10 Useful Tips To Stay Productive While Working From Home

It is been one plus year we all are switched our work location to the remote working pattern considering the pandemic and started working from home. The more we are indulging this WFH concept, it’s more crucial than ever to stay productive and practice mindfulness.

As we proceed to WFH, the day by day drive, office babble and the whole workplace has taken on space at home, for us all, work implies a speedy walk around the lobby to a little work area settled toward the edge of a jumbled room at home. Also, this can get incredibly mundane. This unexpected difference in all customary work routine has welcomed a flood of expanded degrees of stress and anxiety and it makes it hard to remain on track and productive, particularly when interruptions tend to be more bountiful.

Here are 10 useful tips to stay productive while working from home and remain focused during this new phase of work-life culture.


1. Follow the same “Work Day at Office” Routine

Routines give an ability to stay on the beat to our day and things will in general turn out badly when you’re at home 24X7. It’s crucial to set an everyday schedule the same as your work office day and follow a similar one it can help support your circadian rhythms which thusly gives the opportunity of better sleep. Start your day routine with a morning workout, a solid breakfast and an outfit that helps you to cheer up your energy throughout the day.

stay productive

Dedicate a workspace and try to create the vibes, your attention is bound to swoop in along with your efficiency. To achieve that, all you have to do is-

  • Choose a corner of your room with good natural lighting, if possible
  • Set it up with a chair comfortable to sit on, for around 8 hours a day
  • Place a desk next to it
  • Put your Laptop on the placed desk
  • Keep your required materials like a diary, pens, a bottle of water & a lamp right by the side.


2. Take A Few Breaks

It is important to take a break for 5 minutes and walk or stretch a little at home as you did at the office too. While working from home, it is often visible that most people lost track due to the intertwining of personal work. Better to take a break after 1 0r 2 hours of the continuous working process and get a coffee or tea by ourselves or a quick stroll around the house for 5 minutes.


3. Eat Food mindfully on time

While at home it turns out to be exceptionally simple to wander away from routine eating patterns and you’d most likely find yourself crunching constantly! We forget to eat breakfast and lunch instead we are habituated for brunch and the same goes with the dinner habit too. Instead of having dinner at 8 pm, now, we indulge in our dinner at midnight. We’ve all done this and there’s no disgrace in it. Everything necessary is a little exertion to create an unmistakable plan and fix your eating times in the middle of tidbits. Good eating habits always increase productivity. Mindfulness additionally helps us in accomplishing our objectives, for example, a healthy lifestyle or staying focused always.

  • Eat veggies, protein in Lunch
  • Snack on time with Fruits, munchies
  • Drink a lot of water.


4. Declutter the Working area

After completion of daily work, start decluttering the working bay or workspace on regular basis at least for 10 to 15 minutes. Start tidying up the chargers, compiled and arrange the papers or diaries, keep the pens and other files in the drawers can give you positive vibes. Clutter can negatively affect your mental health-being and cause anxiety or stress and therefore it’s essential to stay tidy.


5. Stick to 9 Hours Work Day

Don’t stretch the working hours while thinking that you are at home 24×7, so can finish the work anytime. Do not binge watch at working hours and later work till midnight to complete the deadline. Stick to 9 hours for work with a lunch break, snack breaks and shut your laptop off after 9 hours. Change the outfit from formal to house wear and practise a 10 minutes quick meditation. Make it a daily habit and see the change.


6. Time out for Hobbies

It is very important to cultivate and nourish habits that keep you motivated while you are out of work too. Practise the old hobbies or implement a new hobby can be super useful during this phase be it singing, drawing, dancing, playing an instrument, journaling … the list goes on.hobby


7. Learn a New Skill

The world is evolving constantly so the society and work culture. It is important for us to keep ourselves up to date with the news of changes in the work field. While we are saving our time from daily commuting to the workplace, we can utilize the time to learn a new skill and keep ourselves up to date. Changes are constant and it is important to be updated according to the changes to survive in the market.


8. Be Social

This might be the most abnormal divisions within the recent time frame, social life may appear to have no importance in the midst of a pandemic, yet it’s incredibly vital to remain associated with the world during such a critical point in time for your own psychological harmony or mental peace. You will most likely be unable to connect socially with your associates or companions the manner in which you use to, yet require that push to keep in contact with them oftentimes, getting some information about how they are adapting the Work from the home way of life, etc. It’s anything but far in keeping you rational in this frantic, distraught world!


