Unknown Rajasthan – 10 Travel Experiences Which Give You Lifetime Memories.

The desolate streets, the peaceful tranquillity lingered palpably, changing the shade of the mud-dunes from earthy coloured to camel yellow, the nomadic hue of the lifestyle, incessant calls of a peacock and the half-forgotten walls set against the background of azure, blue sky, the structures, the entryways, the temples, the roads, the rustic fortifications and shops acquire alive its history of Rajasthan appeared to have soaked its magnificence in the rustic charm of lifestyles.

Until I travelled to an unexplored part of Rajasthan this new year, I had no idea what it meant to call a temple “alive” and I imagined I would be witness to a living God or some sort of village belief. I was in for a serious astonishment. At first glimpse of Longewala makes your heart heavy and numb. These kinds of places of Rajasthan are witnessed by hundreds of years of fascinating traditions, many of which will get wiped away with the time frame. Visit these truly unknown places in Rajasthan and partake of these 10 awe-inspiring travel experiences with untouristy Rajasthan :


1. Watch Kalbeliya Dance Under The Sky, In The Middle Of The Desert

On a chilly winter night, I found myself sitting on the rock-carved chair in the middle of the Thar desert, with a bunch of men and women of the Bishnoi community. What followed was an hour of mesmerizing music and a perfect kalbeliya dance performance by the local troop. One of the perfect nights under a starry sky with fire and enchanting performance.

Want to know more about Kalbeliya dance, check this out


2. Discover The Ruins Of Ravana And Mandodari


When I discovered the fact that Mayasura and Mandodari lived in Mandore I shouted like Eureka. I was so surprised to find that Mayasura built a palace here and King Ravana came here to marry Mandodari, also all the witnesses still exist and one can easily get around at Mandore Garden to check the sign of epic Ramayana.

Want to read more about the place – Click here


3. Explore An Abandoned And Ruined Village


It is said that 84 villages of the Paliwal community near Jaisalmer abandoned the villages overnight and cursed the oil. From now onwards no one dares to stay at night there for adventures. These villages have stories to hear and few are really sad. I won’t promulgate the story now instead You go and talk to a local to know about all the stories. 

If you are really keen on one of the most famous villages called Kuldhara  You can check all the details here or explore a virtual tour here.


4. Watch Sunrise At 5 am From A Lake


In the Jaisalmer city of Rajasthan, the panoramic Gadhisar lake creates stunning vistas under the morning sky. Witnessing one of the best surreal views and colour-changing modes of the sky if you can make it as early as 5 am.  Sunrise on this lake could give anyone goosebumps and feel like a photographer.


5. Attend A Magnetic Fields Music Festival

One of the best-known hipster sets for playing host to the annual Magnetic Fields Music festival in December, at Alsisar Rajasthan is known for its comfort and cultural activities.  If you are into a different mindset and offbeat activities you must try this.


6. Visit A Bird Sanctuary

If someone wants to know all about 380 indigenous birds and migratory species Keoladeo National Park could not be missed. Birds from Egypt, China, Burma, Switzerland and other countries come here and they are very different and unique to each other. 

Want to Know more about Bird Sanctuary


7. Learn Some Amazing Block Printing

Known for its amazing block printing, Bagru village is just 20 km away from Jaipur. All things considered, this village keeps the three centuries-old customs of printing bursting at the seams with the impressive endeavours of the craftsmen. The villagers from Chhipa and Raiger, have given the workmanship starting with one age and then onto the next. The interaction begins with the planning of the prints that are scratched on rosewood or teak wood. After the interaction of texture washing, colouring and drying in the daylight, the texture is put on an enormous table and afterwards the Chapai (Printing) begins. The printed texture is washed, bubbled (for fixing of shading) and kept in the daylight for drying (a cycle called Tapai). After this long challenging process, we get the marvellous eventual outcome of the Bagru fabric which is utilized both in present-day and conventional assortments.


8. Witness Exorcism If You Dare

Sudhabay is the point of exorcism located near Pushkar where on a particular day in the year an unfathomable number of mysterious and unsettling actions happen. That day, people from all over the places in India come here to take a bath in the holy waters of a well, in order to free themselves from the spirits that possess them. There are numerous strange rituals performed that are sure to give you chills. If you’re faint of heart, this is the spot you might want to steer away from.


9. Visit The Grand Canyon of India

Everyone knows about the Great Grand Canyon of Arizona, US but have you heard that India also has a grand canyon situated in Rajasthan? Yes! There exists one amidst the towering cliffs of Aravalli Range, Garadia Temple near Kota in Rajasthan. This place is still very non-touristy and worth visiting. The Garadia Mahadev Temple is one of the most magnificent temples in India that allows you to click some amazing views of the river Chambal.


