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10 Ways To Avoid Jet Lag – How To Travel Smart

It is always visible that whenever we have deplaned from long flights, we drastically feel exhausted and tired. Our minds stop functioning and we face multiple symptoms like insomnia, nausea and other problems like stomach upset which basically is an actual disorder called Jet Lag.

Jet Lag is a typical end result of travelling between more than two time zones in the range of a short timeframe. Your body’s clock gets wrecked because of the different frame of timezones. Feeling depleted both mentally and physically is a very common problem. However, there are ways in which one can avoid jet lag. Here are 10 tried and tested practical solutions to follow to avoid Jet Lag and travel smartly into different cities and countries.

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1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water before, during and after the flight can not only work on the skin but also works magically to balance our emotional state of mind. The dry cabin air can be extremely worse if you are in dehydrated mode which increases the jet lag possibilities. Hence, keep rejuvenating yourself with a bottle of water.


2. No Caffeine, No Alcohol

Coffee or caffeine not only dehydrates the body but also disrupts sleeping patterns. So instead of coffee or alcohol have plenty of water which helps you to combat your jet lag.


3. Arrive Early

It is advisable that if you have an office conference or meeting in a different country, then try to arrive a few days earlier to rest properly and avoid jet lag related problems.


4. Sleep In The Flight

Get ready with earpods, light music and eyes masks to sleep enough on the flight. But if you can’t sleep on the plane, stay active. Walk around a little and stretch your arms and legs. Also, get a good sleep before boarding the flight.


5. Adjust Daily Schedule Properly

Set your watch as per a new timeline and try to adjust your time schedule a little ahead. Plan your time as per the new routine to adjust your daily schedule accordingly.


6. Get Plenty Of Rest Before Your Trip

It is important to take proper rest to calm our nerves before any long trip. International trip needs a lot more attention like documentation, reaching the airport before 3 hours, visa check and other procedures. So it is important to take rest and sleep enough to avoid last-minute nervousness.


7. Eat A Light Meal

Refrain yourself to indulge in a heavy meal before boarding your flight or on the flight. The body needs more relaxation to digest the food and weather also has its impact on this. So taking a light meal with plenty of liquid can actually work better in the immune system and the body. 

8. Regulate light explore To Avoid Jet Lag

Light exposure is one of the main influencers that adjust the circadian rhythm on your body, so if we regulate or monitor the exposure it can be helpful to adjust with a new location and time frame. 


9. Consult A Doctor To Consider Taking Melatonin Supplements

Melatonin is a hormone released in darkness, naturally in our brains. It regulates our sleep cycle. Melatonin supplements boost production and help to reduce stress and affect sleep. So, if someone has a sleep deprivation problem he or she can consider consulting a doctor on this. 


10. Go For Non-stop Flight Or Long Layovers 

It is better to take a non-stop flight to adjust your schedule properly and rest well in flight. If connecting flights are available then prefer a long layover instead of short ones to give yourself a relaxing break.

So, here are some useful and practical tips to avoid jet lag so that one can have the perfect vacation without any problems. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments below or connect me on Instagram or Youtube!


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11 thoughts on “10 Ways To Avoid Jet Lag – How To Travel Smart

  1. Good points.. reminds me of my wierd flights schcedule how I used to deal with it ..Jet lags are for real ..They can hit u hard can take proper care towards it . Good summary ..

  2. Very good post about the ways to avoid jet lag. Highly informative for travellers and nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  3. Now those are some really important and simple steps to avoid jet lag for sure. This blog will come quite handy when travelling next. Thank you again

  4. These are so useful tips to avoid jet lag. This is definitely a must read article for all the travellers. Thanks for sharing

  5. These are some good pointers and yes we should eat light during travel so that we don’t feel fussy in the trip and sleeping on flight is the best advice as one can be fresh on the destination.

  6. These are some really good tips for avoiding jet lags. I always find sleep elusive on flights, so I usually try to arrive a bit earlier to my destination. Once again, very helpful tips!

  7. I think as frequent travelers we all need to come to terms with jet lag and work out our own mechanism to cope with it. You have given some really practical pointers in this regard. Staying hydrated, and eating light and healthy while traveling is very important to us.

  8. Nice tips for overcoming the jet lags. Unfortunately, her lags are just part of travels and I usually have terrible jet lags when I come back to Australia as we are ahead in time.

  9. Jetlag is a frequent problem, though you have addressed them with practical doable tips. Most people drink a lot of coffee, tea, or alcohol during the flight, this causes heavy jetlag. Instead of addressing the problem, they are definitely inviting more troubles for themselves. Water is the best way to remain hydrated and alert during flights. I will bookmark it for future use.

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