In memories : Amer-The Pride of Rajputana (Part 2)

As I am writing this post, I mesmerize my trip to Rajasthan during the rainy season & still now feel the monsoon breeze is blowing in a sizzling style on the path of Amer and the dark clouds have gathered to warn us not to go the top view of the fort. I can still hear the roll of distant thunder and can virtually smell the rain from my room. I always love adventure & when I found a rainy day in Rajasthan I was so happy that I could see the rain in a desert area.


The Most Precious Gem of Jaipur: Amer Fort & Palace

When we talk about Jaipur then it is not possible that we could ignore the Fort. The fort is an ideal example of Rajput passion for grandeur and patriotism. Amer Fort is the most beautiful fort and the pride of Rajputana. Amer fort is also spelt, known and pronounced as Amber Fort. It is located in Amer, 11 k.m from Jaipur. One of the major tourist attractions, Situated amidst the rugged Aravalli range of hills. The fort is remarkable for its majestic grandeur, surroundings, battles and beautiful palaces and halls. Fort is known for its Indian Artistic Style, blending Hindu and Rajputs elements. We were astonished by the intricate carvings on the walls and ceilings This fort provides the feeling of Jodhabai or Hadka Bai the one & only Rajput wife of Akbar.


A complete view of the fort

A few hours at the Amber Fort will leave you with some treasured memories.  For me, it was the revised chapter of History, about King, their roundness & the fort covering my thoughts, and the thought of the fort with changing life as the centuries passed, from Raja Man Singh himself and his entourage of family, armies and servants, to the British in the days of the Raj who even in their imperial glory must have been overawed by such magnificence.  I also thought over and over again of the hundreds of architects, and artists who devoted their talents to the Fort and I thought how proud they must have been when they witnessed their finished creation.


entering the fort


‘Diwaan-e-Aam’ and ‘Diwaan-e-Khaas’

Diwan-e-Aam’ or the ‘Hall of Public Audience’ is a beautiful hall that stands on two rows of ornamented pillars and opens on three sides. It is said that the king used to listen to the needs and complaints of the General public. ‘Diwan e-Khaas’ or the ‘Hall of Private Audience’ has delicate mosaic work in glass. In this hall, the king used to meet special guests from other states, ministers, and his friends.

‘Sukh Niwaas’ (Sukh Mandir)

Sukh Niwas, which is opposite ‘Diwaan-e-Khaas’ has doors made of sandalwood and ivory. There is a channel running through the hall, which carried cool water that worked as an air cooler, with the aid of a breeze. In this artistic hall, a cool climate was artificially created. It is said that the kings used to spend time in this Sukh Niwaas with their queens and sometimes with their mistresses that is why it is known as the residence of pleasure.



‘Sheesh Mahal’

The Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace) is the most famous and beautiful part of Amber Fort. You must remember the song of the famous Bollywood Classic Film ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ i.e. “pyaar kiya toh darna kya”,  it was shot in Sheesh Mahal. The Walls and ceiling of this hall are carved with beautiful paintings, decorations and flowers that are made with pure glass. The reason why this hall was made of glass is that in ancient days the queen was not allowed to sleep in the open air but she loved to see the stars shining. So the king ordered his architects to make something that could solve the purpose.



‘Mughal Garden’ or ‘Kesar Kyaari’

Kesar Kyaari is another beautiful part of Amber Fort, the Kesar Kyari Bagh in a garden on Maota Lake, right before Amber Fort, in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This garden has star-shaped flower beds.


secret tunnel from Amer fort to Jaigarh Fort


Mughal Garden

The Pride of Rajputana Victory: Jaigarh Fort


View from Jaigarh fort


In the imposing city of Jaipur, Jaigarh touches the acme when it comes to spectacular and mesmerizing forts. It is situated about 15 kilometres from Jaipur. The Jaigarh fort is connected to the Amber Fort by well-guarded passages and is often considered as one Complex by many.


world’s biggest cannon-Jaibhan

Jaigarh Fort had a major role to play in the defence or battle mechanism of Jaipur. The highlight is the visit to the world’s largest cannon on wheels named JaiBhan Cannon.
Jaigarh Fort’s rainwater harvesting system is a great work of engineering. 3 massive water tanks collect water from strategically located canals in the hills.





Shubhat Niwas at Jaigarh Fort

Incredible “Indo-European” Structural Design; Nahargarh Fort:


View from Nahargarh Fort

The incredible Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur was mainly used as recoil for royal family women. Referred to as the Madhavendra Bhawan, the zenana was particularly constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singhji. The chief magnetism of Nahargarh Fort is the Madhavendra Bhavan which was once the summer runaway of the imperial household. If truth be told, the ladies’ quarters (known as Zenana deorhi) at the Nahargarh Fort were established to make an impression among the regal women. On the other hand, the “Mardana Mahal” at Nahargarh Fort served as the existing quarters of the noblemen.



The main courtyard connects 9 hall


The trendy song Masti Ki pathshala from the blockbuster movie Rang De Basanti was picturised in this fort. Some scenes of the 2013 hit movie Shuddh Desi Romance were also shot here.

My Amer journey finished within two days but at the time of return, my mind captured only a few words:-

“I wanna run, I want to hide
I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside
I want to reach out and touch the flame
Where the streets have no name”

You may check my Rajasthan Playlist here

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32 thoughts on “In memories : Amer-The Pride of Rajputana (Part 2)

  1. Some really brilliant captures! U r so right about the hard work of the labors and masons at that time, to build a thing which lasts for those many generations is a thing our generations lack…

  2. the story of the cannon goes that after it was completed, nobody had the courage to fire it. There was just no idea how much damage the vibration of the gun might have on the fort walls. There might have been just one round fired and then none.

  3. Amer is top tourist site in entire Rajasthan as per recent government figures. So it is logical to be featured in your blog too! Great photography!

  4. I had so excitingly read the first part of this travelogue.

    Loved reading these further details of the beautiful Amer.

  5. What an incredible fort. The intricacies of the artwork are spectacular. Thanks for sharing the info and stunning pictures. A stunning location all around. Jaipur is an amazing heritage destination.

  6. I exactly know what you are talking about as I was mesmerized about it’s beauty. We took a babymoon trip to jaipur nd this was the first place to go as i knew this can’t be missed. We hired a guide to tell us everything about this place and it was so exciting. You have described everything pretty well.

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