Stress-free travel even on those dreaded days

We don’t adore how erratic our periods all the time particularly when we travel. At the point when you’re shuffling through air terminal security or relaxing on the seashore, your flow is the exact opposite thing you need to stress over. Yet, the feminine cycle occurs, and going on your period is unavoidable. Each young lady most likely has a story about when they went on a get-away and their period almost demolished it. Regardless of whether this is a result of crippling issues, PMS, or simply being awkward, your period can change your get-away.

Regardless of whether you’re fly setting for the end of the week or making a trip to a remote nation for a couple of months, it’s essential to be set up for the plausibility of getting your period. Be that as it may, as I’ve travelled more often, I’ve understood that it doesn’t need to demolish it! Here are a few lessons I’ve learned en route that has helped facilitate my nervousness of bleeding on an extended get-away and have helped make me not stress (to such an extent) about it:


Always Carry protections while travelling:

Even whether you’re not intending to have your period during your travel, it generally gives significant serenity to bring your very own feminine hygiene items while on an extended get-away.

Try Period Panty while travelling or board a long-duration flight

Period Panties are really life savours when you have heavy flows and you are opting for trek or long hours flight. 

I use the Adira Period Panty on those days for stress-free travel. It protects me from the stain on my dress or seat cover. These are made with soft cotton, they breathe like cotton and they are leak proof too. So, when your pads get full and you are not able to dash to the loo, these panties are true saviours. Such an amazing product I must say. 

Why I am telling about these products because they have patented from India and USA  and also a lot more varieties are available at their sites, like underdress, shapers, Incontinence Panty, Boxers, starter bras and many more products especially for females. 

Try to carry sanitary napkin or Tampons

During my days I generally use Sanitary pads and not much comfortable using tampons but you can carry Menstrual cups or tampons for safety.

Carry some cramp reliever

Make sure not to forget to pack some pain killers or hot bottles to combat your cramp.

When you’re travelling, you never know if you will find the bathroom or not. Always stash extra underwear, cleansing wipes, and plastic bags in your carry-on so you’ll be prepared in case the worst happens.


Few other tips :

  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy food
  • Avoid getting a drink on the plane or at the hotel bar
  • Dress Comfortably 
  • Try some herbal tea 
  • Sleep proper

At the end of the day, it will not destroy your vacation or the good dress which you planned for the perfect Instagram picture. It might cause a little obstruction, yet in case you’re arranged and can battle uneasiness and torment, having your period doesn’t need to be something you stress over by any means. 


P.S: I liked the Adira Panty because it is a really good product to use. You can check on their website (Adira)and if you want to buy, you may use my code (PAMELA10) for some discount… 

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7 thoughts on “Stress-free travel even on those dreaded days

  1. Periods are perhaps the most stressful times for a woman while on travel.

    These tips are really helpful to keep it stress-free

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