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15 Travel Podcasts I’m Loving These Days

Travel enthusiasts and their earphones always share special bonding in every manner either they travel to domestic or international places. A traveller’s relationship with their headphones is a special one. For me, travel podcasts are my favourite ear-candy, especially during long days of travel. These days when we all are at home, I am fulfilling my wanderlusts via these travel podcasts. With this in mind, I wanted to share fifteen travel podcasts for everyone that I know you will love to listen to! Each of these podcasts features bold, passionate, brave and amazing travellers sharing their stories, tips, itineraries and hacks from their experiences. These podcasts are free to subscribe and you can easily get them at the google play store or iTunes stores. Here are my favourite 15 travel podcasts I’m loving these days.

travel podcasts


1. She Explores

This travel podcast dedicated to all women travellers and one of my favourites. She Explores is made for badass, strong and bold women travellers who do not afraid to travel solo and always up for great adventures. There are 200 plus episodes and all are so inspiring to make you think once.


2. Women Who Travel

Conde Nast Travel team created this podcast to dissect the realities of travelling as a woman today and shared all about food, culture, books, tips and many more inspiring stories to enhance your travel thrusts. I love the concept where I easily focus on solo travel tips, educating different cultures and many other travel stories of women.


3. Wild Ideas Worth Living

Host Shelby Stanger interviewed listeners to the world’s most creative travellers, athletes, authors, scientists and entrepreneurs to learn about how they’ve taken their “wild ideas” and converted them into reality. Listen and follow your dreams with positive vibes.


4. Travel Talk Weekly

TV Host and authors Rob & Kerri take you virtually to travel destinations around the World. They educate about different places with important tips like what need to know before travel that place, dos and don’ts about the place.


5. The Offbeat Life

How to live fearlessly and work remotely with every detail- this podcast is all about offbeat lives. Host Debbie introduced adventurous individuals who ditched normal living and become remote location expert. They discussed moments that led them to change their lives, overcome setbacks, how they earn from their passion while working as nomads and becoming remote goal setter.


6.The Musafir Stories

This podcast documents Indian travel stories and offbeat places of India. It brings the vivid and colourful India under one roof and depicts the exotic tales of India.


7.The First 40 Miles

A podcast compiled with every detail of hiking, trekking and backpacking. If you’re hoping to dip your toes into the backpacker’s group or want to know more about trekking tips, this podcast is totally for you. In every episode, Josh and Heather share their essentials, tips for packing and lightening your load and their nuggets of wisdom gathered from their experiences on the trail.


8. Roll With Me

One of the different taste podcast where we get to know different people who are living alternative lifestyles. We can get to know about different lifestyles like van life, tiny house life, camper life etc.


9. Passport & Pizza

As the name says this podcast is all about food and travel. Each podcast Sara & Laura bring chatty series of cooking and travel updates. From where to eat the best pizzas to how to travel on a budget they just create the buzz. Fueled by muffins and coffee the host answers most of the questions they received over mails. If food, travel and stumbling through adulthood is your thing – listen to this podcast!


10. Out There

This podcast mainly emphasises the intimate stories of great explorers in a dramatic style. It’s a depth series where the host tries to introduce various aspects of adventures and its strength, inspiration one can adopt easily. It is kind of a walk in the deep woods with mental stability. One of the amazing podcast which brings an alternative prospect of outdoor ventures.


11. Nomads At The Intersections

A travel podcast for women and their journeys in different ways like van life, adventurous and their experiences. Compiled with a bunch of interviews of women who travelled on different stages of life and shared their remarkable stories.


12. Love and Passports

This is a romantic podcast. The travellers who fall in love on road and how they travel as a couple or how you can meet your soulmate while travelling – this is the perfect podcast for you! Every week, this romantic travel podcast is told through romcom fiction and a destination guide… described by author Dana Givens. The podcast is mixed with Love and travel love where you get to know about a detailed city guide with where to stay, where to eat and explore tips. This podcast features different types of travel enthusiasts and their stories. It is a perfect combination of romance with destination-specific recommendations!


13. Girl Camper

If you want to know a detailed guide about camping and practical tips on camping, Janine’s practical guide, her own experiences and interviews with experts are take you to lead your first camping journey. This podcast encourages women to opt for camping and live life in the wild. I loved it!


14. Educate your Travel

As the name goes this travel podcast educates us about destinations, culture, food and people. Also, you will get to know more about destination-specific travel hacks and itineraries.


15. Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

The travel podcast “Amateur Traveler” talks about a different destination every week. Why should we go there and what should we do. Every episode of this podcast focuses on a different travel destination. As a rule, they focus on a one-week itinerary. What should you see? What should you do? What should you eat? This podcast brings interviews that I liked most.



There are various types of podcasts out there on play store or iTunes, it’s amazing to have some go-to ones specifically made for female travellers like us. I am sure you will love and enjoy my favourite travel podcasts for women…




Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favourite travel-centric podcasts? Comment below. I’d love to know!


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15 thoughts on “15 Travel Podcasts I’m Loving These Days

  1. In this pendemic situation everyone getting bored at home and some are depressed. After watching your vlogs and the information that shared by your side is really commendable because it really helps when somebody plan to travel. People gets some ideas what to do during travel. How can save us from the threats during the travel and how can save our money and time as well. Really really helpful..!!!!

    1. Thank you so much. These days are really scary and we are all trying to escape it by watching movies or doing something at home. I’m trying to do something different like listening to podcasts which is also a good idea to skip our minds a bit 🙂

  2. Very good post. You have penned down your favorite 15 travel podcasts. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  3. At this time of staying at home being the mantra, we have to unfortunately rely more on virtual travel.
    These travel podcasts are a sure way to keep us motivated.
    It provides us the hope of better days to come very soon.

  4. I also planning to start listening some good podcasts. I just love this list which you share above all those travel podcasts looks interesting to listen. Will bookmark this post for sure.

  5. I love listening to podcasts these days too. And it is nice to listen to the travel podcasts. They are informative and give a lot of information about places.

  6. Podcasts are quite a rage now, but travel podcasts have not really picked up in India. This is a list of some quality podcasts. Musafir Stories focuses on India and we really like it.

  7. Waas wondering how travel podcasts be, like a complete storytelling session as podcasters have to make listeners feel th eplace with their words. Shall listen to some from the list to know their experiences.

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