The Ultimate Guide of Taronga Zoo, Sydney – Way To Spend A Day

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Dreaming of travelling around Australia and visiting some of the most popular destinations in and around? As I am writing this post, I mesmerize my trip to Sydney on the breezy Autumn season & still now feel the bright sun-kissed my cheek and the heavenly breeze caressing my hairs in a cinematic style on the route of Taronga Zoo. Here is my The ultimate Guide of Taronga Zoo, Sydney – Way to spend a day.


The chirping of birds and groaning of tigers have gathered to welcome us for an excellent view of the jungle. I can still hear those sounds and can virtually see that day from my room. Here I am sharing how you can spend one day at Taronga Zoo, Sydney. One of the most worthwhile trips of my Sydney visit is Taronga Zoo or Taronga Conservation Society.


About Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo officially opened over 100 years ago on 7 October 1916. Taronga Zoo intends to consistently enhance the creature territories while endeavouring to raise their guest encounters. They encase a cafe, a zoo shop, and an information centre. The zoo is partitioned into 8 zoo-geographic regions. You can meet creatures like kangaroos, different species of birds and wallabies which are part of local Australian untamed life.


It is additionally home to Sumatran tigers which are basically jeopardized with less than 350 alive everywhere throughout the globe. Apparently, 228 mammals, 552 birds, and 64 reptiles were relocated from other zoos.


Location of The Zoo



How to Commute to the Zoo

If you have an Opal card ( Read my blog on Opal card) you will easily take ferries, buses or trains with the use of the card. Ferries are most convenient to reach the Zoo. From Circular Quay you will easily get the ferry which takes 12 to 15 minutes to reach the Zoo. Make sure to step outside a bit to get some amazing shots of the harbour bridge and opera house. You can opt for the Bus from central, Town Hall and Wynyard train stations or drive too which take some more additional time to reach the Zoo. 


Once you reach the dock you have a choice for a walk, bus or skyway lift.


I suggest you take the skyway lift as you can be witnessed the most amazing beauty of Taronga.


Some unforgettable Moments


Watch Seal Show

A magical experience it was for me. The different species of seals such as the Australian sea lion, Californian sea lion, and New Zealand fur seal were performing their best dynamic postures while playing with sounds.

  • Free with the zoo ticket.
  • When: 11 AM and 12 PM every day and 1 PM on weekends
  • Duration: 20 minutes.


Encounter /Feed an animal

A very interesting and loving moment when you try to feed an adorable one. They have a specific time for this. So, book in advance with the ticket.


  • Paid activity as per different animal 
  • When: Depends on the habits of the creators
  • Duration: 20 minutes.
  • Book advance to feed your fav one


Penguin Talkshow

Very interesting show as you get to know about Penguine’s habit, their nature, and behaviour.

  • Free with Zoo Ticket
  • When: within 2.30 to 3 pm
  • Duration: 10 minutes.


Food and Restaurant

There are a lot of restaurants inside the Zoo and you can see the birds are walking around you while having some snacks too.



Facilities Available at the Taronga Zoo

  • There is a mobile app for the Taronga zoo so you can get all kind of information from this app. Also, book a ticket, feed an animal, holidays information available here.

  • Taronga Zoo also has cafes and eateries, picnic spots, free WIFI, toy shops, zoo product shops, information center, ATMs, parents room, bathrooms, first aid, lockers, stroller hire, and free water bubblers all around the zoo.


Genuine Tips

  • Purchase the zoo pass or ticket at the harbour when you buy the ferry ticket over.  I bought a package of AUD 212 where I have a choice to opt 7 to 8 options and Taronga was one of them.
  • Reach there early! I arrived around 11 and had to hurry to make the boat at the end of the day. I don’t think I saw all the animals completely, but that may have been due to the insane amount of time I spent observing the birds and night walkers! I think I had completed half of the zoo because I was told the last ferry time is 4 pm sharp from the zoo dock.
  • Sit in the backside of the ferry on the way back and you will get some instagrammable pics with sun lights.


  • Make sure to check the dates, times and also if you encounter the animals check the timings. 
  • The best time to visit, according to the weather would be in August to early November since the weather is neither too hot nor cold.

Wanna know more about Taronga, see here 


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31 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide of Taronga Zoo, Sydney – Way To Spend A Day

  1. Such a nice and informative post about taronga zoo. Definitely going to add in my list whenever I plan to visit Sydney.

  2. Australia is 22 hours away from me so I have never even dreamed about going, so I’m so glad to see you living your best life there! I forget that their seasons are inverted, so when I read the best time to visit was August I thought “Wow it’s not hot?” but then I realized, haha! Thank you for the lovely zoo photos.

  3. To be honest, I am not a zoo fan. But it does have a scientifc value as we get to learn about the wild from here. Andthis zoo has so many norms and facilities in place. It looks like the animals are well treated. The koala looks happy enough!

  4. We missed Taronga Zoo when we last visited Sydney. I did not realize there were so many different species in the zoo. A zoo pass is a great idea. But we would definitely head over early if we wanted to see it all!

  5. I always liked visiting zoological gardens, especially if I am on a new continent. You can to see so many of the indigenous animals there. The Zoo in Sydney seems quite entertaining. The even have a seal show and an animal feeding time, which is great.

  6. Taronga Zoo is one of my most favourite zoos in Sydney. It is so big and has so many animals with great views. And the best thing is that the staff of the zoo treat the animals so well. I have been to Taronga many a times and have always had a great time.

  7. Taronga Zoo in Sydney seems to be a perfect idea as a family trip. For sure, kids will be delighted with all this wild nature, but it will also be an excellent place for adults. It’s impressive that the zoo is over 100 years old. It’s so long of experience with protected animals and birds. It’s great to know that it is home to Sumatran tigers which are endangered and unique species. It’s so impressive that there are 228 mammals, 552 birds, and 64 reptiles in the zoo. I would probably spend there more than one day to enjoy all its nature.

  8. I am always a bit reluctant when it comes to visiting zoos, because of the animal welfare. But I actually enjoy watching the animals at the zoo. Taronga zoo looks beautiful. I bet watching the seal show was quite an experience!

  9. Wow! We would love to visit Taronga Zoo. My kids would definitely love the seal show and the penguin talkshow. Happy to know its free. It’s going to be an amazing experience. Nice to know too that there a lot of restaurants in the zoo. At least I don’t have to worry about packing food.

  10. Taronga looks like a beautiful place to visit, and with wonderful animals to see too. I’m sure the views from the cable car are some of the best to see over the city. I’ve never been to Australia so I’m adding Taronga and its zoo to my list!

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