Travel Packing Tips: What’s in My Travel Kit

Regardless of the length of the outing — be it a weekend trip or a month’s journey — you’ll have to pack a bag correctly. There’s a ton to consider while figuring out what to bring: the sort and length of your excursion, your schedule, the climate, the size of your gear, and any weight limits forced by your method of transportation. What’s more, with such countless variables at play, it’s not difficult to overpack or under-pack, particularly if you’ve waited for the last-minute packing. 

Travel Packing Tips
Travel Packing Tips

To the salvage: These are some travel packing tips from my personal experiences. I share here the main items I carry every time I travel solo or in a group.

Travel Packing Tips

  1. Camera Bag: I am a travel blogger and travel video maker so I always carry a bag consisting of all my camera gear, laptop, chargers, tripod, and so on. I make sure to separate the batteries and charge fully the laptop and camera to avoid last-minute charging problems.
  2. Safety and Hygiene Kit: I always carry a small safety and hygiene kit consisting of medicines, travel tissues, sanitary napkins, pepper spray, toilet rolls, sanitiser, extra masks, and a safety pin. 
  3. Reading Material: Most of the time I travel solo. So, I always carry one or two books and audiobooks to read whenever I get time. Otherwise, I work on my laptop most of the time whenever I get the chance. 
  4. Journal: I love to write and I always jot down pointers or stories while I travel. My journal is full of sketches, pointers, and paintings about the places I travel to. 
  5. Pouch: Whenever I travel, I always carry small changes, credit cards, and ID cards to keep them safe and handy.
  6. Headphones: A pair of headphones is a much-needed item on my packing list. 
  7. Water Bottle: As I believe in responsible travel, I always carry a reusable water bottle to hydrate myself and avoid plastic usage. 
  8. Light Makeup: I prefer to carry a little makeup which includes sunscreen lotion, lip balm, deodorant, and moisturizer. A sunglass is always my hot cake for travelling.
  9. Dry Snacks: Dry fruits, munching, biscuits, and chocolate you can always get in my backpack. These are something you need to carry always. 
  10. Light Flea Jacket: I prefer to carry a light flea jacket while travelling to new places.
  11. Power Bank: I prefer to carry Power Bank as most of my travels are in remote areas and rarely get charging points or electricity. 
  12. Waste Bag: I usually carry a waste bag with me so that put all the waste bring back with me to keep the environment clean. 

If you want to add anything to the packing list, do comment on the comment section.

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32 thoughts on “Travel Packing Tips: What’s in My Travel Kit

  1. That’s quite a useful list on what all to carry and works for all kinds of trip. I follow most of it, but carrying a waste bag is something I will start on

  2. Pamela, you have brought a nice topic in this blog post. This is a very important post and I liked it so much. This should be saved in the list for all travel lovers. I keep chargers, books, medicines, and some other essential things in my bag. Loved the post.

  3. All of them you’ve listed here are essential as a travel kit. I always keep medicines, chargers, water and other essentials. But, I never carry a waste bag. From next time this will be in my travel bag.

  4. That’s such an interesting list. I always keep medicines, chargers, water and other essentials in the travel bag. But I never thought of carrying waste bag. It’s so essential though. Next time I will definitely keep it in the bag.

  5. That is an excellent list, Pamela. Particularly the water bottles and the waste bag. It is the least we can do to keep the environment clean. I keep a journal handy too. Love to jot down my thoughts while traveling.

  6. Very thoughtful post, keeping in my mind the environment and traveling ease. Thanks for sharing your views.

  7. Your list has encompassed almost everything. The first time I travelled abroad I didn’t take a jacket and that was my biggest mistake. I wish I had read your list then 🙂 For people, my age medicines and vitamins are essential.

  8. Very useful post. Though I always take a water bottle and light jacket and shawl with me, wherever visit with my family in any season

  9. That is a very good list. But one thing people forget to add are the medicines. We always travel with both prescription and over the counter medicines. They might not be readily available.

  10. I have always carried sanitizers. However masks are a new addition. Plus being Bengali, can’t move without the umbrella

  11. The list is so exhaustive and interesting.
    Very nice tips to keep in mind for every traveller.

  12. This is quite a useful list of things to carry while travelling. I like that you too carry books with you while travelling! I also carry a few medicines and band-aids with me while travelling. Believe me, band-aids can be quite life saver at times.

  13. Travelling with kids is a whole different gamut…would love to read a list including them..or maybe its not called travelling when its with kids..its called moving🪴 🧐

  14. Your travel checklist is perfect and one can learn from you to be prepared for every situation. I liked the idea of the waste bag and keeping the environment clean. Most of the times when people travel they do not know where to dispose and when the dustbins are not placed they are bound to dump it somewhere or the other.

  15. Your list on the travel kit is spot on. I am also a person who keeps medicines at priority while packing my luggage for an outing. The handful of guidelines regarding packing is beneficial for all travelers.

  16. Packing for traveling is one of the biggest task. No matter how much prepared we feel there will be something which we miss. You have listed done great tips like carrying waste bag and light jacket . Will book mark your post for sure.

  17. The list is complete in every sense. Camera bag, make up bag, snacks bag, safety and health bag, cards bag, everything is there. Bookmarked the list, I’ll come back to check again when travelling;)

  18. Having a checklist is really important so that important items are not forgotten. Most often while packing, the dilemma is to balance between traveling light and deciding on what should go and not go. Your tips help a lot in resolving this.

  19. Pamela – your travel checklist is so perfect that one can so easily refer to it while packing. I wish we get to travel sooner

  20. I concentrate more on safety, hygiene and medicines in my travel kit. They are the first items to get check listed and then followed by phone charger and light make up. Your list comprises of almost all the basic items we would check off the list while traveling

  21. Wow you have included all most every essential item in your list. Our travel list is full of kids items. I think that is the beauty of solo travelling. You can pack light and enjoy your trip. Great list and packing tips.

  22. waste bag is something I never carried in the past but with a kid, it’s kinda become one of the must-not forget kinda items. Journal is a new entry for me but mostly I just make notes on the phone. Instead of a jacket I tend to carry a shawl which is so useful especially when the weather is unpredictable or you just need something cosy

  23. Good set of things to have in the travel kit, especially the emergency things. I have a few more things usually. But I need to reduce and carry light. Also as you said carrying a light jacket at all times is very important.

  24. Lovely comprehensive list!! I only add a pair of change of clothes especially undergarments because on one of my travels to Paris (Europe is famous for these kinds of misses) my luggage was left behind at Frankfurt and would arrive a day later – my change of clothes in my hand baggage saved me!!! And yes, we hope travel starts sooner and we can enjoy it like we used to earlier. A definite to-refer-to list for all next time we get ready to pack our bags.

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