9. Celebrate the Weekend

Weekends are all yours and treat the weekends as your best days like you did before the pandemic. Clean the house, cook good food, binge watch your series or movies and rest the day. Do not keep your unfinished weekday work for weekends. Enjoy the time with family, books, home facial and cherish the me-time.


10. Stay Positive

One of the most important things you can do is to stay positive. Negative thoughts often lead to increasing levels of stress and anxiety as we are constantly working from home and not getting out for random reasons. None of us is in charge of the circumstance and the best arrangement is cut off from the commotion of negative idea with most likely a comedy movie or some home decor or garden DIY to lift up your moods. Always put forth an attempt to veer away from contemplations that will empty you from steam.


I hope the above pointers based on my personal experiences really help you boost your productivity and positivity to all who are remotely working from home. Also, do mention your suggestions and ideas that motivate you to stay productive in the comment section below.


Pic Courtesy – Unsplash (except the food one)

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32 thoughts on “10 Useful Tips To Stay Productive While Working From Home

  1. The pointers are really helpful specially this time of lockdown. I too believe that decluttering your workspace maintains your peace of mind, you can rearrange or decorate your workspace too. Sticking to a routine and finding time to take breaks also help. Loved all the highlights. Beautiful post.

  2. This pandemic has changed the whole working scenario and even after everything turns back to normal, a lot of componies might let their employees work from home. These are great points to remember for anyone who is working from home

  3. These are some great suggestions and you have covered it all. glad I am doing most of it. Taking a break and sticking to the routine does help to be more relaxed.

  4. It’s been more than a year of Covid and lockdown now and your tips will definitely help working people to get on track. Decluttering does help alongwith proper breaks if needed.

  5. Very useful post, I agree that structuring your day helps you to balance out your daily activities, especially in the present scenario. Thank you for sharing your personal learnings during this time.

  6. Those are such helpful pointers to help you with balancing your work and daily routine at the same time.

  7. These are such simple and easy to follow tips, that could make a big difference in our mindsets. Following a routine and eating on time has helped me greatly. I also ‘dress up’ for work and that helps me go into the work zone.

  8. Working from home requires a lot of discipline. It is a success if one treats it as work time. Not just the individual but the family too. You have shares some excellent tips that are sure going to be useful for those struggling to find the right balance.

  9. Simple yet effective suggestions to make the whole work life balance work. But sometimes just relax if it doesn’t go as planned cause not everything can be controlled

  10. These are really useful tips to get the best from the work-from-home scenario. It is so important to continue the workday routine even from home. The other important aspect is to draw clear boundaries between home and office.

  11. Quite useful tips to be productive while working from home. Usually, we get distracted by many things at home but these simple pointers are going to help us in the long run.

  12. Very doable and practical suggestions. Work from home needs to be taken seriously or it will lead to procrastination and lethargy.I know of many who snack all day. A separate workspace, a desk and an ergonomic chair.

  13. I am.not doing even one of these good things
    But now that you have shared this, I will try and get more pro about work from home. It’s good to retain a balance.

  14. I strongly agree with every pointer on working from home. When Lockdown hit, everything was a mess at my place only because of the leniency of the working environment that also causes backache and lack of concentration while working. However, when we revamped our working corner, some rules to stick by during working hours and, of course, taking a short break in between really worked like wonders for us.

  15. Work from home is a big misnomer as it mostly results in overtime.
    These were very useful tips on how to stay productive while we are confined to home working.

  16. Work from home seems to be very easy but it’s not in reality… We should learn how to do our all work easily and in a manageable way …… Here we got many points .

  17. Very helpful pointers Pamela. Time management is very important while working from home. I think WFH is not that easy with all the distractions at home.

  18. Thanks for these tips Pamela. I have started to follow some of these and have seen it work amazingly. I have a corner dedicated to my work now and I usually work from there.

  19. These are some helpful pointers to work and balance the life. But the companies are now a days go over board and make team to work more than 9 hours saying that they are not travelling to office so they have extra time to work.

  20. These are some great ideas to stay productive while working from home. It becomes quite difficult to strike a balance during these times. These tips will help us to prioritize the work and hopefully help in work-life balance.

  21. These are like some home truths that always have repeat value. Thanks a lot for putting some things in perspective.

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