Phuket while exploring the nightlife, beaches and enjoy some adventures like snorkeling or scuba diving here.


This wonderful nation always flabbergasts me with its enrapturing perspectives and tranquillity. So, for me when travel will resume again, I would love to visit Thailand to reboot myself.


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43 thoughts on “Revive the post-pandemic Travel Goal with Thailand

  1. Hope this restriction from travel ends soon and people start to live like they did normally
    Will be waiting to see your experiences of Thailand,whenever you travel.
    Best wishes

  2. Wow, I loved the way you mentioned all details of Thailand beyond Bangkok and Pattaya. Hope to visit soon all these places and relax there for a couple of days.

  3. I am sure, you will soon get a chance to visit this beautiful place. Your post is an amazing description of Thailand. It is a go to guide for anyone who is planning to visit Thailand.

  4. When it comes to Thailand, everything thinks of Bangkok and Pattaya. This blog is s much more and the details and the sights shown is just perfect. Can’t wait for things to go back to normal

  5. Kudos to you for utilising the time to read about the history and culture of the places you want to visit post pandemic. The night bazar, and the food hopping seemed really exciting to me. I really hope you make it there soon.

  6. You have given us some good reasons to visit Thailand. Truly, Thailand is not just about Bangkok and Pattaya and I would love to explore the temples of Thailand.

  7. I am simply waiting for life to return to normal. Then we can just move around to see tbe beautiful places that you have mentioned. Thailand is such a quick getaway from our country.

  8. I am also waiting for things to normalise. I have never been to Thailand and would love to visit it too.

  9. I can only agree with you. Thailand right from their tradition to their cuisine and even the flea shops are a one of a kind experience. Cannot forget the sticky rice meal near China Town uptill now!

  10. That was an amazing write up imagining what all you would do if you visit Thailand.

    I honestly virtually visited the country through your post.

    1. Can’t agree more. Thailand has the best holiday activities one can imagine. Never a dull moment here.

  11. Thailand is a complete holiday destination. No wonder I have been there 20 plus times. Great post!

  12. Thailand is a land of many treasures. Its gorgeous beaches, exotic islands, and the vibrancy of its culture make it irresistible. Indeed the perfect place to head to for a rejuvenating experience. Sandy N Vyjay

  13. Thailand is a complete holiday destination. No wonder I have been there 20 plus times. Great post!

  14. Great place, and a perfect way to see the majestic beauty. This experience is worthy, and is a good relaxing experience.

  15. I have heard so much about Thailand and the beautiful sight it offers. I am sure next time when you visit you will be able to cherish the visit more. I am happy to know so much about Thailand. Only worried about the cusine being a pure vegetarian. I am sure there is something for veggies too.

  16. Thailand is a beautiful country and there are so many reasons to visit it. Especially for Indians, it makes for a perfect holiday getaway. It has everything from culture to nature and adventure.

  17. Thailand is so beautiful with its beaches and sceneries. I want to go to Thailand for few months and travel around. It is definitely one of my favourite countries.

  18. Having been to various destinations in Thailand, I can say that Thailand offers a variety of options for the discerning Indian traveler. I’m willing to revisit sometime again.

  19. Thailand is such a diverse country… Travelled to Thailand and learnt about the various aspects through your blog post… Thank you so much

  20. Thailand is one of the hot favourite destination and I am sure it vl start with a boom post pandemic. Your post is definitely going to help those folks who wish to enjoy Thailand to core.

  21. We had planned a trip to Thailand in 2020 vacations time but then the Pandemic happened and all our plans went down the drain. So yes once things are back to normal, we will be in Thailand soon.

  22. I so feel like going for a holiday now. Thailand is so close from India and it is really exotic. I have heard the street food is very good. I would love to explore the temples also.

  23. Thailand is operning up again also for Europeans and have thought about travelling to Thailand soon. I could really do with some nice weather and good Thai food. I also loved visiting the Buddhist temples in Sukothai.

  24. I saw your post again perfectly at the right moment, I am planning to visit Thailand again next year and spend a few months there traveling around. Such a beautiful country Thailand is.

  25. Thailand is now open for foreign tourists and this is such great news for backpackers like me. I always wanted to explore Southeast Asian countries extensively. Hopefully will plan soon!

  26. Even I wish to go out and explore again. Thailand certainly is a good idea because haven’t seen much apart from Bangkok & Pattaya. But before that next month plan to go to the hills.

  27. This is excellent news that Thailand is opening up to tourism during a pandemic. I have been to this country twice, and I love the culture, nature, food, and paradise beaches. And I also love to celebrate and shop at Bangkok Flea Markets, Tha Kha Floating Market, and Chatuchak Weekend Market.

  28. Thailand is one of our favorite destinations. We enjoy thai cuisine and that’s one good reason to visit. And yes, I agree with you that it’s a dream place for shopaholic. It’s soooo cheap!

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