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Without A Daily Plan You’re Lost

There are things that impact our productivity, creativity, energies, and career which are basically our habits and practices. So if you’re up for the best version of yourself and put your productivity on “autopilot”, then you must maintain a daily routine as it is said without a daily plan you’re lost. Here’s my daily routine which I try to follow most of the days.

A morning in the life of Pamela
Location: Gurgaon
How her day starts:

5 a.m. alarm goes off.

5:10 Get out of bed. Consider that waking up this early is probably why I’m single. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it a meaningful day.

5:10–5:20 Grab and throw on running gear. Brush teeth. I drink a large glass of Luke warm lemon water with honey every morning while walking in the room.

5:206 Start running. Doing free hand exercise to keep myself fit. It increases my strength, stamina, agility, flexibility and tone. This exercise promotes wellness, well-being and aid in improving immunity and defence mechanism.

6-6.30 Finish my daily exercise. Drink a glass of water.Shower.I’m simple in a positive view. Love to look beautiful, love colours, love music, so in between hear music & music.

6.30–7 Prepare breakfast with green tea. As per my view, it is healthy & nourishes my skin. The breakfast should healthy & heavy. Cornflakes, Toast, juice, Upma, Poha is good for a healthy breakfast.

79 Check personal email, scan news headlines, update the blog. Then start writing. Mornings, for me, is the quietest time of the day. The phone’s not ringing, the television’s not on. It’s just me and my time. The sun is rising, and the day is new and beautiful. It’s the perfect time for great writing.

9-9.15 Get dressed. Start with a ponytail. Put on light makeup. Throw on jeans or trousers, a shirt, ballet flats and earrings.

9.15 9.30 Leave apartment, Hop on Auto, listening to music or chit-chat with the auto driver regarding weather to today’s politics & way to my destination…Office.

9.30-6.30 Get to work. I try to carry a smile with me throughout the day. I find that not only does it make me happier, but it can make other people smile and open the door to conversations with people I haven’t talked to before. At work, I try to go the extra mile on my projects, prepare all PPT ASAP. I love to communicate with people so much, that is the reason I love my job also. In my view, you do whatever your choice, that makes your day perfect. especially on the details, many people might miss.  I set reasonable deadlines for myself and, when possible, try to get them done early.

6.45-8 Get to the Gym. That refreshes me & give me a breath. Setting the expectation of daily exercise removed this as a potential excuse and I have since reaped the benefits of this daily habit. I do it 5 days a week.

8-8.30 Return from Gym. On the way home buy some vegetables for dinner. I like to go for a walk during my return.

8.30-9.30 Switch on the TV & start preparing dinner. The untidy house can lead to a fuzzy mind and embarrassment in front of others. I find it’s best to stay on top of things by tidying up each day.

9.45-11.00 After finish dinner, I like to write out a “to-do list” in my diary of the important tasks I need to do the next day. Then either I read or write a journal…depends on my mood.

11.30 Going to bed, pray and getting a good night sleep.

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us” – John Dryden

This is my Daily routine for weekdays…

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