10. Visit The Magical Stone Which Does Not Touch Soil & Stays In Wind

Will you believe that there is a stone that floats in the wind and does not touch the earth? This magical stone actually exists and if you visit Ajmer you can see it. Though the road is a little bit tricky and not very famous, it is still the reason for the goosebumps of many people.

Read more about the place here


Do you know any other place in Rajasthan which yet to explore or on google Maps???


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22 thoughts on “Unknown Rajasthan – 10 Travel Experiences Which Give You Lifetime Memories.

  1. Rajasthan is so beautiful. I would love to experience these things. I do plan on visiting it for a longer time and soon. Maybe one for next year once the pandemic is over. I cannot wait to visit this state.

    1. I am using your guide to plan my travels to Rajasthan. There are so many things to do in the state and each of them are beautiful. I will surely visit to see the Kalbeliya Dance, it is so beautiful and amazing. Thanks for this list again.

  2. Rajasthan is one of my favorite states and exploring it is like opening a pandora’s box. Every city in Rajasthan narrates a different and interesting story. Thanks for sharing the information, few of the places and experiences mentioned in the article, need to be explored by me.

  3. Rajasthan has rich cinematic history is worth exploring in person. It seems like an excellent place to visit in India. This post took me back to my holidays in Rajasthan!

  4. Being born and bought up in Rajasthan, I am aware of the nook and corner of each and every place there. Your post worked as nostalgia for me and I really enjoyed reading it indeed. Loved your video about your new year celebration in Rajasthan.

  5. I would love to visit Rajastan, once the Pandamic situation is over. This is a great list of off-the-beaten-path destinations to explore! The Bird Sanctuary looks intriguing. Learning something new and hands-on while traveling is always fun and makes lasting memories. So I would be in for the Block printing as well.

  6. I’m always a fan of exploring ruins and New Years in the Thar Desert sounds amazing! Your image of Gadiskar Lake at sunrise is gorgeous. Attending an exorcism would terrify me but I would LOVE to visit Bagru village for several days and learn block printing and see the magic stone

  7. Rajasthan sounds very interesting. I love music so the magnetic fields festival would be great! I never knew there was a grand canyon there too, it looks amazing. I also like the sound of block printing. What a brilliant place.

  8. I can see why you were awed on your visit to Rajasthan. These experiences really are a view into the untouristy Rajasthan. Abandoned ruins with stories behind them always fascinate me. Our ornithologist daughter would want to spend all of her time at the bird sanctuary. But I would not want to miss the Grand Canyon of India.

  9. Every nook and corner of Rajasthan has some interesting tales. I for one, did not know of the canyon in Kota. Definitely on my list now. Those abandoned villages have always intrigued me – I loved my visit to Kuldhara near Jaisalmer. And bird sanctuaries – definitely a must. I managed to go to Jorbeer and was amazed with the number of vultures there.

  10. I’ve not heard of Kalbeliya Dance, so you’ve piqued my curiosity. I’m an early riser, so the 5am sunrise yes please! Then I would head to the ruins. Great variety of things do do that definitely create memories.

  11. Having studied in Rajasthan and traveled all around, this post of yours made me so nostalgic. But even then there are few experiences that I have missed which would be in my plans. Visiting the stone in the air and experiencing exorcism would certainly feature in my next trip for sure.

  12. Wow, the ruins of Rajasthan are lovely. The craftmanship of the Bagru village prints are lovely, I’d love a rug or scarf from them. I’m going to click the link to see the magical stone you mentioned, that sounds amazing!

  13. It’s such a detailed and exciting guide to unknown Rajasthan and less popular and remote places! I would love to admire the Kalbeliya Dance Of The Desert. And as a wildlife photographer, I would love to visit a Bird Sanctuary. As I visited Grand Canyon in the USA, I would like to see also Grand Canyon of India to check it and compare those places. It seems to look beautiful and spectacular as well.

  14. I’ve been to this sublime place. Had I known about this list earlier, I would have tried some of them. It’s nice to take the not so touristy routes because it gives you a whole new perspective about the place and the community in it.

  15. A wonderful list to choose from. Rajasthan is one of my favorite states having spent time during my university days. Would love to visit the Magnetic Fields Music Festival. Haven’t heard about it before.

  16. Rajasthan is my favorite destination in India and I have visited this state maximum number. I have done everything you have covered in the post. I would like to add to visiting Bishnoi Villages in jodhpur to get to see their rustic lifestyle up close. Always love reading about Rajasthan. It has reminded me to plan a trip to my favorite state soon.

  17. I hadn’t realised there were so many less well known places in Rajasthan. You’ve provided some great insights here. The Jaisalmer sunrise looks like a particularly special moment…

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