Unboxing – The Big Book Box ; December 2018 Classic Espresso Box

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When I got the opportunity to unbox a book subscription box from a book subscription company called The Big Book Box I replied affirmatively. I expected a small box with a book or two and a bookmark and maybe a letter about the monthly subscription theme contained in the box – and WHAT THE BOX SIZE THAT ARRIVED and HOW HEAVY IT WAS. The Box curated with a blend of all kind of goodies or book merchandises one could expect with Books. It arrived one day before my birthday and you can imagine how I felt at that time. So, this article is all about unboxing The Big Book Box, December 2018 Classic Espresso Box

Before, sharing the unboxing part here I would like to say some information about The Big Book Box like what’s their agenda, how the subscription works and how much cost approx.


About The Big Book Box


The Big book Box is a boob subscription company from India who delivers book boxes worldwide under amazing plans. Their main motto is to create the urge among readers to read paperback books not the digital one. So like a childhood dream, they not only provide books but also some awesome bookish kinds of stuff under unbelievable plans.


Subscription plans and how to subscribe to the book box


The Big Book Box has multiple subscription plans to choose from. It has monthly plans, quarterly plans, and half-yearly plans.

Apart from months, they have different sizes of boxes according to readers pocket size. They named these boxes very different way according to different types of coffee flavors like as- Frappe, Expresso, Cappuccino, and Mocha. Each box contains a number of book or books with goodies.


Unboxing the Espresso Book Box – Theme Classic


The classic box is curated very beautifully with 3 books and some great bookish stuff. I loved the way they packed the box with special care and the way they delivered the book box it was incredible. This box has almost everything you needed to be the vintage person you dream of!

The content of the box is a mixture of Books Bookish goodies …



  1. Truly Devious by @maureenjohnsonbooks
  2. The Travels by Marco polo Vintage Hard Copy edition
  3. Hamlet pocket classic


Bookish merchandises

  1. A beautiful Book Sleeve inspired by Peter Pan!
  2. Set of 3 Gold-foiled Bookmarks with Author Name on one side and their quote on the other. …
  3. Vintage Stamp!
  4. Alice in Wonderland themed Desk Calendar
  5. Tea Tree Oil based Soap with Shakespeare villain art
  6. 2 character cards with their quotes!
  7. And beautiful Insider to explain it all..


Watch The video to experience virtually the Book Box unboxing part with me πŸ™‚

I got the box is for unboxing purpose but the opinion is mine.

You can check about the subscription plans are here Β 

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16 thoughts on “Unboxing – The Big Book Box ; December 2018 Classic Espresso Box

  1. Waao..this is a real treat for book lovers like me..every product has been chosen thoughtfully..I am definetly gonna buy it..

  2. Wow this box is a book lovers dream! All three books look amazing (of course ‘Hamlet’ is an eternal classic) and the merchandise is just awesome! Enjoyed the video too. I will check the subscription service out.

  3. That’s an lovely unboxing video my friend. Perfect gift for book lovers. Will check out their book subscription box options and offers

  4. I loved the box! The Big Book Box was one of the many that caught my eye after I compiled a list of Book Subscription Boxes from India that Should be on your Radar . And I am happy to report back that I am very happy with their service.

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